Jeremy Goldstein: A Lawyer Who Cares

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who deals in executive compensation, and he is one of the best lawyers in his field. He has been doing this kind of work for nearly 20 years and has an idea of what to expect with each new client he receives. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

This can be a very demanding line of work, however, so Goldstein picks and chooses which particular cases to work on. It is vital that he picks a case that aligns with his particular skills and experiences because doing so allows him to be the best counsel possible for his clients.

Goldstein knows that his line of work can be very sensitive. He is playing a major role in people’s lives. The decisions that he and his clients make together can affect their lives for the better or for the worst. Goldstein consults with his clients on their goals and their career paths. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

These kinds of talks really hit home for his clients because they are discussing money and choices: two things that can really affect their lives and the lives of their children and spouses.

Goldstein’s 20 years experience, however, make him more than equipped to deal with every client’s particular situation. To be an effective lawyer, there is one thing Goldstein does: talk with his clients.

Yes, discussing business matters is very important, but Goldstein also makes a point to meet with his clients socially, to remind them that he’s a real person, and he cares. Goldstein says that this is a business move and just a good old-fashioned way to be.

Follow up with people, send them an email, or do anything to show that you care. People are more likely to turn to you for advice when they know that you care.

There are a few other practices that Goldstein is always sure to do: always invest in new technology. He said that one of his mentors told him to not wait until his computer crashes to buy another one. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

This is wise advice because you wouldn’t want something to break down on you right when you need it. Also, Goldstein is a mobile lawyer, so the better the technology that is in his possession, the better that he can run his business.

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