Randal Nardone and His Paramount Contribution To Bringing Sustained Success for Fortress Investment

Companies that survive for a long time have learned a lot from its mistakes and are more robust for long-lasting success. The companies that survive today are a result of the interplay, strength and dedication of fit business leaders and executives running them. In the case with the organic growth and success of Fortress Investment Group, it is through the leadership of its founders like Randal Nardone that its success is sustained today.

One article that details some of the paramount contribution of Randal Nardone to Fortress is the one from Wall Street Journal. The article shared that one of the biggest deals that ever landed on the hands of Fortress is the one with SoftBank Group, which is a Japanese telco firm. The deal has jumped Fortress’ shares to about 29% when the news of the SoftBank deal went to about $3.3 billion. This kind of success may not be possible without the stellar dedication that Randal Nardone has put in for Fortress. Without Randal Nardone’s skills in investment management for hedge funds and traditional assets, this success would not have been possible.

The role of Nardone for Fortress has also built fantastic affiliations between the company and subsidiaries like Nationstar Mortgage, Intrawest, Aircastle, RailAmerica and New Residential Investment (REIT). It may also be essential to state here that there’s already about $70.2 billion of assets in the hands of Fortress, which are spread across private equity, liquid hedge funds and alternative funds.

About Randal Nardone

Nardone had been in the Forbes Billionaire List, ranked at No. #557. He is also the interim co-founder of Fortress, as well as its principal, co-founder and director. He’s been in the active management team since the company was founded in 1998, and was appointed to the board of directors last November of 2006.

Some of the advisory roles and boards where Nardone plays an active role include Brookdale Senior Living, where he’s the Director, and New Residential Investment Corp, as its Executive Management. He’s also the Director of Springleaf Holdings and Gagfah. His educational background includes B.A. in English and Biology at University of Connecticut, as well as Boston University School of Law, where he got his J.D.

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