Bruce Levenson and The Do Good Institute

“Here today and gone tomorrow”, or so the saying goes. When it comes to moving on to the bigger and better next thing, in true maverick style like it is nothing, everyone should take a page from Bruce Levenson’s book. Once owner of the Atlanta Hawks, the sport media’s attention to his sale of that team left little wonder as to what he should focus on. Apparently, the unwritten innuendo regarding the importance of such things can be a little over hyped, from time to time. Because, the next move to follow that sale honestly kind of blows it out of the water. Who needs the headache of worrying over a professional athletic franchise, when you are feeling unlimited richness from the satisfaction of shaping the future world?

While you are selling a team, everyone is a critic. Afterwards, who needs you? When you fund and spearhead the founding of the Do Good Institute at Maryland University, to the tune of nearly 75 million United States dollars, the local people are going to pay attention. After the University throws in another 25 million bucks to for good measure, things have to be going swell. However, without a doubt the best part of this event has to be the popular response from the student body. And that is when it national news circuit starts mentioning you again. He knows these things. But, who can say knew that with all the bluster involved with the letting go of the Hawks something like this was to come in the future?

So it looks like the better sayings to remember are, “Every dark cloud has silver lining” or “Life is just a bowl of cherries”, at least when it comes to running institutions. For a moment let us imagine that a man can get tired from making big-shot decisions in entertainment business deals and he decides to start a legacy down the path of education. With successes like a gracious turning over of a sport team only to change the format of an intuition of higher education on his side, the UCG founder knows how to cut a fair and square deal and now he get to help in how others learn to do the same thing. Visit for more information.