Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia. He attended the school of architecture at Colombia University and obtained a BA from New York University. Being born in Colombia, he had a lot of exposure to both interior and exterior colors, which he fell in love with eventually. He has authored two books Modern luxury published in 2009 and Artfully Modern published in 2014. He knows fashion architecture and interior design that he incorporates in his work.

He runs Richard Mishaan Design which is a firm that fundamentally specializes in personalized design architecture. He has been named as an architectural digest top 100 designers, which is also one of his accomplishment. His designs have a unique kind that bears an expensive stylistic touch in them.

Richard has 30 years of experience in design makes his work stand out. It involves blending a dynamic array of furnishing and décor. His whimsical style has been on the market that is currently being adopted by upcoming young designers. Another approach in his work is the way he synthesizes bold patterns and textures. The way he combines them makes it eye-popping. He utilizes different colors to blend his designs such that it can change one’s mood and lifts one’s spirit.

He also travels a lot to feast his eyes on abstract designs which he cohesively designs to portray his unique way. He mixes capricious pieces from around the globe that accentuates the person’s unique personality and style. His inspiration comes from his love of art and colors.

His designs have been appreciated and loved by many people making them be showcased in numerous publications. He enjoys designing hotels, and he got the honor to design a presidential suite in the five diamond St Refis hotel. All his designs are stunning and an inspiration to other designers in the world.