Lawrence Bender’s Credits

Lawrence Bender is an American producer known for his role in the fabrication of best movies. He is of Jewish ancestry and was raised in New Jersey. Bender’s parents were scholars with his father as a history lecturer and mother as a kindergarten teacher. He was born in 1957, October 17. He first rose to fame with his movie Inglorious Bastards and is a graduate of the School of Engineering from the University of Maine.

Bender has gained a lot of credits regarding his works in films. These acknowledgements are of a wide range. He has gained twenty-one recognition as a producer with his variety of movies from his 1992 Inglorious Bastards (TV Show) to 2017’s An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (Movie). As an actor, he has received nine (9) credits from the 1991 Lionheart (Movie) – as Garage Fight Heckler 2007 The L Word (TV Show) as himself. Lawrence Bender has also been an executive producer and has had seven credits on account of the same. As an executive producer, he has been featured in 1994 Killing Zoe (Movie) to 2008 Flesh and Bone.

Lawrence Bender’s works have been of tremendous value to his life and have earned him one credit as a panellist who is evidence in the Dennis Miller (TV Show) in 2004. Also, he has won glory for his three Guests’ credit in Charlie Rose, Real Time with Bill Maher and Dennis Miller TV Shows. Together with Quentin Tarantino, Bender has established Band Apart Records – record company. The company will focus on film soundtracks. Maverick Records, owned by Madonna is the scheduled organisation to distribute and its releases.

Lawrence Bender holds the dissimilarity of being the lone producer to have two films in concurrent competition at the Berlin Film Festival. These films were Good Will Hunting (1997) and Jackie Brown (1997). Furthermore, due to his feature movie and television work, he has relished realisation in producing advertisements and music videos using his production syndicate – A Band Apart. The company shot 75 commercials and music videos in 2001. It also gathered 13 MTV Music Video Award nominations. One of the things people may not know is that Bender is of Romanian ancestry. Lawrence Bender has had the privilege of being mentioned in Jane Hamsher’s book “Killer Instinct.”. The last trivia of Lawrence Bender is that he was an associate of the comic panel at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.