Eric Lefkofsky and his Mission to Fight Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is widely known for supporting charitable organization as well as being among the most prominent business people in Chicago. Most of his hundreds of dollars donations are aimed at supporting research activities on cancer. Since this has being his area of focus for some time now, becoming the co-founder and chief executive officer of Tempus Health Tech is considered a hallmark in his journey to fight cancer.

This generous entrepreneur was born on September 2, 1969 in Michigan, USA. After graduating from law school, he went ahead to get his JD from the University of Michigan School of Law. Successful as he is, he had a humble start; selling carpets at the university as his first career. In life, you just have to climb the stairs from the lowest step. As of today, Mr. Lefkofsky has a net worth or more than 2.2 billion US dollars! Amazing, right?

Modernized Approach in Treating Cancer

So, let’s drift our attention to Tempus. It is a health-tech company that has established high quality infrastructure for treating and controlling cancer. They educate cancer therapists about the tumor developing on their patients. With all the necessary information about their patients’ bodies, therapists are able to offer personalized treatment to their patients. While the patients and therapists are in Tempus, they access the modernized cancer treatment machines.

Why Prior Cancer is Crucial in Improving the Health of Cancer Patients

The US population of cancer survivors is rapidly growing, and consequently, understanding the effects and nature of prior cancer is critical in treating secondary cancer. Most patients in the US diagnosed with a prior cancer at one point in life get excluded from clinical observations. Through genome sequencing, it is now possible to understand the human molecular structure. Tempus is applying this technology to understand the different types of tumors growing in different patients.

With most cancers having no cure, patients now have the hope of getting better every day. Eric Lofkofsky as the CEO, Tempus will definitely make a great impact on cancer patients.

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  1. The menace posed by cancer in America is something that needs to be seriously addressed because the number of persons affected is on the rise. The good thing is that has provided help from researchers like Eric Lefkofsky who are head bent to bringing a permanent solution to the problem of cancer through his research.

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