Eli Gershkovitch, the innovative craft beer guru

Craft beers are becoming increasingly popular in Canada and all over the world. Craft beer has been seen to be growing in demand even when other beers are slowly been pushed out of the market. As the sales of craft beer sky-rocket, the sales of the regular beers are decreasing. Craft beer stands out because it is made in non-mechanized ways.


A few years back, craft beer was not as popular and the people who made it used small breweries since the demand was not as big. With the growing demand, it is now produced in large scale and it has different flavors and types. Flavors may include cinnamon, caramel, roasted barley, and coffee among others. The types are distinguished by the taste and color. They range from ales to lagers. They are either light or dark in color.


Eli Gershkovitch has not fallen short when he comes to the provision of Craft beer in Canada. As the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks, Eli has made sure he has made the company known for its unique craft beer. Steamworks recently won the U.S. Open Beer Championship for their top-notch flavors. It was among the 24 companies from Canada that were selected by the judges as winners in the international competition. Eli Gershkovitch leads the company in providing craft beer that is unique. He is very innovative and an experienced master of brews.

Eli Gershkovitch is a renowned businessman who has helped build Steamworks into an empire (http://beermebc.com/2017/05/29/fifth-episode-of-flights-season-two-steamworks-brewing-company/). Eli believes in growing far and wide in order to satisfy the demands of the market. Eli runs the business through innovation and constant improvements to make sure he is meeting his client’s at their points of need. He is very competitive.


Due to the fact that many craft beers are coming up in Canada every now and then, Eli works hard and smart to make sure he is staying on top of his game. Steamworks provides high-quality craft beer at an affordable price. They never fall short of quantity for their clients. It began as a very small brewery but Eli has slowly grown it into a renowned craft beer company (Manta). Apart from being a brew guru, Eli is a lawyer and a pilot.



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