Osteo Relief Institute is Offering Alternative Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases that affect people as they grow old. The term arthritis refers to the inflammation of the joint. Although many people consider arthritis as a single disease, health experts have reviled there are more than 100 different types of arthritis. In the US, more than 50 million adults have arthritis making it the leading cause of disability.


Among the types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis is or degenerative joint disease. Health Expert, Dr. Matthew CiRullo states that the ailment is caused by the breakdown of cartilage tissues located between the joints. The common causes of osteoarthritis are age, excess weight, family history and previous injury. Although the degenerative joint disease has no cure, patients may employ various treatment methods for managing the spread of the condition. Dr. Matthew acknowledges that patient’s commitment is critical for the success of self-management. The treatment options include:

Daily routine

For patients to counter the spread of osteoarthritis, they are encouraged to form a habit of:

  1. Conducting gentle exercises and stretching their muscles before they sleep.
  2. Avoid repetitive movements that involve a single joint.
  3. Regular adjustment of body position when working, watching tv, reading. Where possible, osteoarthritis patients should take a break and walk around a bit at least in every hour.



While osteoarthritis patients have difficulties walking around, physical activities are essential to managing the pain associated with arthritis. Patients are advised to choose an activity that helps build the muscles around their joints. However, they should be careful on to put stress on the joints themselves. They may engage in low-impact aerobic exercises such as cycling, walking, and swimming.


Medical options

There are numerous medical options available for arthritis pain relief. They should be used as the last alternative because they all have some risk of side effect when used for a prolonged period. It is necessary to seek help from a qualified orthopedic specialist to decide the best treatment option.


About Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo relief institute is a private health facility located in New Jersey (BBB.org). The facility has highly trained staff and uses state of the art equipment to provide services. Osteo relief institute primary goal is to help arthritis patients avoid surgery by offering safe and efficient treatment options with little or no downtime.

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