The Long Journey of Paul Mampilly before Joining Banyan Hill Publishing

The great move by Paul Mampilly to quit employment and join the Bayan Hill Publishing was the best decision that he has ever made in his life. This happened in 2016 after he had been in employment for more than two decades. Mampilly had been operating as an investment manager in several organizations that hired him and his services to manage their investment portfolios on behalf of their customers and investors. Since he left college in 1991, Paul Mampilly had worked for various organizations and capacities before he joined the Banyan Hill.

His first employer was the Bankers Trust Company, which hired him immediately after completing school. He worked for the organization as an assistant officer to the portfolio manager, a role that he played with a lot of passion. Later, the company would be purchased by a German-based organization, the Deutsche Bank, a move that compelled Mampilly to transition his career from being a portfolio manager to become an assistant research analyst. This was the best thing that happened to Paul Mampilly in his investment management career because it enabled him to understand the broader dynamics of investment and making decisions relating to investments.

One essential lesion that Paul Mampilly learned in that position was that before making any successful investment decision, the investor or the investment manager had to conduct thorough due diligence on the market dynamics. This would enable them to make rational and sound decisions on the investments they are about to make. After working as a research assistant at the Deutsche Bank for five years, Paul Mampilly then moves to ING, where he was made the chief research and investment analysis manager. This position made him responsible for the management of huge portfolios that were worth billions of dollars.

The kinetics Asset Management Company would later hire the services of Paul to manage their hedge fund that had been distressed for decades. That was the last employer of Mampilly before he joined the Banyan Hill Publishing. At Banyan, Paul Mampilly has a significant role in analyzing investment market trends for and transforming the analysis into usable information and advice by the everyday American citizens.

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