Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Politics in Venezuela Should Not Be Left To Politician Alone

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a very successful businessperson in the Venezuela’s agriculture industry. He has a reputation of running large companies and organizations such as CITGO, an international gas company that provides services to travelers and gasoline. As well as Fedec√°maras, a Venezuela-based organization that focuses on rights of economic businesspersons.


Gonzalez is strongly convicted that politics in Venezuela should not be left to politicians alone. Venezuela people need leaders who are interested in advancing the country and not just politics. His point of view is that there are problems with service delivery to the people of Venezuela. On the other hand, businesspeople understand how to fix these problems. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is committed to getting people involved, and letting people have an input to the government of the day.


In an interview about the problems facing Venezuela, Gonzalez explained that politicians are the only ones who care about politics in the country.  Worse, people have no say and can do nothing to stop politicians from making illogical decisions.


From his intensive experience and expertise of heading large agricultural business, Gonzalez knows how important government is to the citizens. Gonzalez understands what it takes to run an efficient government and keep government spending in line. He strongly believes that government leaders should be held accountable, and government processes should be transparent. Moreover, leaders should demonstrate patriotism to their birth land.


For people of Venezuela to live in a better place and have trust in their government, it is imperative for government work continually toward economic growth. Besides, the government must work diligently and uphold peace in times of crises.


Venezuelans are fed up with political leaders who have personal agendas and want to rule the country with an Iron fist. Further, people are tired of the political divides that are controlled by special interest. This has led to massive corruption that negatively affects government functioning and election process in the country. It is evident that valuable citizens who will make incredible leaders in the country are denied the ability to run, simply because they lack strong political affiliations.