John of Highland

James Dondero began his career by completing a financial training program at JP Morgan, earning a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and earning the very prestigious titles, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant, and Chartered Financial Analyst.

James Dandero then worked American Express from 1985 to 1989, during which he was instrumental in helping raise almost $1 billion. Between 1989 and 1993, James Dondero helped a brand new Protective Life GIC subsidiary grow into a $2 billion company.

When he left in 1993 to co-found Highland Capital Management, the subsidiary was in very good financial stead. Highland is a fixed asset manager that specializes in high-yield fixed income investments. It also has the capability of hedging risk. James Dandero remains the president of Highland to this day.

James Dandero also currently chairs the board and serves as the CEO of HCM Acquisition Company and as a chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS Medical, and NexBank. In addition, he is the Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund.

But Highland remains Dondero’s crown jewel and most prized possession. Since its founding, the Texas-based firm has risen to be worth around $2.44 billion. It is doing so well, in fact, that it recently stepped up its already close ties with Nexpoint Credit Stategies Fund, now owning 793,036 shares of the company.

James Dondero himself owns 3.01 million shares, which gives him control of 18.8% of Nexpoint. This is good news for Nexpoint who had some losses in 2015. This has helped it raise the value of its shares and get back to their healthy price of 24 cents per share.