Nathaniel Ru Helps People See Better Eating Alternative

Nathaniel Ru is someone that has created a very interesting formula for success. He has been able to help many people see that eating healthy is not a crime. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

In fact, more people are becoming interested in what he is doing with Sweetgreen because it is a different restaurant that has inspired people to consider in-house grain bowls and the enticing salads that are made from scratch. People are going to really see the benefits of eating healthy when they look at what is happening with the Sweetgreen restaurant chain.

What Nathaniel has done with Sweetgreen is embrace the farm-to-table concept. With this type of restaurant Nathaniel Rue realized that he would have to be within close vicinity of farmers to make the farm-to-table concept work.

This is why he would get with farmers that were going to be able to provide things like berries, and vegetables like zucchini and peas along with other items that would become part of the menu.

Nathaniel did not want to spend any of his time worrying about the concept of getting the food ingredients in place so he made sure that every Sweetgreen location that was open would be in a place that was going to be suitable for farmers to establish a routine for getting ingredients to the restaurant on a daily basis.

Some people may look at what Nathaniel Ru has done as a complicated process that could have easily become troublesome, but the reality is that Nathaniel Ru has created a viable blueprint that has allowed people to really see what a healthy restaurant looks like. He could have easily put himself in a place where he was simply following what everyone else was doing when it came to creating a restaurant environment. The reality, however, is that Nathaniel was going to make his own plan for building success based on what he knew the restaurant industry was lacking.

From his time in college he knew that healthy food restaurants were not a reality. He had seen other restaurants that tried to add salads to the menu, but there was still a great discrepancy between getting affordable menu items where fresh food was offered on a regular basis.

This is what Nathaniel Ru set out to change. He wanted to create something that was completely different, and it appeared to be his mission to make Sweetgreen a completely different restaurant.

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