Stream Energy – Saving You Money

Many people often feel anxiety over their home energy bill coming in every month? Will the price be higher than last months bill? Should I do more to save energy? These are questions every homeowner faces. With Stream Energy, the homeowner can be sure that they are receiving energy from a company that wants to save energy and lowers your monthly electricity bill – not boost prices and make money. Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and is based in Texas. Having used direct selling and multi-layered selling, something that was not seen in energy companies before, Stream Energy has become a face of the energy sector and a leader in clean energy and energy conservation. It is also a wireless and protective company, allowing their customers to combine services with one provider and save money every month.

One way Stream Energy is promoting the homeowner to save money is to focus on gadgets and electronics located throughout the house. Things that consume energy like TV’s or gaming systems may not seem like big energy users, these items take in about $130 dollars a year in energy costs. Stream Energy recommends to turn off lights when you are not using them, turn off the TV when you are not watching, and other common tricks to lower your energy bill. It is also recommended to always look at your energy bill every month to see exactly where your energy is going and how you can use energy more wisely. Stream Energy allows their customers to use an application called Smart Meter Texas (only available to residents of Texas) to be able to see directly where their energy is going (


Stream Energy is working every day to reign in costs and focuses on lowering the customer energy bill. Customers can be sure that they understand exactly where their money is going every month. With the use of advice that Stream Energy gives to its customers, they can be sure that their bill will be lowered every month, and that their homes energy supplied is handled in the right hands of Stream Energy (LinkedIn).