Why You Need to Boost Your Personal Cyber Security

In the modern world, when you walk into any business, home or government office and you will find a computer in use. Computers have a lot of different uses whether at home or in businesses. One of their main uses is accessing the internet. The internet has become a basic need to most people, especially in developed countries.

People have access to unlimited information and entertainment from various websites from all around the world. However, most internet users are oblivious to the threat of cybercrimes which comes with the use of the internet. Cybercrimes are on the rise and have contributed to the loss of billions of dollars and valuable information. Many individuals have taken steps to boost their personal cyber security, but most people are dealing with personal computers are not protected against cybercrimes.


One of the ways you can boost your personal cyber security is by using the Rubica app. Rubica was started as a division of a security company which provided digital and physical security services. The app was created with the help of security experts from security agencies like the NSA and the US Navy. The app is installed on each of the devices you use to access the internet with and runs in the background while identifying threats and calling you to action when need be. After installing the app, you can be assured that your personal cyber security is in good hands.

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