William Saito Software Genius

William Saito came on the scene in the era when technology was in its infancy and fixing to explode on the scene. Imagine a ten year old interested in commercial software programming, that was William Saito. He has had a lengthy and fulfilling career starting in 1991 in a dorm room with his company I/O Software. William Saito was the founder, CEO, and chairman. This fledgling business model was used to create software, firmware, and device drivers for many companies. It grew into a information technology security platform and was used worldwide, even becoming part of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

With an achievement like this you would believe that William Saito would be finished inventing and being involved with tech. That is not the case, he has went on to work with biometric technologies. The idea for the fingerprint encryption we take for granted today on most devices was the brain child of William. He has also been a Special Advisor for Japan’s Ministry of Economy, William is a well known and awarded individual in the IT and cyber security areas in Japan.

William Saito recently has published a book entitled An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur. The book goes over his early times at working with technology in the 1980’s and getting into the market. William being a first generation American born to Japanese parents, his language skills he struggled with, however his passion for finding out what made things work exploded. William Saito has worked with stockbroker firm Merrill Lynch writing simple programs when he was in junior high.

Throughout his life William Saito has been involved one way or the other in the computer landscape. The I/O company became so popular that Microsoft bought it in 2005. He now is the CEO of his company InTecur, a consultant firm that helps private and public areas with information technology strategies. His company also helps and advises on every changing cyber security threats. William has even served as an advisor for Japanese political areas, and is considered a cyber security expert. There seems like nothing is holding back this computer genius for our new digital age.


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