Fortress Investment Group: Private Equity and Information

From the time of its founding in 1998 to the present, private equity firm Fortress Investment Group has been on the very cutting edge of successful financial innovation. With nearly 1800 investors, roughly $43 billion in assets and a comprehensive understanding of hedge funds and finance in general, the 900 employees that make up Fortress are focused on coming through for their clients with long-term investment solutions with strong returns.Because of its experience and expertise, Fortress is able to handle physical as well as financial assets, and the company also counts mergers and acquisitions as one of its core strengths. As a company that has been active in high finance for over two decades, its team has the connections and contacts necessary to execute deals with high confidence and impeccable timing.

Furthermore, because Fortress has managed such a wide variety of companies during its history, the company has tremendous institutional knowledge of numerous sub-sector industries. Headquartered in New York City, Fortress Investment Group also maintains a strong presence in San Francisco and in other key cities within the global financial arena. When an investor has a portfolio managed by Fortress, they can be confident that it is full of assets that are currently the right choices. Fortress owes its success in selecting the right financial vehicles for its clients in part to staying up to the minute on relevant information and trends; essentially, they know what is and isn’t important when making financial forecasts.

Fortress Investment Group Purchases Distribution Center

Last May, Fortress Investment Group flexed some financial muscles by purchasing a SuperValu food distribution center in Pompano Beach, Florida, for $66 million. The 5.8 million square foot facility was built in 1973, and the deal is a leaseback arrangement between Fortress and Supervalu, which sold seven of its other facilities around the country at the same time. Learn More.

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