Securus: World Leading Technological Crime Prevention Company

Securus technology is a world leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology. It is Dallas based and owned by a private equity firm. They install and maintain phone systems. They offer remedies and tools for investigating, correcting and monitoring incarcerated people. Their clientele are people in jails and prison to whom they provide phone services.

Secure call platform is a technology employed by Securus. It offers a platform where the phone calls of inmates are recorded and stored. Securus ensures that all the recorded calls are private and confidential and do not breach the incarcerated rights. It is Securus assurance that they cannot and will never provide these records to unauthorized persons. Those conversations that are recorded are for purposes of; police investigations and ensuring that there is no planning or coordination of criminal activities.

Securus employ multiple safeguards that guarantee that conversations between attorneys and their clients are not recorded and stored. The recorded conversations are only made available to specific people. The authorized people include prosecutors, correction workers, and police investigators. The technology at Securus makes the information readily accessible to such people when needed thus making their technology a powerful crime-fighting tool.

Securus offers inmates a way to keep in touch with their family, friends not forgetting their lawyers who are their ticket to the outside world. The incarcerated who are the clients are paid site commissions. Intimates can now keep in checking and knowing how their families are faring on without much hustle at a manageable bill.

There is a lot of data to be stored by the company, and the issue of money should not be of any consideration because the data has to be stored on private online servers. Securus has been on the forefront in managing and curbing crimes with the help of LBS service. Securus enabled justice to become a reality.

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