Ryan Seacrest – Master of Disguise

Unless you have lived under a rock for the last fifteen years, you know who Ryan Seacrest. He is famous for his amazing hosting skills, charming personality and his sense of humor.

Recently, Ryan Seacrest took his hosting abilities to a higher level. Not only did he dress up for Halloween while hosting the show Live With Kelly and Ryan, but he performed a myriad of transformations. This stellar performance included Ryan Seacrest dressed as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie, Shirley from Laverne and Shirley, and one of Charlie’s Angels. Other themed Halloween transformations that he took on include Saved By the Bell, CHIPS, I Love Lucy, and more. While the transformation may have seemed flawless, there may have been a smudge of lipstick left and glitter in places in should not have been.

Ryan Seacrest first became known to households around the world when he began hosting American Idol. He stayed on from the very first episode to the very last. And, this lovable guy is the host for the American Idol Reboot.

Everyone loves Ryan Seacrest for his personality and impeccable charm. What they also love about him is his fashion sense and style. There is a fashion line now offered called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. If you have not already checked this line out, it is imperative that you do. Classic styles with a masculine feel make up this clothing line sold exclusively at Macy’s. Look out for his new line of mend’s skin care, Polished, as well.

Ryan Seacrest is a jack of all trades. How does he find the time to do everything he does? Although he is an amazing tv and talk show host, he is also a radio show host! On Air with Ryan Seacrest is the number one morning radio show in LA and has become one of the Top 40 nationally syndicated radio shows.

Of course, we all watch Ryan Seacrest on his morning talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. There is great chemistry between Ryan and his co-host. He adds a comedic flair to the show and has been a co-host since 2017.

On top of all of his other commitments, there is also the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This is a non-profit organiation that works with today’s youth. They are currently working on building Seacrest Studios within pediatric hospitals to help with the healing process for children and their families.

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