Rallying with Rodrigo Terpin.

The automobile, the world’s favorite mode of transportation, was created in 1886. Shortly after its invention, the first automobile race took place. A few years later, auto racing evolved into a popular and daring pastime. Now, in 2018, auto racing has become a worldwide sport that draws the attention of skilled drivers and enthusiastic crowds to its events.


As the sport of racing developed, the races became as varied at the cars themselves, with “rally” becoming one of the more grueling and exacting type of races. As point-to-point race, rally events can be several days and several thousand kilometers long, and often travel through multiple states and/or countries. To rally, a driver must be disciplined, as well as skilled. The determination and rigor required of these pilots is impressive and a rally is something everyone should see.


One such rally, the Sertoes, is the dominating off-road rally of Brazil. It Began in 1991 and was originally only open to motocross. The event quickly grew to include autos and other vehicles, and now, 26 years later, is Brazil’s largest off-road race and one of its most anticipated events.


Veteran rally racer Terpins has been an active participant in this event for many years and looks forward, with co-pilot Fabricio Bianchini, to finish strong in 2018.With his experience and dedication, Rodrigo Terpins, a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally has made a strong showings at the Sertoes Rally, reaching the podium in the Prototype T1 category. Rodrigo Terpin has a passion for the sport and consistently gives the race his all.


This year, the Sertoes Rally will begin at its traditional start at Goiania and the course will wind its way through the winding roads of Jalapao and ending at the beautiful, red cliff coastal city of Fortaleza.


A native of São Paulo, Rodrigo Terpin enjoys the challenge that rally has to offer and looks forward to giving his all in each race he attends will be a great contender to watch at the 2018 Sertoes Rally. You can visit his website rodrigoterpins.com


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