Matt Badiali: Natural Resource Investor

Matt Badiali’s recent twitter posting is campaigning for silver as a best buy in regards to its increase in price in the world market. According to the linked article, the price of silver reaches 14.15 U.S dollars as of September 4th 2018. This is the lowest price that silver has reached since January 2015.

Matt Badiali also backs up his tweet specifying that this is a common trend that occurs with natural occurring resources, specifically precious metals. Lastly, the last time the silver price went down like this, the price went up 38% within 5 months of the year 2016. The tweet has gained a large number of comments and discussions since its posting just a few hours ago.

In another tweet, Matt Badiali gave advise on investing in the cannabis industry with its various benefits and growth rate in the recent years. In the linked article regarding the tweet, he talks of four companies; Constellation Brands, Molson Coors, Diageo, and Heineken. These companies are major alcohol distributors that have recently gone into the cannabis industry. The chain effect of these companies investing in the cannabis industry opens the gates for investors and other companies to diversify into this growing industry.

To back up the tweet mentioned in the above, Matt Badiali talks about the reasons why the cannabis industry is a growing sector. The article talks about how the legalization of cannabis in Canada and some North American states namely; California, New York, Florida, and Nevada soared the cannabis industry from small scale to world wide scale. In New York, the use of marijuana grew by 8% every month between 2017 and 2018. Another reason Matt Badiali discusses the growth is due to the existence of medical marijuana.

As opposed to the regular method of consuming cannabis (smoking), ways of consuming the product range from oils, pills, food, inhalers and many others. In addition, medical marijuana is prescribed for cancer and HIV/AIDs patients, who’s population is more than 20% in the United States which exposes a growing market for the commodity.