Robert Ivy Leads the American Institute of Architects

Professional organizations offer a number of perks to those who are looking to join them. With a professional organization, an individual will have the opportunity to improve their career prospects as well as further their education. When it comes to architects, the one professional organization that stands out is the American Institute of Architects. This organization has established itself as one of the most trusted professional entities in the world. For architects looking to enhance their career, the American Institute of Architects is available to help them with this objective. First, the AIA offers architects the opportunity to receive continuing education which can give them new ideas for projects as well as improving their skills. With the AIA, architects can also have access to more opportunities to network and get assistance with job hunting.

The leadership of the American Institute of Architects has been a key to its status as the premier professional organization in the architecture field. Today, the top leader of this organization is Robert Ivy. In 2011, Robert was named the chief executive officer and quickly improved the organization. Under his leadership over the last several years, Robert Ivy has added new programs concerning the environment, immigration and cultural diversity. This has helped enhance the organization as one that focuses on social trends in the field as well as the technical aspects. Ivy has also helped further its expansion to other areas of the world as well.

Robert Ivy has had a very successful career in the architecture field. His success includes stints as a writer, an editor and also an administrator. Ivy possesses a lot of valuable knowledge of the architecture field which allowed him to have a very successful writing career. He would later use his knowledge to become an editor in chief as well. Robert’s knowledge of architecture would enable him to win an award for his work in editing. Robert Ivy also won a major award recently as he was named the latest recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Prior to beginning his career, Robert Ivy completed a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

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