Alastair Borthwick, the Author of ‘Always A Little Further’

Alastair Borthwick is a popular author of books since he was young until his death in 2003. He published two books at his youth age whereby his first publication was produced when he was working with a newspaper company at the age of sixteen. He produced the second book after the Second World War which he was a lieutenant, and has highlighted some of the major experience at OTC. Borthwick had a unique experience since he was a journey officer who led a battalion and fought in the front line. Besides, he was a great writer and broadcaster who worked at various places including Daily Mirror. The author was married to Anne Corbett and blessed with one son.

Alastair Borthwick published his first book in 1939 when he took an interest in mountain climbing. Borthwick is remembered as a greater writer for his skills and style in the books which were categorized as classic. The books talk about mountain climbing from Scottish hills by the rich class and the unemployed people living in Glasgow and Clydebank. “Always a Little Further” is one of the brainstorming books which also gave readers breathe taking content. The style used in the book always makes the readers want to read more of it. The book was so classic that it was published continuously after 1939.

Hiking and climbing were highly spreading throughout the region of Northern Europe, which led to national youth hostels associations. That development rose highly due to the high rate of unemployment in the area by the residents of Clydebank who had all the time to carry out such activities since they were not working, and more so, the mountains were on their doorsteps. It’s the “Wandervogel” of the Germany Weimar Republic which inspired the movement.

Borthwick encounter with tinkers, hawkers and tramps on the Ben Nevis journey made it memorable journey by his style, when he was traveling in a lorry with a flock of dead sheep. His first script before publication was offered to Fabers, who initially demurred and was unsure of the unusual topic in the script. Later, one of his directors insisted on its publication. Outdoor recreation scene became an addiction to Borthwick, and used most of his materials to write his first book, while he was working as a reporter with the Daily Mirror in 1935.

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The Impressive Resume Of Ryan Seacrest

There is no getting around the fact that Ryan Seacrest is one impressive individual. He is involved in a host of projects, including his most well-known role as host of the iconic show American Idol. The popular show is returning to television and will be featured for the first time on ABC in 2018. With Seacrest at the helm, this program is sure to continue to be a rating behemoth.

The fact that Seacrest is involved in other ventures makes it that much more impressive. First of all, he has distinguished himself as a nationally-known show business entrepreneur with many notable positions as both a host and producer. These positions would include working as a host in broadcasting and syndicated radio programs as well. Even though Ryan Seacrest could get a big head on his shoulders, he also has an immense drive to give back to his community. This is why he is heavily involved in many philanthropic efforts related to Youth and other causes. To say he stays busy would be an understatement. Here are a couple more examples:

Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his own line of men’s clothing. Key features outfits such as classic men’s wear and other types of iconic looks. His apparel is characterized by masculine features coupled with geometric shapes, textures, proportion, unique patterns, and color that is drawn together in many different unique combinations.

On Air With Ryan

As per, this program is Ryan Seacrest weekday Morning drive-time radio show airing on the Los Angeles top 40 102.7 station. This radio program has been syndicated since 2008 and features commentary paired with favorite musical selections.

Live With Kelly and Ryan

This is a syndicated talk show that Ryan Seacrest joined after the departure of Michael Strahan in 2017. The “Live With…” model has been going strong as a concept since the early 1980s.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Finally, there is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is dedicated to instilling in youth a passion for entertainment and education. One of their primary goals is to build broadcast media centers, called Seacrest Studios, within pediatric hospitals to infuse the environment with a much-needed uplifting spirit.

So there you have it. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Seacrest is quickly becoming a legend in his own time in more ways than one. There is no telling what great contributions he will bring in the future!


Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Apologizes For Offensive Comments Made by Founder

Recently, the founder of the pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been under a considerable amount of scrutiny. Papa Johns founder John Schnatter placed blame on the National Football League for its decline in sales revenue. As a result of this criticism, the NFL ended its sponsorship agreement with the pizza chain. This was a minor setback compared to latest one where John Schnatter made a racially offensive remark on a conference call. As a result of this remark, Major League Baseball has decided to end its association with the restaurant chain as well. The consequences for Schnatters racist remarks have resulted in his name being taken down from a stadium located in Louisville, Kentucky and also the removal of his image from every box and marketing material of the company.

Since the recent racially insensitive remarks have hurt the company’s image, CEO Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to provide assurance that the company is still trustworthy. In the letter, Ritchie stated that it is sorry for the comments and if they hurt anyone. With the letter, Steve Ritchie said that the racial remarks are not a true representation of the values of Papa Johns. Ritchie also said that any offensive language towards certain groups of people is intolerable and is not a part of the company’s values. With a diverse group of employees and franchise owners, Papa Johns tolerates people from a variety of different backgrounds. Therefore, Papa Johns will make an effort to embrace people in the community.

In a recent announcement, Steve Ritchie informed customers that the company will bring in a number of experts to oversee the culture of the company. This will be done in order to help find ways to facilitate inclusion and diversity at Papa Johns (@PapaJohns). Brining in these experts will hopefully enable the company to improve its treatment of employees, managers and customers. With this new policy, Papa Johns will likely be in position to get feedback from employees and franchise owners regarding diversity and inclusion. Steve Ritchie made this letter to help restore the company image and apologize for any wrongdoing. As a result, Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie expressed its regret and showed empathy for its customers.

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Why Flavio Maluf Is Among the Most Influential CEOs in Brazil

Housing is a basic human need. Every human being needs to have a roof over their head. In the same way, every nation requires quality building supplies for it to stabilize its economic growth. Flavio Maluf has specialized in providing environmentally friendly wood sheets in Brazil. His commitment to providing solutions that are sustainable saw him establish Eucatex Commercial Industries in 1987. Since this great company was established, Flavio Maluf has worked under different capacities. Besides being the chairman and CEO of Eucatex Commercial Industries, he is a financial advisor for various private and public projects. Read more about Flavio at

Eucatex Company has been in the forefront in ensuring that it provides high-quality building materials. One of the company’s obligations is compiling environmental regulations by replanting trees annually. This guarantees that the company has enough trees it uses as its raw materials all year round. Flavio’s background in engineering helps the company to be more feasible. He has steered and helped the company achieve immeasurable success, and will continue improving on the artifacts made by his company. He believes all his clients should get quality products and services from his company if he is to have a lasting relationship with them.

Despite the challenges the company faces, Flavio has ensured that he manages the company to help it withstand them. He is so systematic with his finances, and he ensures no funds are misappropriated. Flavio has put systems in place so that the company always delivers high-quality products. His zeal to succeed in business has seen him initiate other projects that will enhance the operations of the company. This will improve the financial position of the company. He hopes to meet the ever-growing demands of the development industry in Brazil.

Eucatex has always ensured that it can provide all the materials required for every job it has been contracted. As a result, Flavio has dedicated most of his time working on new the projects. One indicator of how successful Flavio Maluf is in the building industry is his commitment to providing high-quality construction materials. He believes in putting the interest of other people first. Flavio Maluf is always seeking ways of improving people’s lives by providing them with high-quality infrastructure, and his commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

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Jim Toner Reveals People Need to Stop Worry About Everyone Else’s Life to Create Wealth

The successful real estate investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Jim Toner recently published the blog “The Secret to Creating Wealth.” The blog details Jim Toner’s beliefs that people need to gain accurate thinking before they can begin growing wealth. He also provides the top strategies to build wealth.

Jim Toner begins his blog by recounting the movie “They Live” where the majority of the population is unsatisfied with life and they are constantly wandering. When the main character finds a pair of special sunglasses, he is able to see the world for how it really is. He perceives that the media and the government are creating subliminal messages and feeding them to the general population to keep them from rising up in rebellion. He also discovers that the social elite are aliens seeking world domination.

Jim Toner believes there are some frightening parallels with the world’s current situation. He believes that people are too absorbed in their phones and focusing on the lives of other people instead of building wealth. He believes that most people have too many ideologies running their lives, including the rules for success. The belief system that you have to go to school, get a good job, and then climb the corporate ladder is outdated. Toner also reveals that anyone is capable of building more wealth.

To do so, however, people need to develop the skill of accurate thinking. The lesson is derived from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich which reveals that people need to gain better insight into their own life and the world around them. Accurate thinking requires the critical thinking where people separate facts from information and where that information is classified as important or unimportant.

Jim Toner also outlines a variety of money making tips. He provides his expertise because he has created many businesses that have generated millions of dollars. He is also a successful author and real estate investor. Jim Toner believes everyone should start by perceiving their current situation and understand what they really want out of life. Then they need to recognize that they need to stop spending so much time on Facebook worrying about other people’s lives.

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Hussain Sajwani: DAMAC Owner and Founder

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire entrepreneur. Hussain’s background growing up was being raised by his father, a man who owned his retail shop. In his father’s shop, his father sold timepieces, name-brand fountain pens, apparel, and other items that he bought from China.

Hussain Sajwani was the recipient of a scholarship as a young man. He is one of the few students sent by the government to the United States. Here in the states, Hussain Sajwani earned his bachelor’ s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from The University of Washington.

After Hussain earned his degree, he went to work at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. He started working in the finance department of the company in 1981. During Hussain first few years at Dhabi Gas Industries, he started his own catering business. The catering business was so successful that Bechtel, a major engineering company, and the United States military were significant customers of his catering business. Hussain successful catering business is still in business today, 35 years later.

Sixteen years ago Hussain founded DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a property development business with the corporate office in Dubai. DAMAC is one of the most prominent property management businesses in the Middle East. DAMAC started out its operation with over 18,000 apartments since the company’s beginnings. Currently, the company has over 40.000 projects in the process of development. In 2015, the company went public on the Dubai Stock Exchange Market.

Sajwani’s philanthropist efforts are many with his DAMAC foundation. His foundation sponsors the One Million Arab Coders Initiative. This initiative has provided free training software to train one million young Arabian students.

Sajwani has been honored with the Property CEO of the Year award, and the Real Estate Legend Award.

DAMAC Properties has completed many well-known projects, including luxury apartments featuring interior design by Italian designers Versace and Fendi.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, lives in Dubai with his wife and four children. Hussain’s son, Ali Sajwani, works side by side with his father at DAMAC. Ali is the general manager of operations in his father’s business. Like his father, Ali has won awards in the industry, including being named as one of Middle East’s future stars. Ali was honored this award last year in 2017.

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Southridge Capital Is Changing the Game of Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital provides financial solutions to everyday people and corporations. The Connecticut-based agency has helped thousands of people secure their futures. They can guarantee more financial confidence down the road for anyone struggling to do so on their own.


With more than 250 public companies advised globally, and more than 20 years of experience, clients know they’re coming to the top professionals. Southridge Capital can solve every financial problem a business has, because they’ve fixed it before. Their experience in this field has given them an understanding of the struggles growing businesses face everyday.


Southridge Capital sits among some of the best professionals in the nation. They offer meticulously crafted financial strategies for each client. Their extensive knowledge of the marketplace is what they let guide their executive team forward. Financial advisory, restructuring analysis, optimized balance sheet management – this is just a fraction of what Southridge has to offer to businesses. Every service a growing business needs, Southridge is likely to have it.


The Southridge Capital agency has revamped their company’s structure as well. From the bottom up, they are boosting up their brand to better meet each client’s needs. They are bringing better services, better products, and better care to everyone. With even more to offer potential clients than before, Southridge steps up even higher to meet your needs with affordable prices.


For the everyday person Southridge Capital can boost credit scores, eliminate debt, and design a financial strategy that will keep them from falling into debt again. They work for the people because Southridge Capital cares.


Southridge Capital as shown impressive acts of philanthropy for everyday people through community leadership, and volunteer work. The care they show for people and their individual financial situations is no different. Check out citybizlist to know more.



Southridge Capital tailors its financial plans to suit the unique needs of each client directly. Each financial strategy is customized to the specific needs of their diverse client base to ensure success. Southridge Capital provides financial counseling to growing businesses and individuals. Southridge Capital is dedicated to helping whenever and however they can.



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On the income generation of Infinity Group Australia

The primary goal of every business enterprise is to make a profit. Well, Infinity Group Australia based in Bella Vista, NSW is no different because even as it aims to help their clients, it also seeks to make enormous profits. Formed in 2012 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm (an award-winning businessman recognized in MPA Top 100 broker 2017 with 17 years experience in the finance niche), the company employs a range of ways to attain its set profit and revenue.


Income generation methods


The first and obvious mannerism through which the company endorsed to make its income is through brokerage commission. This is done by setting a commission fee on the products on mortgage which is paid by the respective clients. Besides this, the company does not offer debt reduction and financial services or free. It is not as if the firm is being unfair to anyone, but the firm is a business that needs to keep going through charging serves that are essential to their clients. They hence charge reasonable prices for the two services, and it is in these charges that they are again able to get their income.


Particularly, Infinity Group Australia charges only 10% of their client’s annual debt reduction. The method is beneficial to the client as it enables them to pay off their home loans within the first three months as opposed to paying it throughout the year if they are not Infinity Group Australia clients. This helps the bank to escape monetary crisis which is the main reason behind the closure of most financial companies. Perhaps this could be the reason behind the tremendous achievement that the company has made in just five or rather six years.


Client’s thoughts


In a review report where the clients gave their feedback on the rates, the firm charges them, nearly all of them admitted that they have no issue with the charges they are charged at Infinity Group Australia. This is because compared to other firms, their rates are relatively lower and of great benefit. As a result of this, it is correct to argue that the company is leaving its purpose which is the creation of wealth for both the clients and the company in general. You sure don’t want to be left out of this win-win benefit with low rates that Infinity clients are enjoying. Therefore, visit the offices of the Infinity Group Australia to be part of the remarkable financial experience.


Infinity Group Australia is created on a solid foundation of helping the people enjoy financial freedom. It has so far worked with many people who attest to having registered good results after working with them. Infinity Group Australia reviews show testimonials from people ho have benefited from working with them. Learn more:

The Importance of Empowerment According to Mina Ebrahimi

When asked about the key to business success, Mina Ebrahimi has stated that the key is keeping the staff empowered. One thing that is common in the workplace is that people often feel discouraged. This is often because of the bosses and the management. Often times, people are having to work under ungrateful managers who would only talk to them when they want to point out something negative about them. In some cases, the boss may want to pick on a certain employee. This often creates a hostile work environment for the employee. Eventually, this type of business hits a wall.


One of the ways that Mina Ebrahimi is generous to her staff is by giving back to them. One thing that she believes is that treating employees a certain way has an effect on the business as a whole. Therefore, it is important for business owners to make sure that they are showing some kind of respect to the employees. At the same time, they don’t want to coddle and be overly nice to the employees. This can cause the employees to take advantage of the business owner. The best thing to do is find a balance that is going to work well for the business.


One thing that Mina Ebrahimi does is try to empower her employees. One of the ways to empower the employees is to let them know that they are doing things well. Appreciation goes a long way towards making employees want to work for the company and be loyal. Appreciation and generosity goes a long way towards bringing out loyalty in a team. Meanwhile, employees that are working for a boss that is domineering is going to look for ways to either take the power from the boss or abandon the boss when he needs them the most.

Anil Chaturvedi Discusses the Benefits of Investing in India

In the banking world, one name that is familiar for over four decades is that of Anil Chaturvedi. He has in-depth knowledge of how the banking world works and has ensured that no matter which banking institution he works in, there is a definitive improvement in performance and revenue generation. Anil Chaturvedi has studied from Delhi University; where he completed graduation in Economics and went on to do MBA from FMS College. After completing his education, he joined the reputed bank of India named State Bank of India at its New York Branch. He has worked at the State Bank of India, New York for nearly four years during which time he helped the bank generate business of nearly $500 million.


Anil Chaturvedi was also named the Man of the Year at State Bank of India due to his contributions to the bank’s business. Anil Chaturvedi later joined ANZ Grindlays Bank, where he worked as the Vice President for US Operations. He ensured that the bank is following all the compliance guidelines and regulations and that the operations of the bank are flawless and moving ahead smoothly without any interference. Later on, Anil Chaturvedi joined Merrill Lynch and served there as its Managing Director for nearly seventeen years during which he was also inducted in the Circle of Champions, where only the senior and experienced bankers and investment experts were inducted. Over the years, he has gained good experience that has helped him become an expert in the industry.


Anil Chaturvedi is currently associated with the Hinduja Bank, Switzerland, where he is serving as the Managing Director. The primary aim of Anil Chaturvedi at Hinduja Bank is to improve trade between the European and Indian businesses and make cross-border transactions seamless. There are many new regulations in India that have allowed for the efficient and seamless foreign trade, which is why Anil Chaturvedi is aiming at making Hinduja Bank, a bank of choice for foreign investors and businesses. He helps European companies gain entry into the Indian market and enjoy the many benefits that the Indian economy has to offer.