Richard Dwayne Blair’s Financial Approaches

Every person desires to attain financial success and independence. However, not many understand how to get there. It is always important to explore various ways in which you can ensure that your money works for you and the time you attain the retirement age, there is nothing to worry about.

Sometimes it takes a professional to help you with this journey and Richard Dwayne Blair is one such individuals. Blair has vast experience is asset management and has helped hundreds of people in the greater Austin, Texas to achieve their financial goals.

According to Richard Blair who is also a financial advisor at Wealth Solution, every individual requires a plan to be able to achieve a certain level of financial independence or success. Richard Dwayne Blair has three approaches that he uses to help his clients reach their financial goals. The three pillar approach helps him look and keenly assess the current financial status of each client and use that to generate a holistic financial solution.

The first pillar

This is the first phase that Richard Blair uses to help his clients. It is meant to help him come up with a financial roadmap for each of his clients. He does this by finding out several things about his clients such as their goals, strengths, ability to handle risks and growth opportunities available to them. This phase is also important because it helps in establishing a stronger relationship between Richard Dwayne Blair and his clients.

The second pillar

This phase is meant to generate an effective as well as a long-term investment strategy that mainly focuses on the unique individual goals as well as liquidity needs of the client. During this phase, Richard Blair carefully and actively reallocates and manages the assets of his clients to ensure that they attract maximum returns while avoiding loses at all costs.

The third pillar

After identifying the financial goals of every client and developing various strategies that would offer them enough liquidity growth, Richard Dwayne Blair finally moves to the last financial pillar. The last pillar basically involves implementing and monitoring. Richard Blair at this phase tracts every client’s financial performance and compares them with their earlier goals to determine if they have achieved them or not.

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