Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company based in Cranbury, New Jersey. They focus on commercializing treatments for patients with rare and devastating diseases. Every day, they focus on discovering guaranteed-to-work treatments for their patients. Currently, their leading product is “migalastat HCl;” which acts as a monotherapy for patients with Fabry disease. It can even work in combination with enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) to battle Fabry (PhillyPurge).


Amicus Therapeutics was a privately-owned company funded by venture capitalists until 2007. Before they went public, popular funds such as Radius Ventures, Cannan Partners, and New Enterprise Associates aided in Amicus Therapeutics development. They acquired a second research facility in San Diego to help develop new pharmaceuticals to commercialize.


Since 2010, Amicus Therapeutics have had a lot of backing from the community. The Michael J. Fox foundation gave Amicus Therapeutics a large grant for $500,000, and the Alzheimers Drug Discovery foundation gave them a grant for $210,300. The foundations want to work with Amicus Therapeutics to support studies with the David Geffer School of Medicine, and pre-clinical work with the Icahn School of Medicine through the Alzheimers Disease Research center. Amicus Therapeutics has a lot of support coming from the leading research centers in the pharmaceutical industry and is very dedicated to their work to help patients (Indeed). Their CEO John F. Crowley emphasized his passion for creating a personal and direct relationship with his patients by publishing a goal-oriented letter on the company website. He says that it is the relationship between the researchers and the patients that “embodies the culture of the organization,” and even motivates them to discover more methods to help victims of rare diseases.