The Many Flavors of EOS

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard about or seen the egg-shaped EOS lip balms. They’re in stores, in magazines, and in the hands of celebrities and everyday women alike. These lip balms have reinvented the entire idea of lip balm all together. Lip balm is no longer a clinical product. EOS has made lip balm fun, stylish and super tasty! The innovative egg shaped packaging is eye-catching for sure, but what’s inside the orb is even better. There are so many flavors to choose from, but there are few that you should definitely get your hands on. Hop to this page,

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EOS Flavors

One of my personal favorite EOS balms is the blueberry acai. This flavor is absolutely scrumptious! It tastes like the best fresh blueberry muffin you’ve ever had in your life. It has a hint of sweetness but it is not too overwhelmingly fruity.Like all other EOS balms, it leaves your lips soft, smooth and kissable! The balm’s formula is not at all oily which is a problem many people have with lip balms. It doesn’t leave any kind of waxy residue either, just deeply moisturized lips. Many EOS lip balm fanatics site this flavor as being their favorite out of the lot, and I don’t blame them!

Another great flavor you need to try is passion fruit. This flavor comes in a flashy bright purple orb that initially suck you in. What’s inside the orb however will keep you coming back for more. This flavor is very bright, fruity and powerful. It’s surely not as subtle as blueberry acai, but that’s just fine by me! This flavor really packs a punch and that what people love about it. It’s a flavor that reminds you of summer days and fresh, juicy fruit. The smell is definitely a cult favorite and it’s easy to see why, see for more.