Enjoy A Balanced Diet With OSI

Thousands of families have been able to trust the diet they’re being fed by the popular OSI Group. They have led the industry in being the top food services leaders in North America. Based in southern Illinois, they’re also the recent recipients of the 2016 Globe of Honour Awards. They were given the award by the stern panel of UK judges. They continue to guarantee a completely nutritious meal that is affordable on most budgets. OSI food is also used in restaurants and grocers. They have also made it a priority to grow their international portfolio with other dedicated food service professionals.

Key OSI Executives

OSI has a strong team of professionals backing them and they have been able to increase their equity. Their COO, Sheldon Lavin. Their team of professionals have been able to secure a deal with the popular Europe industry food group. Their President, David McDonald, has also played a role in their successful bid for the popular Flagship Europe food group. Together, they’ve both have been able to grow their international portfolio. The OSI Group has also been able to make a deal with the Dutch Baho Foods to promote their organic vegetables.

The OSI Group is responsible for processing hot dogs, beef patties, poultry, desserts, condiments, and more. They have been able to double their chicken production with their EU deal and have also been able to increase their assets. Amazingly, their bid for a Chicago Tyson food plant has allowed them to help displaced workers as increase their chicken production. They have also played an influence in improving the lives of the communities they serve by creating jobs. OSI had been able to create 6,000+ jobs worldwide. Learn more about their food contents by visiting the authentic OSI Group website. Feed your family a meal you can trust with OSI.

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