Tips On How To Do A To-Do List On Upwork

Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is an online marketplace where freelancers can bid on projects and get paid to work on them from the client all over the world. Basically, Upwork has taken crowd-sourcing to a new level. With approximately 15million registered users from across 180 countries, it generates an annual turnover of $ 1billion from 3million jobs making it one of the largest platform of its kind. With résumés in the form of virtual profiles, one fills in their skills and level of expertise, and with these, in consideration one can bid for any jobs. Clients interview and negotiate with the freelancers and failure to deliver on a job might leads to suspension or closure, this promotes honesty.

With a blog that allows its clients and freelancers to link samples or portfolio, the site is the best place to network, earn and learn from a knowledge base gathered from all over. A recent article discussed creating the perfect to-do lists to help get through the day as efficiently as possible. This list does more than just manage your time, and it also helps get rid of a condition known as Zeigernik Effect. This is a situation where an incomplete task keeps nagging at your brain causing you to lose focus; this means our attention is not fully on the current task reducing efficiency. By writing down tasks on a to-do list, you allow your brain to “forget” thus you can focus on each task at a time.

A to-do list should gather all your scattered tasks and allow you to organize them in terms of priority. Deadlines should not be the only thing that dictates the urgency of a task, planning on exactly when to do something allows you to set tasks according to your energy levels thus you can accomplish more without overexerting yourself, and you do not overcommit. With specific time frames for each task, you can then add sub-tasks to keep your morale up in between tasks. The biggest mistake we made is trying to create a to-do list in the morning, according to experts, the best time is the night before, this allows you to tackle the hardest tasks when you are at your best.


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