Lime Crime Has a Lot of Great Eye Products

There are so many eye makeup products on the market today. One popular brand that has amazing eye products is Lime Crime. Here are some of the amazing eye products that they offer.

The first product that they offer on their site are Venus Palettes. This is their grunge collection of eye shadow palettes. They offer many different palettes under this collection. The first one is called Venus 2. This is a palette filled with darker colors such as browns, reds, yellows, and blues. The Venus palette is a nude palette. It has eight different shades such as brick brown, rust red, and burgundy. Lastly, the venus xl is a large palette. It has eighteen different eye shadows. These include berries, pinks, roses,and reds.

Another product that Lime Crime offers is called Diamond Dew. This is a glittery topper that you can put on your eyes. It gives them a great, glittery shine. This wonderful eye makeup is crease proof and it is also smudge proof. It also dries extremely fast making application a breeze. This can be worn on top of other eye shadows or by itself. It can also be worn on the body or cheeks.

The last eye product that they offer are Pocket Candy Palettes. The company designed these palettes to look like 90’s toys. There are three different palettes to choose from. The first one is called Sugar Plum, and comes in a pink case. It has different colors such as pink, brown, and purple. The second one is called Pink Lemonade, and it comes in a yellow case. This one has a lot of brown eye colors with pink colors as well. Lastly, there is the Bubblegum one that is in a blue compact. It has brown, purple, and pinks.

Try out some of these Lime Crime products today. There are so many to choose from. No matter your style you will find something you love on this site.

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