Keeping the Rich and Attracting the Millennials, AmEx Primary New CEO’s Mission

AmEx- American Express, one of the leading giant card service providers is on a transitional journey. After a long time Mr. Kenneth Chenault, the Chief Executive Officer, is leaving the office for his successor, Mr. Stephen Squeri. The change of guard is coming at a time when the company is facing a big challenge in its operation having lost to its competitor one of their largest customers, Mr. Christopher Burch. Burch is no stranger to the business as his dealings with the company can be traced back to 1979. The seasoned entrepreneur switches all his spending to AmEx competitors, JP Morgan.

The new CEO, Mr. Stephen Squeri, has a tall order to pull the card company back to its respectable position in the market with the first order of business being to change the strategy. For a long time, AmEx has faced stiff competitions from different industry players; the banks included. However, thanks to the innovative products and services, the company has been able to pull through. Going forward, Stephen’s new strategy is to ensure that he attracts the millennials to the business. While this may look hard, the new CEO is optimistic in achieving these objectives.

Speaking about his tenure at American Express, Mr. Kenneth Chenault noted that amidst his successes, he has faced numerous challenges. Competition from other industry players is just but a tip of the ice bag. The CEO was able to pull through the infamous 9/11 attack, and he is quite confident that his predecessor will equally be able to pull through the stormy waters.  For the latest news and follow on investments, click on

About Chris Burch

When it comes to the entrepreneurial world, Christopher (Chris) Burch is one of the names you will hardly miss on the list. With experience stretching from college years, Mr. Burch is one person whose excellence in the entrepreneurial world speaks volumes for itself. From an initial investment of $2000 in 1976, Mr. Burch has been able to grow himself to one of the wealthiest and reputable industry players today. His dedication has been able to secure him a spot on the 2014 Forbes list of Millionaires.  Refer to for an additional article.

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Currently, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, his own business venture. Through this business, Burch has been able to influence and control directly over 50 businesses and indirectly a vast number of companies. Burch Creative Capital specialty is in the hospitality, retail investments, luxury brands, and technology sector.  Read and learn more about the diversity of his investments, head over to

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