Whitney Wolfe Creates the Playbook on Modernized Feminist Social Media

Whitney Wolfe has gained a lot of attention because she has changed the dynamics of dating apps and social media in general. Some people have started to call what she has done with Bumble a modern day Sadie Hawkins reversal where women are put in charge.

In this day and time it only seems right for someone to have a dating app where women are able to make the first move and change the way that sexual harassment has been passed down through cyberspace. She did not want women to be in a place where they had to endure any type of foolishness from men that were constantly bombarding them with messages if they were not interested. This is the centerpiece to a much greater quest that Wolfe originally had for an app called Merci.

The major difference that people will discover when they read up on Whitney Wolfe is that Meri was planned as a social network for women only. She did not even have a desire to get back into the concept of the dating apps. Wolfe really had a vision to do something completely different, but Whitney Wolfe recognized that there was no better place to start combating sexual harassment then with a dating app that changed the way that women were contacted.

She had already made a name for herself in the dating app world so her passion and her experience made it perfect for her to start an app like Bumble. So far the numbers have been impressive with over a hundred million matches made. More than 30 million users are signed up. There is an authentication process that comes through Facebook, and this puts a lot of limitations on the number of Internet trolls that are establishing fake accounts. This authentication process is much better than the lack of authentication that is done by other dating apps like Tinder. What this would ultimately show is that Whitney Wolfe was planning to go against the grain.

It showed that Bumble would be able to stand even without mimicking everything else that was out there already. Now it appears that Whitney Wolfe has gained her confidence through the dating app, and she is bringing even more to Bumble users.

Bumble BFF makes friendship possible for people that may be moving to new cities and looking for friends. Bumble Bizz is generating a connection to those that want to socialize and build on a professional level.

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