Hussain Sajwani: Shaping Dubai and Enjoying Success

The name “Hussain Sajwani” is one that is deeply interwoven with the shape that Dubai has taken in recent years. The CEO and founder of the noted property development company DAMAC Properties has seen significant success not only in his native Dubai but throughout the Middle East, and this has brought him both fame and fortune.

Hussain Sajwani was born the son of a shop owner in early 1950s Dubai. His father handled was the purveyor of a variety of items that were imported from China. After his childhood in Dubai, he left to attend university in the United States and returned with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

Although he went to work for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries after college, that did not last for long due to his drive to work for himself. In a post from the Arabian Business, it says that two years later, Hussain Sajwani embarked on his first business: Global Logistics Services. That catering venture proved to be quite successful and gained major international clients.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani turned his entrepreneurial streak toward the realm of property development with the creation of DAMAC Properties. That business move would propel him from business success to powerhouse.

At the helm of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani set out on a course that would not only mean success for the company but also a very real impact on what modern Dubai looks like. Today, much of Dubai’s skyline has been influenced by DAMAC projects.

The company has worked on residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects–both within the emirate and beyond. This work has earned it note, and Hussain Sajwani has worked with some very notable names on the international scene. Among those names is American President Donald Trump; DAMAC has done a couple of Trump-branded golf course projects with him.

In an interview with CNBC, through their business dealings, the Trump and Sajwani families have become someone close. Hussain Sajwani has expressed a desire to do more deals with Donald Trump, and Trump has spoken highly of Sajwani. The connection even extended to two of the Trump sons being in attendance at the recent wedding of Sajwani’s daughter Amira. Check out Sajwani’s awards here.

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