The Use Of Stem Cells For Chronic Lung Conditions

Certain criteria must be met for a patient with a chronic lung condition to be a candidate for a lung stem cell treatment, but The Lung Institute has been screening patients and providing this exceptional procedure for a while now with great success. Chronic conditions such as emphysema, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis and COPD all can cause irreversible damage to the lung tissue; until now. Stem cells can easily be removed from a person’s own body by way of blood or bone marrow, reveals Cedars-Sinai. Once the samples have been processed to remove the stem cells, they can then be re-administered to the body. The heart immediately pumps the cells through the heart and into the lungs. The lungs naturally and automatically trap the cells in the lungs where they will go on to repair and heal that area.

According to their YouTube channel, a great deal of research has been done by The Lung Institute as well as other medical professionals and scientists. Many patients with chronic lung conditions report beneficial side effects in a very short amount of time. In conditions such as cystic fibrosis, the patient’s life expectancy can actually be quite shorter than your average, healthy individual. Years can be added on to a person’s life thanks to a lung stem cell treatment. Best of all, this procedure is quite simple and frequently utilized. It can be used more than once if the patient shows good results and is healthy enough to undergo the procedure each time. With any procedure, the patients are given a thorough examination before anything occurs in order to prevent any kind of dangerous occurrences.

We easily take for granted the breaths that we take each and every day whether we are active, resting or focusing on our breathing. Some people do not have these breaths come so simply and their medical conditions prevent them from leading a normal and healthy life. Thanks to The Lung Institute and lung stem cell treatments, patients can now see great results and live very fulfilling and healthy lives. It is likely this procedure will evolve even more in the coming years and who knows what else will become common protocol in The Lung Institute; helping and healing others. To read the patients testimonials, visit

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