MB2 Dental Is Able To Maintain The Dignity Of This Profession

  1. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He is an active practitioner who has the vision of promoting the best from both the sides of the dentistry world. Since he has been on both the sides of this equation between a provider and a businessman, he understands the concerns well. He has started this company with clear knowledge of what all is required in order to furnish vital support to the dentists but without compromising on the integrity of this profession in any way.


He realized very soon that dental practitioners required specialized assistance. Just anyone will not do. Hence the idea of MB2 Dental came about. Today MB2 Dental is supporting dental practitioners in over 70 affiliated locations that are spread across six states. The employee strength at MB2 Dental is 533. The leadership is looking forward to continuing this concept by expanding and growing this business without compromising on quality.



Typically any management of a dental practice will be boring and uninspired. But Dr. Villanueva has changed all this. He has created MB2 Dental that does much more than just focusing on profit margins alone.



MB2 Dental is a firm owned by dentists. It focuses on providing autonomy and support to the dentists. This way it fosters personal growth. The firm encourages practices to make improvements that will be benefitting the patients who are patronizing them. Hence these innovations will lead to higher customer satisfaction as they are using improved operating methods. This will make the practitioners happy as they are making use of the latest in technology. In the end, it is going to lead to the enhanced growth of the dental practice.



MB2 Dental Solutions had to come to the aid of dentists as they were joining a larger group practice due to the ease of looking after their dentistry only. But MB2 Dental is going to take the salient features of a large practice which include economies of scale besides latest technology and combine it with the benefits of a private practice. These would include features such as complete clinical autonomy besides less bureaucracy and so on. A model was created so that dentists were able to get the best of both worlds. The company does not believe in letting the leadership micromanage things as this only means that the right people have not been hired. Hence the job of the leadership is only to keep people inspired.