Glen Wakeman co-founds LaunchPad, LLC to help budding entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman has an impressive career that spans over twenty years in the area of financial management. Glen Wakeman has found a passion for building businesses from scratch and turning them into multi-million dollar enterprises. Glen uses five key dimensions of performance to assess and improve the performance of the business. These five dimensions include leadership, human capital, risk management, execution, and governance.

Mr. Glen launched his career as a successful entrepreneur when he graduated with a BSc in Economics and Finance from the great University of Scranton. After earning his undergraduate degree, Glen Wakeman enrolled for a Master of Business Administration in Finance degree from the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman’s first workstation was at GE Capital. Glen utilized his skills and experience in Finance and Economics.

Glen’s star continued to shine even when he moved to GE Money Latin America ( As the CEO of GE Money Latin America, Glen led the company to expand to nine countries. The expansion helped GE Money Latin America to grow and expand its asset base to more than $12 billion.

Currently, Glen Wakeman oversees financial operations of the company in 30 different regions across the world. As a result, Wakeman has gained international recognition as an expert in financial management and improvement.

Glen Wakeman has dedicated a huge part of his life to helping novice entrepreneurs to steer their start-up ventures to multi-million enterprises. He offers valuable advice to entrepreneurs through his blog. Besides blogging, Glen has published a variety of writings covering the subject of how to succeed as a business executive.

In his lifetime, Glen has managed to bring a lot of ideas to life. He recently co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which specializes in developing software for start-up entrepreneurs ( The software has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to run their ventures successfully

The Successful Career of Dr. Mark Holterman

An established medical researcher, Dr. Mark Holterman is also an educator and practitioner. He serves as lecturer of pediatrics and surgery at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. Mark has committed himself to the advancement of medicine as well as looking for a cure for chronic ailments like diabetes. Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of the American Diabetes Association (Twitter). He graduated from the University of Virginia where he studied medicine. The American Diabetes Association made an announcement in early September abut a joint initiative that it entered with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles that addresses the increasing rate when it comes to Type-2 Diabetes in teenagers and children.

The two organizations have managed to come up with an experience known as Camp PowerUp that uses an evidence-based curriculum so as to engage the youth in physical activities. It also teaches them on how to make food choices that are healthier so as to reduce the risk of having type 2 Diabetes. According to Dr. Mark Holterman, the program will be targeting young individuals who are from the age of 8 to 16 from day camps as well as after-school programs to parks and churches. Since the two organizations bring with them a lot of experience when it comes to childhood medicine and diabetes care, they strongly believe that the program will bring to an end the increase of type 2 Diabetes to young people.

Dr. Mark Holterman normally divides his time as the Chief Executive Officer at the Mariam Global Health and the Professor at the University of Illinois. A philanthropist, he is involved in many charitable organizations such as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The organization helps healthcare professionals living in Vietnam in enhancing access to pediatric surgical care as well improve their capacity for such care. The organization normally relies on the support of volunteers and donors. Volunteers normally provide hands-on support such as lecturing, training, providing patient care as well as surgery at affiliated hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam. Dr. Mark Holterman serves as a mentor and role model to many young individuals who would wish to join his field of work.

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Stream Energy – Saving You Money

Many people often feel anxiety over their home energy bill coming in every month? Will the price be higher than last months bill? Should I do more to save energy? These are questions every homeowner faces. With Stream Energy, the homeowner can be sure that they are receiving energy from a company that wants to save energy and lowers your monthly electricity bill – not boost prices and make money. Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and is based in Texas. Having used direct selling and multi-layered selling, something that was not seen in energy companies before, Stream Energy has become a face of the energy sector and a leader in clean energy and energy conservation. It is also a wireless and protective company, allowing their customers to combine services with one provider and save money every month.

One way Stream Energy is promoting the homeowner to save money is to focus on gadgets and electronics located throughout the house. Things that consume energy like TV’s or gaming systems may not seem like big energy users, these items take in about $130 dollars a year in energy costs. Stream Energy recommends to turn off lights when you are not using them, turn off the TV when you are not watching, and other common tricks to lower your energy bill. It is also recommended to always look at your energy bill every month to see exactly where your energy is going and how you can use energy more wisely. Stream Energy allows their customers to use an application called Smart Meter Texas (only available to residents of Texas) to be able to see directly where their energy is going (


Stream Energy is working every day to reign in costs and focuses on lowering the customer energy bill. Customers can be sure that they understand exactly where their money is going every month. With the use of advice that Stream Energy gives to its customers, they can be sure that their bill will be lowered every month, and that their homes energy supplied is handled in the right hands of Stream Energy (LinkedIn).


Madison Street Capital Finds Niche in the Middle Market

As a middle market business operating in the modern economy, some companies may feel overlooked when it comes to gaining financial advice for a merger or valuation. The need for advisory services in this area led to the creation of Madison Street Capital.

Now featured in a special showcase article, the firm is highly regarded for its prowess in the industry and its dedication to successfully facilitating corporate mergers and acquisitions.

In 2016, Madison Street Capital was formally recognized for its success by being a finalist for a prestigious industry award.

Companies are only selected by other financial professionals to be eligible for this award when they are able to create impressive restructuring, financing, or acquisition deals for clients. Madison Street Capital was nominated for the award in the category of an industrial merger that is valued at under $100 million. Read more: Madison Street Capital | INC and Madison Street Capitals Impressive Path to Top Notch Reputation | GC Report

However, just a few months later Madison Street Capital was officially given an award for its work in the industry.

The Turnaround Award was presented to the firm because it successfully completed the most reputable transaction related to restructuring of a business that has a value under $25 million. This award is given out each year and Madison Street Capital had to compete with hundreds of other firms to receive it.

Madison Capital was first started in 2005 and serves as an advisory firm that dedicates itself to middle market companies, an often overlooked area of the industry. The firm has assisted a variety of clients from different market sectors, giving its team of advisers considerable knowledge related to individual needs.

Madison Street specializes in valuing companies for the purposes of a merger, but can also offer general valuation for financial reports and corporate advisory services.

The headquarters of Madison Street Capital is located in Chicago, Illinois. However, the firm has satellite offices around the world in order to meet the needs of middle market business on a global scale.

Business owners interested in completing a merger or creating a smooth exit strategy can use the services of Madison Street Capital that have made the firm one of the most respected names in finance.

Sujit Choudhry on constitution making process

Sujit Choudhry is a director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Sujit was part of top constitutional lawyers and experts that met in Kiev in July to address the semi-presidential system of government in Ukraine. Most of the discussions revolved around the challenges that the country was experiencing with this system of government. The meeting in Kiev was attended by major stakeholders on democracy and governance such as the center of policy and legal reform, the international institute for democracy and electorate assistance, and other intergovernmental organizations that advocate for democracy and good governance from all over the globe.

Sujit Choudhry described it as a privileged to have been part of such a delegation consisting of best constitutional and governance experts. He described the situation in Ukraine as “Unstable.” According to him, the power was concentrated around that presidency and the parliamentary system of electing leaders was not in any way making the situation better. He also added that the weakness of the political parties in the country has also contributed in aggravating the matter. More of blogs and timeline activities on his page.

Some of the experts that Sujit shared the platform with included; Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA, Thomas Sidelius of Dalarma University, Vladimir Vasilenko, a human rights representative in Ukraine, Sergyi Holovatyi from the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine, Vktor Musiaka, a representative of the Supreme Court. And Ihor Koluishko, a member of the Center for policy and legal reform and a former MP.

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All these are persons with huge experience on matters of the constitution and democratic governance. The meeting required their input, according to Sujit. Sujit Choudhry has lectured in many countries and has been an advisor on constitutional matters around the globe. He has a collection of educational materials in the form of articles, academic contributions, and constitutional law case studies that he has released. The whole collection is known as “constitutional making.” Check this on  Sujit has gone ahead to give his views about the role of transitional democracies in making of constitutions. According to Choudhry, current leaders ought to support constitution based reforms. The Centre of Constitution Transitions is an organization that supports constitution building processes all over the world. More to read on

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Julia Jackson: In Pursuit of Greatness

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson, proprietor at Jackson Family Wines, is one of the company’s most celebrated and talked about member. She is the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Julia was born in San Francisco, California, in 1988. She and her older siblings worked along side their father in the fields of the Pacific Northwest. Her mother was more so behind the books as she handled the company’s business affairs. Julia didn’t always have such a strong passion for winemaking even though she grew up around it. Her love for this industry came years later while she worked in the family’s wineries.While in France, she became very interested in vinification.

One of her closet of friends just so happen to be a French girl. Julia immersed herself into the culture by learning about French sales and distribution. Work days were sometimes 14 hours long, which incorporated pump-overs, picking grapes, sorting tables and yeast-adds. By the time she came back to America, she was fluently speaking French. Julia hasJulia Jackson a B.A. in Studio Art from Scripps College, and she received a certificate for completing one of the most grueling general management courses at Stanford University. Seeds of Empowerment, her very own nonprofit organization, is a success as well, and it epitomizes the term ” woman warrior.”

Jackson Family Wines have wineries all over the globe. This includes:

  • South Africa
  • Oregon (USA)
  • Italy
  • France
  • California (USA)

The family’s 583-acre site that’s located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley produces some of the best tasting Pinot Noir. The company also has a variety of Chardonnays to choose from, and all are sold at affordable prices. Jackson Family Wines is a machine in itself and Julia Jackson is the engine.



An innovative vision is what has made Chris Burch the man he is today. He is a successful entrepreneur, hotelier, and philanthropist. Burch has accumulated about forty years of experience in the corporate world. His career is characterized by experience from over fifty companies. All of them became successful, partly because of Burch’s efforts. He has attained skills in investment and consumer behavior.

Chris Burch is an open-minded individual he has developed expertise in apparel, financial services, technology, and hospitality among others. His skills in consumer behavior have made him thrive in marketing and branding. He has a sharp intuition of what consumers’ desire for a product. His business projects could be common concepts but uniquely done. For example, Nihi Sumba Island is one of the recent impressive ventures Chris has done.  More to read about this impressive venture on

Burch’s career before he finished college. He attended Ithaca College and began his first venture in 1976. Burch and his brother Bob invested $2000 in Eagle’s Eye Apparel. The business grew, but it was sold out to Swire Group after reaching $165 million worth. The next investment was Internet Capital Group. He was among the first investors in this firm.  Refer to for related article.


As the years advanced, Mr. Burch continued to invest in real estate ventures. He developed luxury homes in places like New York, Florida, Southampton, Palm Beach and Nantucket among other areas. Burch always found a way of turning innovation into implementation.  Additional article to read here.  For instance, Faena Hotel + Universe was an idea derived from developing an unused piece of land into a successful venture. Nihiwatu was also renovated into an attractive reserve in Indonesian Island.

Other thriving businesses by Burch are C. Wonder. It was apparel, décor and accessories venture. In 2014, Ellen Degeneres and Burch partnered to start a lifestyle brand. In the same year, Chris also began prefab homes called Cocoon 9. Their objective was to save space with suitable floor plans. These are a few of the numerous flourishing businesses and projects Burch has done.

Chris has not kept all this wealth and knowledge to himself. He believes in giving to the community. As a philanthropist, Chris has and still supports community projects that enhance the lives of society members. He shares his knowledge, experience, and expertise with other budding entrepreneurs. His career has always been about making the lives of people better and satisfaction. When Chris understands the desires and needs of customers, it is because he intends to deliver to their expectations and beyond.  More shared insights from him in this article,  click

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Talk Fusion: Everyone Is A Winner

When someone uses Talk Fusion, one thing is for sure: they are a winner. This is a company where everyone wins and everyone is happy. They are happy because they are using a product that is changing the tech game. This is an award-winning company as a matter of fact. They won two awards in 2016, one of them being the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. If there is anyone that knows a thing or two about solutions and communicating, it is the CEO and founder of this great company since 2007, Bob Reina. He is a former police officer that completely changed his career around when he started Talk Fusion.

The funny thing about this is that it all started with him wanting to send out a video email. Little did he know, he was on to something big, real big. Now, they have added video newsletters, video conferences, and video chats. They have it all and then some over at Talk Fusion. It is why so many people are excited about the fact the company has 30 day free trials right now for customers that are looking to dip their toe in the water of Talk Fusion ( It’s very rare for a company like this to offer free trials.

After all, if a product is good, why give it away for free? However, with Talk Fusion, Bob Reina wants to help as many people as possible. He has been quoted in the past as talking about looking for the next big thing. The product is never complete and never finished. It runs very smoothly and works great, but in Bob Reina’s eyes; there is always work to be done. He knows the minute he becomes content with the company, it is going to be the downfall of the company. As long as he is the CEO of the company, they will be winning with flying colors.

This is his passion project, and he is thrilled to see how many people are using it to grow their own business from the bottom up to where it has gained so much popularity.

Cassio Audi, the Investor with a Musical Talent

Cassio Audi is a man of many talents. Having been born in Brazil, he received his Degree in Business administration from Pontifical Catholic University and his MBA from Sao Paulo University. Presently, many people in Brazil know Cassio Audi as a successful investor and expert in investment management. He has worked for many national and international organizations helping them achieve their goals. To other people, however, especially the older generation, Cassio Audi is a musical icon and trendsetter. This is because in he was a drummer for the Brazil rock band Viper, with whom they worked in the 1980s.

As heavy metal music was gaining popularity all over the world, it also found its way to Brazil. Several bands cropped up all over the country to showcase their talents in the genre. As a talented drummer himself, Cassio Audi joined the band Viper. His talent on the drums helped consolidate Viper as one of the most iconic heavy metal bands in Brazil and indeed all over the world. With his fellow band members Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, Felipe Machad and Yves Passarell, they produced many successful songs. Their style was influenced by British heavy metal music of the 1970s and 1980s.

Joining the band in his teenage years, he remained in the group for nine years until 1989 when he moved on. During that time, he participated in the making of their demos and was also featured in two of the band’s albums. He even showcased his talent as a songwriter by writing a song for the band’s Soldiers of Sunrise album. This album was actually quite popular back then, and even now continues to entertain many fans of heavy metal. Although the music world is far behind Cassio Audi, his name is forever etched in the hall of fame of heavy metal music in Latin America.

More information on Cassio Audi can be found by following him on Facebook.

Why Choose Highland Capital For Investment Advisory Service

If you are searching for a reliable team of professionals to help you with your investment or money management issues, consider Highland Capital.

Many people want to invest for their retirement or children’s education but have no idea where to begin. They want to get quality advice or guidance on selecting a lucrative opportunity and taking the right steps to ensure significant returns on investment.

One of the roles an investment or financial advisory firm assumes is to minimize your financial stress and make sure you understand how to reach your goal. They help clients simplify their financial options. They are there to provide help and ensure that you avoid costly mistakes.

If you are serious about investing wisely, it is imperative to consult a reputable advisory firm. That’s where Highland Capital comes in.

Highland Capital is a well recognized firm in the investment industry. The company has been rendering superior services for many years and is fully committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The professionals at Highland Capital have great expertise in financial planning, money management and wealth creation and can help you start an investment portfolio or grow your existing portfolio. Their top notch advisory service and investment solutions are designed to walk you through the steps you need to reach your goal.

You certainly should get proper guidance as you step into the investment arena. Their many ways to make it work for you but only the experts have what it takes to lead you on the right path.

Having a reliable advisory firm by your side, will give you peace of mind in knowing that you will receive the attention and quality services you need. Avoid frustration and wast of time, by allowing Highland Capital to lead you to investment success. Highland Capital, a highly rated firm that renders excellent advisory service to clients.

Highland Capital comes highly recommended in the industry and can help you with your money management and investment needs. Contact Highland Capital to learn more about the vast range of financial services they offer.