MB2 Dental Is Able To Maintain The Dignity Of This Profession

  1. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He is an active practitioner who has the vision of promoting the best from both the sides of the dentistry world. Since he has been on both the sides of this equation between a provider and a businessman, he understands the concerns well. He has started this company with clear knowledge of what all is required in order to furnish vital support to the dentists but without compromising on the integrity of this profession in any way.


He realized very soon that dental practitioners required specialized assistance. Just anyone will not do. Hence the idea of MB2 Dental came about. Today MB2 Dental is supporting dental practitioners in over 70 affiliated locations that are spread across six states. The employee strength at MB2 Dental is 533. The leadership is looking forward to continuing this concept by expanding and growing this business without compromising on quality.



Typically any management of a dental practice will be boring and uninspired. But Dr. Villanueva has changed all this. He has created MB2 Dental that does much more than just focusing on profit margins alone.



MB2 Dental is a firm owned by dentists. It focuses on providing autonomy and support to the dentists. This way it fosters personal growth. The firm encourages practices to make improvements that will be benefitting the patients who are patronizing them. Hence these innovations will lead to higher customer satisfaction as they are using improved operating methods. This will make the practitioners happy as they are making use of the latest in technology. In the end, it is going to lead to the enhanced growth of the dental practice.



MB2 Dental Solutions had to come to the aid of dentists as they were joining a larger group practice due to the ease of looking after their dentistry only. But MB2 Dental is going to take the salient features of a large practice which include economies of scale besides latest technology and combine it with the benefits of a private practice. These would include features such as complete clinical autonomy besides less bureaucracy and so on. A model was created so that dentists were able to get the best of both worlds. The company does not believe in letting the leadership micromanage things as this only means that the right people have not been hired. Hence the job of the leadership is only to keep people inspired.

Sawyer Howitt Explains How to Start a Company

Do you want to start a company? If so, there are a lot of things to work on. Many people just want to jump right in and start working on a new project or idea. The problem is that starting a company is an intricate process that requires a lot of planning if you are going to be successful. At the end of the day, a lot of people have struggled in this area for a variety of reasons.

However, there are some people who have succeeded at a high level from the start. Sawyer Howitt is someone who is ready and willing to help others in a variety of ways. He has done a great job to scale up his business ideas in a number of areas. Not only that, but he is always looking forward to the next step in the process. If you want to invest in the future, Sawyer Howitt is the way to go.

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The Use Of Stem Cells For Chronic Lung Conditions

Certain criteria must be met for a patient with a chronic lung condition to be a candidate for a lung stem cell treatment, but The Lung Institute has been screening patients and providing this exceptional procedure for a while now with great success. Chronic conditions such as emphysema, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis and COPD all can cause irreversible damage to the lung tissue; until now. Stem cells can easily be removed from a person’s own body by way of blood or bone marrow, reveals Cedars-Sinai. Once the samples have been processed to remove the stem cells, they can then be re-administered to the body. The heart immediately pumps the cells through the heart and into the lungs. The lungs naturally and automatically trap the cells in the lungs where they will go on to repair and heal that area.

According to their YouTube channel, a great deal of research has been done by The Lung Institute as well as other medical professionals and scientists. Many patients with chronic lung conditions report beneficial side effects in a very short amount of time. In conditions such as cystic fibrosis, the patient’s life expectancy can actually be quite shorter than your average, healthy individual. Years can be added on to a person’s life thanks to a lung stem cell treatment. Best of all, this procedure is quite simple and frequently utilized. It can be used more than once if the patient shows good results and is healthy enough to undergo the procedure each time. With any procedure, the patients are given a thorough examination before anything occurs in order to prevent any kind of dangerous occurrences.

We easily take for granted the breaths that we take each and every day whether we are active, resting or focusing on our breathing. Some people do not have these breaths come so simply and their medical conditions prevent them from leading a normal and healthy life. Thanks to The Lung Institute and lung stem cell treatments, patients can now see great results and live very fulfilling and healthy lives. It is likely this procedure will evolve even more in the coming years and who knows what else will become common protocol in The Lung Institute; helping and healing others. To read the patients testimonials, visit lunginstitute.com.

More info on stem cell therapy: http://lifestylesafter50.com/adult-stem-cell-therapy-at-the-lung-institute-helps-pulmonary-fibrosis-patient/


Felipe Montoro Jens’ career as a leader of many international companies

Felipe Montoro Jens is the CEO. The 46-year-old venture capitalist has been able to serve several companies holding executive positions successfully. He has a strong connection with many prominent international investors and entrepreneurs. His company is a capital investment firm specializing in bridge and mezzanine investments on dailymotion.com. Most of the projects that the company invests in entail infrastructure where they undertake them from development to the maturity phase as they focus on establishing private or public partnerships on jusbrasil.com. The infrastructure of their interest is on transportation; rail, road and hydroelectric power generation. Their areas of interest include the Caribbean, Latin American and sub-Saharan Africa.

Felipe Montoro Jens holds and an undergraduate degree from a world-renowned center of quality education that promotes Brazil’s social and economic development, Fundação Getúlio Varga. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree from an institution that focuses on educating global leaders in the details of international management, Thunderbird School of Global Management. This is a strong education background that gives Felipe Montoro Jens the great leadership skills he possesses.

Felipe Montoro Jens is currently serving different companies as an executive officer including: Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo, Concesionaria Travase, AC Energia SA, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 3 SA, Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA, and Odebrecht Administradora E Corretora De Seguros Ltda as a general manager. He is also serving as a professional in companies such as Marañon Energia SA, H2olmos.

Felipe Montoro Jens is the chairman of committees such as Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliários at http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923. He also serves several company boards as a managing director. These include San Antonio Energia SA and Foz do Brasil SA among others.

Felipe Montoro Jens was one of the speakers during the 2011 world economic forum about Latin America. It was a meeting held when most nations were ready for economic growth and were willing to engage in international matters.

Betsy DeVos Believes In School Vouchers

In a recent article that provided thoughts on the topic of school vouchers, a statement was raised that stirred the emotions of many people. The statement revolved around the thought that people should give school vouchers and Betsy DeVos a chance. While many people have thoughts about school vouchers, the idea of school vouchers is discussed usually as an alternative to public schools.

Betsy DeVos who has long been a champion for the use of school vouchers has expressed to people that school vouchers are about choices. She feels that parents and students should have the right to choose the school they attend and school vouchers would give many of them this opportunity to make a choice. Betsy DeVos has spoken on the topic of school vouchers for many years. She has an understanding of how school vouchers work in a way that many people do not have at their disposal.

Betsy DeVos also has a good understanding of the public school system. She is able to explain in detail some of the problems regarding the public school system and how many of these problems can be fixed. One of the passions of Betsy DeVos is children. She feels that all children have the right to a quality education regardless of their economic or social situation. One of the ways that she feels that all children can have a quality education is through the use of school vouchers.

Read more: http://nypost.com/2017/01/30/why-we-need-an-outsider-like-betsy-devos-as-education-secretary/

Betsy DeVos is known as a supporter of school vouchers, but there is so much more that Betsy DeVos supports. She is a well known financial contributor to many charities and organizations. Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos have given millions of dollars to support many causes over the years. The couple has helped though financial contributions and the giving of their time to help build hospitals, schools, convention centers, and numerous other facilities. Visit their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org

Beyond just her contributions to help others, Betsy DeVos is an excellent businesswoman. She has served as the chairman of the Windquest Group. She has provided leadership on several boards, and she is currently the Secretary of Education.

I think that Betsy DeVos has accomplished a great deal in her life. She gives to people in need, and she helps supports various causes. Betsy DeVos has many talents and skills that make her an effective business professional as well as an outstanding person. Many people take the time to help others, but they do not get personally involved in the efforts.

One of the things that sets Betsy DeVos apart from others is her willingness to go the extra mile regarding something that she believes in or cares about. Betsy DeVos has shown through her efforts that she cares about people. She has a special way of communicating to others what is in her heart and mind.

FreedomPop: A Review of its “Free” Service and Options

Presented as a network that will alleviate consumers from the restricting confines of their usual cellular bills, FreedomPop exists to give free, yet limited access to their network. Offering a variety of contracts that suit customers of different ages and preferences, FreedomPop appears to be a network with positive intentions; competing with larger companies that charge horrendous rates, this network provides lower-cost plans that allow for cheaper access to essential apps and websites we use in our daily lives. Using Sprint as their backend network, FreedomPop allows customers that are either economical or streaming tons of content an opportunity to enjoy a service that isn’t horribly priced. FreedomPop is accurately described as a free and unlimited service, delivering cheap plans and acceptable customer service. Their plans range from a basic 500MB plan to 2GB plans, not necessarily appropriate for mobile gamers or avid Netflix binge watchers. You can even purchase a phone directly from them if you feel inclined, or use a Sprint device that you already own to become activated through their network. FreedomPop is giving its customers a wide-range of options and services to make their lives a bit less stressful, especially if they are not demanding users.

Along with cellular plans offered at inexpensive rates, FreedomPop offers free access of the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, in over 30 countries, and they are also establishing unlimited hotspots across the United States for $5; these are some of the lowest costing plans on the market. For free cell phone service with 500MB of 4g data and no contract at any point with their service, you may use Freedompopo for one year without any worries. FreedomPop offers advantages for those not in need of sizeable plans. In addition to offer cheap alternatives for cell phone data, FreedomPop has been able to raise money for their efforts, and will continue to expand its platform to new regions at free and low costs.

Innovative Health Insurance with USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a leader in the provision of health and life insurance in the United States. The firm has continually offered innovative, flexible and affordable healthcare and life insurance options, for over 30 years, to both families and individuals in the U.S. Private health and life insurance tends to be very costly, making the service largely inaccessible to most of the ordinary folks. USHEALTH Group noted the market gap and decided to offer a better and affordable option, which made their products and services very popular in the United States. Most of the firm’s clients come from the self-employed and small business entities.

Unlike other health and life insurance agencies, USHEALTH Group clients have the ability to design their insurance packages concerning their health needs. The USHEALTH Group disregards the one-size-fits-all approach as it comprehends people have different needs and it would be insensitive to assume so. USHEALTH Group clients can get a free quote for any package they would like to buy on the firm’s website. Some of the products offered by USHEALTH Group include dental coverage, accident and specified disease insurance, optical insurance, critical illness insurance and short-term accident disability income insurance among others.

USHEALTH Group features a commitment to excellence while serving its clientele. The independent agents and employees of the entity are the best there is in the industry and are continually taken through continuous training to ensure they are updated with the latest industry ethical issues and standards. USHEALTH Group has always had the interests of their clients at heart and has determined to ensure they offer reliable products and services. The group encompasses over 50 years of collective experience in the medical insurance industry and is, therefore, the best in the market.

USHEALTH Group has offered its services and products to millions of US clients and has continuously received positive reviews as well as retaining customers for more than a decade due to their tailored services. When a client makes a claim at the company, they are assured of quality services free from unnecessary confusing demands. USHEALTH Group comprehends that it is a hard time for a client and their family and as such, the last thing they can be is a stubborn insurance firm refusing to cater for life insurance or medical bills.



Jason Hope of Arizona Has Made Philanthropic Contributions To Positively Shape The Future

Hailing from Arizona, Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor that is focused on what pushes the world forward. The work that he has done in all of his endeavors is impressive to say the least, but his philanthropic contributions stand out for several reasons.

Jason’s commitment to scientific research, biotechnology, education, and curing disease is reflected in all of his work, but his voluntary giving in these areas has shown his immeasurable dedication to creating positive change in the world. In 2010, Jason donated half a million dollars to Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Research Foundation. This 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation’s goal is to “transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.”

Jason’s continued support of SENS through the years has helped the foundation to research more preventive measures for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases that are linked to aging. The SENS Foundation’s motto is “Reimagine Aging,” and the foundation has been doing just that with the support of other philanthropists like Jason Hope. His initial donation was used to fund their work in the pharmacological breaking up of unwanted molecular bonds while simultaneously the elasticity of other components.

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The following organizations in the local Arizona area and abroad have also benefitted from Jason Hope’s charitable contributions and support: Teach for America Phoenix, The Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Arizona Science Center, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Family Health International, The Tony Hawk Foundation, International Foundation for Education and Self Help, True Colors Fund, and more.

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Securus Technologies Continues On

Securus Technologies is a 25-year-old communications company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in specialty communications for correctional institutions, law enforcement, and safety organizations. Currently serving over 3,400 customers with a population of over 1.2 million inmates, Securus has risen to the occasion in providing a state-of-the-art communications network that provided a terrific service in this market space.


The ability to provide an open platform between inmates and family has proven to be beneficial to an unbelievable degree in keeping relationships intact and on a positive basis. Going to prison is very difficult on the one who is incarcerated as well as on family members. By the provision of an easy to use communications platform, the stress is mitigated in a major way.


Phone services work on the basis of providing adequate Apple and Android platforms that can be used with smartphones, tablets, PCs and regular landline phone services. Several plans are available for payment including direct billing to the family, a collect billing to the family, a debit program paid for by the inmate, and a prepaid phone plan.


One of the more popular plans is the video phone service where both parties on a call utilize a webcam so each person is seen by the other caller. This is almost like being together in person, as the picture synchs with the voice mode on the phone call. It is not always possible to make a physical visit and with the video, it is almost like being there in person.


There are also email, chat and jail voice messaging services, used to leave word if schedules don’t always mesh together. These features are just like those that everyone routine uses to leave a message or a note which can be followed up on later.


Securus prides itself on its capabilities and continued updates as time moves forward and that the most modern and reliable communications technologies have been able to be utilized to provide this great service.


Norman Pattiz: A Broadcasting Visionary

Super-fans of scary and supernatural entertainment of all sorts have a new reason to celebrate with the arrival of a brand new podcast that delves deep into all things paranormal that’s appropriately entitled ‘Beyond The Darkness’. Hosted by radio veterans Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, who are both well-versed in the history of all mysterious things that remain strange and unexplained, ‘Beyond The Darkness’ plans on having plenty of celebrated experts keen on extrapolating on questions surrounding monsters, demons, and beasts alike as guests on the show, all sure to address some the world’s creepiest unknown and unconfirmed phenomena. This brand new program was recently announced by none other then celebrated podcast mogul, Norman Pattiz, the brain behind the biggest podcast network in America. Pattiz specified that it would be a part of Chris Jericho’s programming branch off the PodcastOne tree, further diversifying this beyond exciting new form of entertainment, now sure to attract an even larger and diverse set of fans than before. ‘Beyond The Darkness’ is not only another win for fans but also another reason to recognize the brilliance of the man behind PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz. He is ultimately a man for aspiring broadcasters to study and find inspiration in since he has acted a true original and innovator within a largely unpredictable industry.


Prior to podcasting, Norman Pattiz not only started Westwood One, but made it the biggest, most widely listened to radio network in the entire nation. It was the source for most American’s news, including everything from politics to sports, talk radio, and overall entertainment. Pattiz’s company had a hand in NFL Football and CNN radio, not to mention March Madness and Super Bowl coverage. Later, Norman Pattiz formed Courtside Entertainment Group and of course PodcastOne, with a roster of talent that includes Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Drew, Adam Carolla, Neil Strauss, Penn Jillette, and Laura Ingraham, among others. It is a hub of audible entertainment like no other.


Furthermore, Norman Pattiz acts as the Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Additionally he is a regent per the University of California and works with the Council of Foreign Relations. His diverse set of talents makes him a sort of modern day renaissance man. Eight years ago he was recognized by the Library of American Broadcasting with the Giants of Broadcasting Award and additionally joined the National Radio Hall of Fame.

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