ClassDojo Has Become One Of The Top Edutech Apps In Customer Reviews

Education tech is a part of the IT industry that’s starting to gain some attention from developers and investors, but it still has a lot of work to be done to meet today’s classroom challenges. One app that’s doing a tremendous job helping teachers and students is ClassDojo, and it uses a social media type of interface to manage activities and look at assignments. The app isn’t necessarily flashy or loaded with gizmos and gadgets to make it look like an advanced tool. It’s really pretty simple in what it does without losing its quality or effectiveness.

The founders of ClassDojo are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who came to the US around 2010 as part of a grad study program to research education. They were working with a Stanford University team while attending a teacher’s convention in San Francisco when they came up with the idea to help teachers by starting a classroom app. After talking with several teachers, they decided to start out with a behavior reward app. With each release ClassDojo became even better at what it did, and soon Chaudhary and Don decided to make user profiles more like Facebook pages and with instant messaging capabilities and ways for teachers to post photos of class activities on the student walls. This led to ClassDojo becoming a quality communication platform that meant official meetings with parents and teachers were no longer necessary.

ClassDojo is free both to download and setup an account with, and you don’t need any school code or administrator’s signature in order to bring it to your classroom. Chaudhary and Don have also done a lot to improve the biggest concern users always have with their privacy and security, and they work to make sure user information is not leaked across the web or breached by hackers. They’ve been able to focus on matters like security and user experience because they’ve had over $30 million in capital to work with and none of its spent on advertising. Users spreading the word has worked for many website and social media startups, and Chaudhary and Don believe it’s working just fine with ClassDojo as well.