OSI Group Acquires Baho Foods under David McDonald’s Watch

The OSI Group has been for long eying the European market. The acquisition of Baho Foods by OSI Group will boost OSI’s presence in Europe by a significant percentage. Baho Foods distributes meat products to more than 18 countries in Europe, Baho works with other small companies namely Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren and Vital Convenience. Baho has been processing and distributing meat-based foods in Europe for the last 60 years. OSI Group’s David McDonald said that the acquisition of Baho would ensure that all their customers in Europe are well attended to in their native culture.

David is saying that OSI Group has achieved a lot under his watch. Some of the achievements include getting to the market in Hungary and Geneva, a modern frozen food processing plant in India and starting a beef processing facility in Poland. OSI Group has experience in food industry and is again well conversant with government regulation; this places them in a better place to offer their customers with the best services.

OSI Group is a food processing company that specializes in supplying value-added proteins like beef patties, pizza, and sausage to various food companies worldwide. OSI is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and has over 50 outlets in more than 17 countries spread across the world. OSI Group has been in China for more than twenty years and established eight factories with the poultry unit being one of the largest in China.

About David McDonald

David McDonald graduated from Lowa State University in 1987 with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He currently chairs North American Meat Institute and again serves as the OSI Group’s project manager a position that he has held for the last 30 years. David is the director of a portion of OSI group, the OSI International Foods Pty Limited, Australia.

David McDonald is on several boards and has served in several companies. He is an Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He is also a board member of OSI Group. David McDonald has been successful in management both at OSI Group and other companies. He believes in meeting the customers’ needs.

Learn More: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Chris Burch and Business Instincts

Everybody who runs a business wants it to be a success story. Chris Burch is the founder and Chief of Burch Creative Capital, his investment company representing his business values. He is an entrepreneur and showcases his talent in the business investment portfolio his company holds. Burch knows an opportunity when Chris Burch sees one and creating businesses that will work for the years to come is one of his specialties. Chris Burch started his career more than four decades ago and learned from each company he worked at, collecting knowledge and experience about a market, its changes and the different opportunities current markets offer.

A long-time user of the American Express brand, one of the wealthiest people in the country, Burch decided to switch to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Sapphire Reserve card, taking his employees and colleagues with him. He still uses the American Express, but the primary spending moved over.

This executive from Pennsylvania was born and raised in Wayne. His parents taught him to work hard to achieve his goals because nothing came from nothing. His father came from a large family and inspired Burch to get a good education. At school, he realized his talent and interest in entrepreneurship and business, so Burch sold sweaters on campus, mostly starting his first business venture. Work in real estate came later, but he had already learned a lot about how markets worked and what he had to do to succeed in an environment that was not friendly for the average investor.  Refer to bjtonline.com for a related article.

Working in Real Estate strengthened Burch and his dedication to the job. His natural instinct and boldness helped Burch secure essential investment contracts as well as taught him how real estate differs from other entrepreneurship opportunities.  Read related article on architecturaldigest.com.

He was able to build Burch Creative Capital learning from the success and life of other companies he took part in, resulting in more than 50 smaller and more significant success stories.  More of his impressive investment here.

Chris Burch wants to pay it forward, and his company supports several other business ideas still in their growing stages. He understands that you have to take the opportunities when you see them. They have a habit of disappearing if you are not quick and witty and sometimes you have to go out and look for them on your own. He wants to inspire people to go out there and fulfil their dreams and not wait till the opportunities appear or be bold and go for it.  Read his shared views on business, check entrepreneur.com.

Take a quick tour to his awesome resort in Indonesia visit http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burch-nihi-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-7



Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia. He attended the school of architecture at Colombia University and obtained a BA from New York University. Being born in Colombia, he had a lot of exposure to both interior and exterior colors, which he fell in love with eventually. He has authored two books Modern luxury published in 2009 and Artfully Modern published in 2014. He knows fashion architecture and interior design that he incorporates in his work.

He runs Richard Mishaan Design which is a firm that fundamentally specializes in personalized design architecture. He has been named as an architectural digest top 100 designers, which is also one of his accomplishment. His designs have a unique kind that bears an expensive stylistic touch in them.

Richard has 30 years of experience in design makes his work stand out. It involves blending a dynamic array of furnishing and décor. His whimsical style has been on the market that is currently being adopted by upcoming young designers. Another approach in his work is the way he synthesizes bold patterns and textures. The way he combines them makes it eye-popping. He utilizes different colors to blend his designs such that it can change one’s mood and lifts one’s spirit.

He also travels a lot to feast his eyes on abstract designs which he cohesively designs to portray his unique way. He mixes capricious pieces from around the globe that accentuates the person’s unique personality and style. His inspiration comes from his love of art and colors.

His designs have been appreciated and loved by many people making them be showcased in numerous publications. He enjoys designing hotels, and he got the honor to design a presidential suite in the five diamond St Refis hotel. All his designs are stunning and an inspiration to other designers in the world.


Chris Burch’s Fashion Line, Island Resorts and Billionaire Success

Chris Burch has a lot of money, but the way he got to that point is by working hard and making things better for all the people who he works with. He has remained dedicated to the industry so he will have a chance to try different things for all the people who he works with. As long as Chris Burch has been in business, he has been making all the right choices for the business. He has tried to always offer the best advice to the people he works with so he doesn’t have to worry about all the issues that most business owners do.  Chris Burch is a self-made billionaire.

Read additional info about him here.

Despite starting out small, Chris Burch has built up his empire to a point where most people couldn’t even imagine. He knew exactly what he needed to be successful and he spent all the time he had getting to that point. For Chris Burch to do this, he had to make the right choices. He also had to show others they would be able to get more from the situations they were a part of. As long as Chris Burch has worked on different things, he has been offering the advice he has for everyone. Click on architecturaldigest.com to read a related article.

The ideas Chris Burch has had for his own business have been based on the options he came up with when the company first started. He also knew he would need to make things better for all the people who were in his own business area.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, check crunchbase.com.

Since the industry was something Chris Burch was confident in, he knew he could try to make things happen for other people. He also knew what it would take to help people through different situations. He even started a fashion company so he would have a chance to show people they could use that to their advantage.  Refer to bjtonline.com for additional article.

One of the biggest projects Chris Burch has ever done is an exclusive island resort. He knew just what it needed and put it together so people could visit it. He came up with many new and innovative ideas to help other people out with the issues they would typically have at a resort. For Chris Burch to do this, he had to make the right choices for business. He also had to show people exactly what they would be able to get out of the resort if they came there to spend time while they were on vacation.  More to read about the investment on forbes.com.

Have an in-depth look at his company on http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/

Chris Burch: Billionaire and Successful Entrepreneur

Chris developed a very strong work ethic young in his life that developed him into the person and man he is today. He knew from very early in life that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he worked toward that goal for forty years in many different areas of business. He has accomplished success in many different areas including the hotel business, finance, the world of fashion, in real estate and the world of business. He has blazed a trail that other hope to follow filled with the passion and consistency that have led him and his businesses to the world of success.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, a company he started, developed, and worked to make it the success it is today. Chris Burch is a proven Marketing genius and along with Burch Creative Capital, works to develop and market each customer’s brand to make it well known and successful. They handle many client’s investment endeavors and help them to develop their company’s brand to be known worldwide and to be successful. Additional article on bjtonline.com.

He has started and developed lots of other companies including C. Wonder and Tory Burch LLC which is the Designer line Tory Burch. His name and reputation as a successful entrepreneur is well known throughout the world. He is even listed as one of the most successful and rich billionaires in Forbes magazines. Check forbes.com.

Additional article to read here.

When people ask why Chris Burch is so rich and successful, he answers that it has taken forty years of fortitude, resilience, falling and getting back up, and learning along the way what works and what doesn’t. He believes it is also important to know everything about your clients and to have a deep understanding of what consumers are really looking for.  For his insights and views, hit on interview.net.

Communicating with them about what work is to done, what their expectations are, the time frame they want to aim for and keeping communication going with the client as to what is being accomplished. Chris became a multimillionaire with his brother Bob in college with his first endeavor in business.  For an overview of his diverse investment, browse on crunchbase.com.

Have a glimpse to his awesome resort investment on http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burch-nihi-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-7

Successful Traits of Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is recognized as an individual who has taken his time venturing into various businesses throughout his career. While still a young boy, Chris began working in construction with his father. This allowed him to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills. Throughout his life, he has found many ways of making money. Ideally, his passion and drive for what he does have allowed him to emerge successful in his ventures. He is acknowledged as the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company is connected to investments and development of brands. He is also the co-founder of various other businesses. Some of these businesses include the sold C. Wonder and Tory Burch LLC.   Visit the website to read more about his creative output, click on burchcreativecapital.com.

Mostly, Chris Burch is portrayed as one of the most admired entrepreneurs in the world. His numerous successes allowed him to secure a position in the Forbes list of billionaires. Related article here. The man has drawn a clear vision of what he aspires his legacy to become. He wishes to be recognized as a man who creates a path for all other people to follow. His interests stretch out to the real estate business, fashion industry, resorts, and hotels. His career is over 40 years as per now. Through his lifetime, he has actively involved himself in various sectors. Admirably, Burch is also a successful international hotelier and philanthropist.

The successful entrepreneur conveys the fact that strategy is the critical factor towards attaining success. He is always on the move to create something new while embarking wholly to a particular business move. His innovative nature has enabled him to establish luxury hotels together with many other achievements down the line. His participation in various industries has been attributed to his investments measures. This has enabled him to take part in the success of over 50 countries. Ideally, his investment skills have potentially grown over time, making him an expert in various fields. He possesses discerning and decisive traits together with a good understanding of consumer behaviors. Additional article to read on architecturaldigest.com.

Burch began his journey at Ithaca College. While in college,e, he joined hands with his brother in creating their first company, Eagle Eye Apparel.  Check bjtonline.com.   This propelled him into gaining the required marketing skills and understanding of consumer needs before fulfilling and directing consumer marketing. It enabled him to attain the various attributes he currently possesses in the entrepreneurial sector. He has recently ventured into an extremely impressive business through opening a resort in South East Asia, known as Nihi Sumba. This is a luxurious resort offering quality services for vacationers. More about the luxury resort on forbes.com.

For his timeline activity updates visit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/j-christopher-burch

What Young Entrepreneurs Need to Hear From Chris Burch

Chris Burch delivered, in 2016, 7 of September, an article that illustrated traits and characteristics that you could apply to your job to make it fulfilling and to increase your productivity and achievements.

Being one of the core entrepreneurs of our generation, having been ranked in Forbes’ list of the biggest billionaires alive right now and slowly climbing the list towards the endpoint, Chris Burch is a great influence to many young entrepreneurs who want to start their careers by developing their own startups, leading other people, creating business models, portraying their dream and their goals with the company they have created, and, more importantly, young entrepreneurs who want to change the world around them. That’s quite a lot of tasks, right?

Chris Burch is no genius whatsoever. Of course, some never achieve what he has achieved with the same amount of effort, but his extensive career of more than forty years in the industry prove that what he has conquered is nothing more than studying, grinding and taking risks. He has failed and failed, but the persistency and experience of decades have paid off substantially.

Chris talks about the core traits of entrepreneurs and businessman, but he takes some time to dedicate a special importance to getting to know yourself and your goals before you try to know your crew and their personal dreams as well. Read more about his entrepreneurial and business on entrepreneur.com.

More of his shared insights and views here.

Every entrepreneur who has achieved a tremendous amount of success have learned from the best tutors and mentors out there, but some did not have the opportunity to learn with Bill Gates for example, yet they have access to hundreds of books written by Gates and others like him.

The first few steps to becoming a strong entrepreneur are to abandon some misconceptions, as stated by Chris Burch, founder of the Burch Creative Capital. Many young adults believe that they can achieve great things alone, but they dismiss the power of working together with a team of people with similar goals.  Visit the website, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

As perfection gets hard to achieve, a better work progress is much more easily achievable by having different team members working together and brainstorming. The power of leadership comes from working together: Using your traits and skill to complement the other people in your team and inspire them to pursue their potential.  To keep updated with his recent timeline activities, check crunchbase.com.

By the time you have achieved your first few goals, and you have a competent team working by your side, the best thing you can do now is to work the right way. Chris Burch, entrepreneur of the entrepreneurs and multibillionaire, says: The key is to always take notes when producing. Take notes.  More to read on forbes.com.

Take a quick trip to his award-winning resort-hotel on http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burchs-nihiwatu-resort-is-the-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-3/#nicknamed-the-edge-of-wilderness-nihiwatu-is-on-the-west-coast-of-sumba-a-remote-indonesian-island-1

Walking Down Success Lane with James Dondero; the Business Guru

Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is an astute businessman who has acquired vast experience in the world of business for a while now. Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management company that deals with various investments from hedge funds to distressed investment funds and many others.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada alongside James Dondero.Focusing mainly on leveraged buyouts and growth capital, the firm also has offices in London, New York, and Singapore.

James Dondero’s journey began way back while he was attending the University of Virginia. He studied Commerce and majored in accounting and Finance.Upon graduation, James Dondero worked in various fields still involving business. His experience includes dealing with emerging market debt, leveraged bank loans, investment grade corporates and much more. As he was inclined with such matters, he was at the same time gaining experience and receiving training from JP Morgan.

It was after he completed his training that he joined American express. Between 1985 and 1989, James Dondero made a significant impact on the performance of American Express. James Dondero was responsible for close to $1 billion in fixed income funds at the firm. James Dondero did not just stop there; he went on to join GIC’s Protective Life Subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer. It was between 1989 and 1993, while at the company that he was able to grow the firm to a business worth over $2 billion.

It is no doubt that James Dondero is a guru in the world of credit markets and business in general. Due to his impressive track record and performance in every firm and industry he worked on, James Dondero has been able to clinch numerous top positions in various firms. Currently, James Dondero is on the board of directors of several companies like American Bank Note, MGM Studios, NexBank and many others. To add on to that, in 2015, James was appointed as a board member for NexPoint Residential Trust, Incorporation. Moreover, James Dondero is a certified accountant and financial analyst.

Equities First Holdings UK

There are numerous companies that are hard to follow, and keep track of. It is hard for the customer to exactly know where the motive of the company leis. It is with them or is it with other cooperate entities. Do they only care about making money or are they look out for the customers best interests. First Equites Holdings was founded on the principal to put the customer first and help them make the best financial desions to better therelives. The company first opened in 2002 ion Indian. Since then they have office all across the planet. The company has made it a priory to hire some for the best graduates in the financial district. The want people who are well diversified and ready to help with all sorts of financial issues. The company has New York offices that help people in the north east and a London office for the UK.

US Money Reserve is Putting Their Gold Where Their Mouth is

US Money Reserve the well known precious metal investment firm, is teaming up with a non-profit organization called the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) to help out those who were affected by hurricane Harvey. The help they will be giving includes financial support, housing, and transport as well as emotional care for victims. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter

The US Money Reserve is doing their bit by raising money through a relief fund. All of the proceeds will go to the survivors. Not only that, they have promised to match whatever donations people make towards the fund, up to the amount of $100,000.

A part of the reason why US Reserve is doing their bit to help those affected is that it happened near their home base which is Austin, Texas. In fact, some of their employees were directly affected by this catastrophe. Besides, Houston is also a place where US Money Reserve has an office and has been well received by the local community.

For the uninitiated, hurricane Harvey was one of the biggest storms to hit the US since Hurricane Wilma since 2005. The storm dumped record amounts of rainfall in a short amount of time, as much as 65 inches in some places.

Needless to say, thousands of people were forced to flee, and when they returned they came back to homes that were destroyed.

US Money Reserve was founded in Austin, Texas back in 2001 and they can boast of being one of the largest distributors of precious metals that are released by US government as well as other governments.

To date, more than 400,000 customers have been satisfied with expertise and prompt service the company has provided them. The CEO of the company is Philip Diehl, a former Mint Director of the US government, who brings with him unparalleled knowledge of precious metals. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-ceo-angie-koch-121500601.html

The company also has an excellent customer service department that will walk customers through the whole process and discuss options best suited for them. US Money Reserve has also gotten awards for their service including the coveted AAA from Business Consumer Alliance.