Goettl Air Conditioning Scores a Great Victory

Ken Goodrich had spent nearly all of his business career in the practice of bringing companies back from near ruin and making them profitable again. When he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013, he knew that he was purchasing a great brand, but there were a few challenges that were out of the ordinary.

First of all there was a pending lawsuit that resulted from prior shady business practices, but there was also a great malaise among employees and lots of difficulties with customer service.

Goettl has been a top heating and air conditioning company since it was founded by the two Goettl brothers, Adam and Gust. They were the first to introduce the evaporative cooler and refrigerated air conditioning to the hot, arid communities of the desert southwest. Finally people had found a comfortable way to live in the desert, and it certainly was a major factor in the population growth in the area.

However in the nineties, Goettl was sold to a very large national management company who seemed to be more interested in the money end of the equation than they were in taking care of the customers. Employees were frustrated because the wherewithal to focus on customer service just wasn’t there. For more details follow Crunchbase.

Goodrich started out immediately to rectify the situation by taking care of the lawsuit and implementing a focused customer service campaign. He scheduled visits with employees and customers to learn more about what was going on. He established a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed program on all products and services. He also got Goettl involved in the communities where they were located to realistically help in community affairs. Such examples of the distribution by Goettl of 50,000 cases of water in Phoenix during an especially hot period to the homeless.

As pointed out admirably by BizJournals, a significant move taken by Goodrich was to acquire the Southern California Walton Heating and Air. Goettl was already big in the Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas Markets, but only in the residential area of the business. Walton was mostly involved with commercial HVAC and had grown as large as the owner, Todd Longbrake could manage.

Each strength of the two companies enhanced the other company. The Southern California branch grew tenfold after the merger and Longbrake were retained by Goodrich and made Company Sales Manager and field supervisor.

Profits are up and customers are very happy. Employees find it exciting to have their company and their futures intact which is a great sense of security for all.

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