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SBG and the subsidiaries of SBG own all of the outstanding Fortress Investment Group shares in the market. The regulators have approved this merger along with the share holders of the Fortress Investment Group.The Class A shares of the Fortress Investment Group were each converted in to the right to receive eight dollars and eight cents per share in cash. The merger proceeds are outlined in the Fortress Investment Group Definitive Proxy and are to be distributed in accordance with that. The Fortress Investment Group stock will no longer trade on the New York Stock Exchange and will be taken off the exchange. The Fortress Investment Group will still operate in New York as an independent business would operate.

Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and randy Nardone will all still run the Fortress Investment Group together as a team.The Fortress Investment Group has roughly $26.1 Billion in assets under management, and is an alternative asset management firm. The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and has roughly 1,750 clients, who are both institutional investors and private investors. The clients have access to a variety of different alternative investments, including Real Estate Investments, Private Equity Investments, Permanent Capital Investments, and Debt Capital Markets.

The SoftBank Group is a global technology company. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is a holding company that has a variety of subsidiaries, including internet service companies, artificial intelligence companies, clean energy technology providers, and IoT companies. The company is focused on buying and holding information based companies to drive the information revolution.The culture of the Fortress Investment Group will onto change much, as it is still run by the same group of people that founded it. Since it will still operate the same way, the company will continue to focus on distressed debt capital markets.

Chris Burch: Billionaire and Successful Entrepreneur

Chris developed a very strong work ethic young in his life that developed him into the person and man he is today. He knew from very early in life that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he worked toward that goal for forty years in many different areas of business. He has accomplished success in many different areas including the hotel business, finance, the world of fashion, in real estate and the world of business. He has blazed a trail that other hope to follow filled with the passion and consistency that have led him and his businesses to the world of success.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, a company he started, developed, and worked to make it the success it is today. Chris Burch is a proven Marketing genius and along with Burch Creative Capital, works to develop and market each customer’s brand to make it well known and successful. They handle many client’s investment endeavors and help them to develop their company’s brand to be known worldwide and to be successful. Additional article on

He has started and developed lots of other companies including C. Wonder and Tory Burch LLC which is the Designer line Tory Burch. His name and reputation as a successful entrepreneur is well known throughout the world. He is even listed as one of the most successful and rich billionaires in Forbes magazines. Check

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When people ask why Chris Burch is so rich and successful, he answers that it has taken forty years of fortitude, resilience, falling and getting back up, and learning along the way what works and what doesn’t. He believes it is also important to know everything about your clients and to have a deep understanding of what consumers are really looking for.  For his insights and views, hit on

Communicating with them about what work is to done, what their expectations are, the time frame they want to aim for and keeping communication going with the client as to what is being accomplished. Chris became a multimillionaire with his brother Bob in college with his first endeavor in business.  For an overview of his diverse investment, browse on

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An innovative vision is what has made Chris Burch the man he is today. He is a successful entrepreneur, hotelier, and philanthropist. Burch has accumulated about forty years of experience in the corporate world. His career is characterized by experience from over fifty companies. All of them became successful, partly because of Burch’s efforts. He has attained skills in investment and consumer behavior.

Chris Burch is an open-minded individual he has developed expertise in apparel, financial services, technology, and hospitality among others. His skills in consumer behavior have made him thrive in marketing and branding. He has a sharp intuition of what consumers’ desire for a product. His business projects could be common concepts but uniquely done. For example, Nihi Sumba Island is one of the recent impressive ventures Chris has done.  More to read about this impressive venture on

Burch’s career before he finished college. He attended Ithaca College and began his first venture in 1976. Burch and his brother Bob invested $2000 in Eagle’s Eye Apparel. The business grew, but it was sold out to Swire Group after reaching $165 million worth. The next investment was Internet Capital Group. He was among the first investors in this firm.  Refer to for related article.


As the years advanced, Mr. Burch continued to invest in real estate ventures. He developed luxury homes in places like New York, Florida, Southampton, Palm Beach and Nantucket among other areas. Burch always found a way of turning innovation into implementation.  Additional article to read here.  For instance, Faena Hotel + Universe was an idea derived from developing an unused piece of land into a successful venture. Nihiwatu was also renovated into an attractive reserve in Indonesian Island.

Other thriving businesses by Burch are C. Wonder. It was apparel, décor and accessories venture. In 2014, Ellen Degeneres and Burch partnered to start a lifestyle brand. In the same year, Chris also began prefab homes called Cocoon 9. Their objective was to save space with suitable floor plans. These are a few of the numerous flourishing businesses and projects Burch has done.

Chris has not kept all this wealth and knowledge to himself. He believes in giving to the community. As a philanthropist, Chris has and still supports community projects that enhance the lives of society members. He shares his knowledge, experience, and expertise with other budding entrepreneurs. His career has always been about making the lives of people better and satisfaction. When Chris understands the desires and needs of customers, it is because he intends to deliver to their expectations and beyond.  More shared insights from him in this article,  click

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