Development of OSI Industries To International Market

OSI Industries is a global food supplier organization. It started as a small butcher for the community, then it came to become Otto & Sons to supply in the region. Technology is what has made OSI Industries become successful. They ensure their products are supplied consistently, affordable, and also consumer driven which are transported from far to reach the consumer.

The technology breakthrough made the evolving of OSI Industries company in the late 1960s where it made tasks to become affordable and easier. It had brought the relationship closer with McDonald’s. Freezing process is a technology which is a cryogenic food processing where food becomes frozen quickly using liquid nitrogen. It created the best opportunity for expansion of the products where cost was reduced.

Otto & Sons were in a better position due to the close relationship with McDonald’s. in 1973, Otto & Sons had built its first plant which was dedicated to McDonald’s product line. It was an improvement of technology where they put an advanced machine which was for flash freezing of hamburger patties. The product that was not meant for McDonald was folded and called Glenmark brand which continued serving the local retail markets and restaurants.

The company had become a two-track company. It was a stable local supplier and also a rapid growing Midwest which was the provider and it came to be the greatest world corporation. So that to become recognized and transition process, Otto & Sons turned to become the current OSI Industries in 1975. The change of their name had codified the 75 years they had transformed after starting from a family butcher shop and ended up as a technologically advanced company which was operating on manufacturers scale.

The other transition aspect was changing the company’s leadership. It is up to this point where Kolschowsky family members who were running Otto & Sons, but after it was transitioned to become a larger entity by expanding internationally, the sons reached retirement year. They asked Sheldon Lavin to join them as their partner.

The company has now concentrated its manufacturing capabilities responding to McDonald’s growth continuation. They started by opening their first facility located in Chicago. The company started becoming a sprawling multinational corporation. Its joint ventures with German (1978) and Spain(1980) after breaking into the international market. The growth of the international sector which leads to sophisticated capitalization and negotiation resulted in early 1980 making Lavin the chairman and the CEO of the company.

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