Ricardo Tosto Knows About Brazilian Law

More than anyone, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho knows talking about law is always a complicated thing, especially if you are dealing with Brazilian laws, which are quite varied and be that we are talking about the Constitution, which commands throughout the national territory.

Luckily, many of these bizarre Brazilian laws have already fallen and gone. Otherwise, as you will have the opportunity to perceive yourself, many people in this country would be very involved!

1. Law against condoms

The Municipal Decree 82/97, of Bocaiúva do Sul, in Paraná, is part of the list of more bizarre Brazilian laws already created until then. The law, which came into force November 19, 1997, says that the sale of condoms and contraceptives is banned in the city.

This is because the number of inhabitants in the city had not grown for some years and the municipality was being harmed in the transfer of federal funds. But, of course, the crazy thing was the biggest problem and the law was revoked in 24 hours.

2. Municipal “Discoporto

Another pearl of Brazilian municipal laws is 1840/95, from Barra do Garças, in Mato Grosso. It came into force on September 5, 1995. It was at this time that the then present of the municipality, of 55 thousand inhabitants, had the idea of building a discoporto, if that exists.

He reserved, for the descent of flying saucers, an area of 5 hectares in Serra do Roncador, known for being the refuge of several scholars of ufology. But the project has never gone down, at least until today.

3. Law against masks

Because of the Municipal Law 1790/68, of São Luíz, in Maranhão, the city was seen on the prohibition of the use of masks at parties. The only exception to the Law, created during the administration of Mayor Epitacio, was Carnival. Unless, of course, the users of masks got a special license granted by the city hall.

This, which is certainly among the most crazy Brazilian laws so far, was created on May 12, 1968, but eventually became “death letter.” The then mayor, to defend his craziness, said the measure helped identify potential criminals.

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