Enjoy A Balanced Diet With OSI

Thousands of families have been able to trust the diet they’re being fed by the popular OSI Group. They have led the industry in being the top food services leaders in North America. Based in southern Illinois, they’re also the recent recipients of the 2016 Globe of Honour Awards. They were given the award by the stern panel of UK judges. They continue to guarantee a completely nutritious meal that is affordable on most budgets. OSI food is also used in restaurants and grocers. They have also made it a priority to grow their international portfolio with other dedicated food service professionals.

Key OSI Executives

OSI has a strong team of professionals backing them and they have been able to increase their equity. Their COO, Sheldon Lavin. Their team of professionals have been able to secure a deal with the popular Europe industry food group. Their President, David McDonald, has also played a role in their successful bid for the popular Flagship Europe food group. Together, they’ve both have been able to grow their international portfolio. The OSI Group has also been able to make a deal with the Dutch Baho Foods to promote their organic vegetables.

The OSI Group is responsible for processing hot dogs, beef patties, poultry, desserts, condiments, and more. They have been able to double their chicken production with their EU deal and have also been able to increase their assets. Amazingly, their bid for a Chicago Tyson food plant has allowed them to help displaced workers as increase their chicken production. They have also played an influence in improving the lives of the communities they serve by creating jobs. OSI had been able to create 6,000+ jobs worldwide. Learn more about their food contents by visiting the authentic OSI Group website. Feed your family a meal you can trust with OSI.

OSI Group: A shared Experience of American Immigrants

The creation of a dominant partnership..

Everyone knows who McDonalds is; they have thousands of locations in every town, city, state and country. But who does McDonalds get their food from? Who has the capabilities to fulfill the colossal orders given by the biggest food chain in the world?

With 65 facilities in 17 different countries, the OSI Group has a payroll of about 20,000 employees, which easily makes them one of the world’s largest food distributors. Only a company like OSI Group would have the extensive resources to achieve a successful partnership with the world’s largest food chain. As a leader in the Multinational Food Provider Industry, OSI Group has declared its mark in the Globalized Economy.

The creation of OSI Group is of such, a remarkable story of the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants, mainly of German descent, and their desire for a better future. At the time, Chicago, Illinois served as an entry point for German Immigrants commuting across America to pursue their dreams of farming their own land. Kolschowsky, the owner of OSI Group, opened a small retail meat market during the World War 1 and after 2 decades of family oriented successful business tactics, opened 1 of its few branches, Otto & Sons, that continued to be a successful business that was known by its virtues. By the end of the 2nd World War it had accomplished what it set out to be, a vital and much needed part of the American economy.

In the early 1950’s, there was a new business model brewing in creation, Franchising. At the time, Richard and Maurice McDonald were leading the forefront of what we would soon be recognized as, Franchising the Food Industry. Because of the invent fullness of the McDonalds, they chose faith in a man named Ray Kroc, who in 1955 opened the 1st franchise restaurant called McDonalds. After a few years of working with the McDonalds and their franchise, Kroc bought them right out of the franchise and because soles the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of McDonalds.

Because of Kroc’s agreement with Otto & Sons, to have them become his meat supplier for his family meat market, as fate would have it, that handshake agreement alone would join the 2 of them together in what we would come to see as the Colossal Restaurant Franchise called McDonalds. Over the next few decades OSI Group would continue to transform the Food Processing Industry and become the leader in Innovative Food Processing Technologies.


History of the OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the largest food processing companies in the world. The company currently boasts of over 20,000 employees and is operating in 17 different countries. The company started from a humble beginning to now that it’s a top company in the world. OSI Group has been in the industry for the past one century. It is one of the companies which have done so well in managing food production on the globe. It is producing highly nutritious yet competitive food products. The company is a typical business which shows where the economy of the country has come from and to know more

OSI Group originated from an initiative of a German immigrant in Chicago known as Otto Kolschowsky. At the time he was setting up this business, the population of Germans in the area was very high. Chicago was an industrial area and an entry point for immigrants who were entering America on their way to the farms on the plains. Otto Kolschowsky opened this business two years after joining the United States. It started as a retail meat market and a butcher shop and served the local community at the time. The business did very well in the first decade such that it was a wholesale business with no time. He had to move the operation so of the business to another location within Chicago due to the expansion of a business. In 1928, the business was renamed Otto & Sons embracing a family line identity. His two sons joined Kolschowsky in managing this business. Otto & Sons continued serving the interest of the people over the years. It continued as a stable business until the end of the Second World War.

After the end of the world war, there was rapid economic growth in the country, and many modern suburbs started coming up all over the country. As the economy flourished, two family businesses came together to create what came to be the biggest revolution in the food industry.

In 1955, McDonald’s was being set up. It opened its first restaurant in Illinois. The restaurant was opened by Ray Kroc who at the time was a franchise agent for a couple based in California known as Richard and Maurice McDonald. The concept of the franchise business model in the hospitality was just getting started, and this Illinois branch was the first of such model. The McDonald’s struck a business deal with Otto & Sons to be the supplier of hamburgers. That is how it all started. It marked the beginning of growth and creation of the OSI Group.

The Importance of Empowerment According to Mina Ebrahimi

When asked about the key to business success, Mina Ebrahimi has stated that the key is keeping the staff empowered. One thing that is common in the workplace is that people often feel discouraged. This is often because of the bosses and the management. Often times, people are having to work under ungrateful managers who would only talk to them when they want to point out something negative about them. In some cases, the boss may want to pick on a certain employee. This often creates a hostile work environment for the employee. Eventually, this type of business hits a wall.


One of the ways that Mina Ebrahimi is generous to her staff is by giving back to them. One thing that she believes is that treating employees a certain way has an effect on the business as a whole. Therefore, it is important for business owners to make sure that they are showing some kind of respect to the employees. At the same time, they don’t want to coddle and be overly nice to the employees. This can cause the employees to take advantage of the business owner. The best thing to do is find a balance that is going to work well for the business.


One thing that Mina Ebrahimi does is try to empower her employees. One of the ways to empower the employees is to let them know that they are doing things well. Appreciation goes a long way towards making employees want to work for the company and be loyal. Appreciation and generosity goes a long way towards bringing out loyalty in a team. Meanwhile, employees that are working for a boss that is domineering is going to look for ways to either take the power from the boss or abandon the boss when he needs them the most.





OSI Group: A Global Company Built on a Handshake

Foundations are set one block at a time, OSI Food Solutions started as a small butcher shop in Chicago. Taking care of his customers was Otto Kolchowshys first and only guiding principle. A handshake between Otto’s sons and Ray Kroc of McDonalds in 1955 transformed both companies. That same foundational block is evident today in the way OSI handles its local and international business.

2016, OSI Food Solutions was given the Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council. The award is given to companies who demonstrate excellence in environmental management. OSI has shown to a panel of experts their commitment to environmental management from top to bottom. The company won the award in 2013 and 2015.

OSI remains committed to Chicago and the businesses it has served for decades. The company purchased a shuttered Tyson food plant in the Chicago area saving plenty of jobs. The purchase also improved the companies infrastructure and growth plans.

Sheldon Lavin CEO of the OSI Group has an eye on global growth. The acquisition of Flagship Europe is an example of OSIs foray into food products to expand its base. Purchases by OSI are mergers more than takeovers. Lavin believes in letting local companies run their business as they wish. Sheldon Lavin has no desire to disrupt the success of these companies. OSI Food Solutions taps into local resources and expanded markets these acquisitions provide.

OSI is a global food processing company doing business in 16 different countries. The company commits itself to excellence. OSI believes in teamwork and not shying away from challenges. Technology is a fundamental building block for OSI; the company revolutionized the fast food industry by pioneering flash freezing. Custom processing of vegetables, proteins, and fruits serve the unique interests of its customers around the world.

Customer wants and needs drive OSI Food Solutions. The recent purchase of Baho Food, a Dutch convenience foods manufacturer, gives the company broad synergies in the European market. Baho brings manufacturing facilities from Germany and the Netherlands, to complement OSI’s growing portfolio of companies. Current management of Baho will remain in place to develop the local market on a global scale.

A German immigrant started a butcher shop in Illinois over 100 years ago, and now OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s top companies. A handshake in 1955 sent the company on a dominating path.

For details: www.responsiblesoy.org/miembro/osi-food-solutions-europe/

Development of OSI Industries To International Market

OSI Industries is a global food supplier organization. It started as a small butcher for the community, then it came to become Otto & Sons to supply in the region. Technology is what has made OSI Industries become successful. They ensure their products are supplied consistently, affordable, and also consumer driven which are transported from far to reach the consumer.

The technology breakthrough made the evolving of OSI Industries company in the late 1960s where it made tasks to become affordable and easier. It had brought the relationship closer with McDonald’s. Freezing process is a technology which is a cryogenic food processing where food becomes frozen quickly using liquid nitrogen. It created the best opportunity for expansion of the products where cost was reduced.

Otto & Sons were in a better position due to the close relationship with McDonald’s. in 1973, Otto & Sons had built its first plant which was dedicated to McDonald’s product line. It was an improvement of technology where they put an advanced machine which was for flash freezing of hamburger patties. The product that was not meant for McDonald was folded and called Glenmark brand which continued serving the local retail markets and restaurants.

The company had become a two-track company. It was a stable local supplier and also a rapid growing Midwest which was the provider and it came to be the greatest world corporation. So that to become recognized and transition process, Otto & Sons turned to become the current OSI Industries in 1975. The change of their name had codified the 75 years they had transformed after starting from a family butcher shop and ended up as a technologically advanced company which was operating on manufacturers scale.

The other transition aspect was changing the company’s leadership. It is up to this point where Kolschowsky family members who were running Otto & Sons, but after it was transitioned to become a larger entity by expanding internationally, the sons reached retirement year. They asked Sheldon Lavin to join them as their partner.

The company has now concentrated its manufacturing capabilities responding to McDonald’s growth continuation. They started by opening their first facility located in Chicago. The company started becoming a sprawling multinational corporation. Its joint ventures with German (1978) and Spain(1980) after breaking into the international market. The growth of the international sector which leads to sophisticated capitalization and negotiation resulted in early 1980 making Lavin the chairman and the CEO of the company.

About OSI Industries: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

OSI Group Expands Responsibly as a Top Food Processor

OSI Group has undergone a transformation over the decades as they substantially grew from a small Midwestern food processor into one that spans continents and provides cutting-edge services to their clients. Their enormous range of abilities has proven to be a hit in the marketplace as they partner with leading food brands. They employ their resources in innovative, agile ways that reveal the heart of entrepreneurialism. They have a tremendous capacity for production as well as culinary creation. This has given them an elite status among food processors around the globe.

Sheldon Lavin has been the longtime owner and CEO of OSI Group and his vision has played a great role in their prosperity. He always had the globe in mind when considering growth and expansion. His business acumen is founded on a strong accounting and finance background which has enabled them to make wise purchases. Their expansion has occurred at a sustainable pace and the steady growth over time landed them on the Forbes magazine list of largest private American companies.

The tremendous size of OSI Group hasn’t dimmed their reliance on entrepreneurialism. This is still a mainstay that drives their processes and it’s unusual for a company of their caliber. Innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of an entrepreneur and these qualities are strongly encouraged by the company. The ability to move quickly is also a boon to their clients among fast-evolving markets around the world.

Sustainability is an important issue at OSI and the company strives to put in place sound environmental practices from the top to the bottom of the organization. One example of this is the acknowledgment they received from the British Safety Council who put the spotlight on their efforts. This award goes to those entities that show exemplary management of environmental risks. They were part of a select group around the world that earned the honor. Furthermore, the United Kingdom maintains very high standards for their economy and to be honored this way really says something.

The growth patterns that OSI Group has always reached for continues today and a recent example is their purchase of Dutch company Baho Food. This is the type of acquisition that they excel in as the companies nicely complement each other. This deepens their presence in Europe and allows them to more fully serve their customers. The more than 70 facilities that they operate around the world gives testament to their successful business model.

Why OSI Group’s Sheldon Lavin Won The Global Visionary Award

The OSI Group is one of the world’s top food processing companies. Sheldon Lavin the company’s CEO, is responsible for its growth from a small meat processing company that primarily served restaurants and supermarkets in Illinois and provided meat for the growing McDonald’s chain into a food processing giant. Under Lavin’s guidance the company had undertaken an ambitious, aggressive expansion plan. In the U.S. they built, acquired or created partnerships for food processing facilities all over the country including Amick Farms. This enabled the company to increase production capacity significantly.

Lavin also led the company to massive international growth. The OSI Group built 10 food processing plants in China and others in Japan and India. They also built and acquired facilities in Australia, Mexico and Brazil. Sheldon Lavin also enacted a plan to increase the company’s presence in Europe. They built then enlarged a meat processing facility in Toledo, Spain, built facilities in Hungary and Poland and acquired UK based Flagship Europe and Baho Foods which has facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. This gave the company a presence in dozens of European countries.

Under the guidance of Sheldon Lavin the OSI Group also developed a reputation for instituting forward thinking environment sustainability systems and worker safety policies. Lavin also helped the company become known for creating delicious, nutritious products aimed a satisfying the unique dietary preferences of people from different cultures. The OSI Group also has lucrative, mutually-beneficial agreements with a vast array of international governments and producers. In all they have more than 70 food production facilities located in 17 countries and customers in 85 countries.

Many people would be surprised to learn that Sheldon Lavin studied accounting and finance in college and was a banker and active investor for many years before turning his attention to the OSI Group almost 50 years ago. Since taking over the OSI Group, Lavin has proven to be an innovative, visionary chief executive. Many of the thoughtful production processes, policies and systems he put in place were ahead of their time. He enacted ‘green’ policies long before most other companies. In recognition of his work building the OSI Group into a world leader, the Vision Institute gave him their Global Visionary award.

The award is a fitting tribute to a business executive who has spent decades building a very successful company and positively impacting the food processing industry around the world.


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