Cassio Audi, the Investor with a Musical Talent

Cassio Audi is a man of many talents. Having been born in Brazil, he received his Degree in Business administration from Pontifical Catholic University and his MBA from Sao Paulo University. Presently, many people in Brazil know Cassio Audi as a successful investor and expert in investment management. He has worked for many national and international organizations helping them achieve their goals. To other people, however, especially the older generation, Cassio Audi is a musical icon and trendsetter. This is because in he was a drummer for the Brazil rock band Viper, with whom they worked in the 1980s.

As heavy metal music was gaining popularity all over the world, it also found its way to Brazil. Several bands cropped up all over the country to showcase their talents in the genre. As a talented drummer himself, Cassio Audi joined the band Viper. His talent on the drums helped consolidate Viper as one of the most iconic heavy metal bands in Brazil and indeed all over the world. With his fellow band members Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, Felipe Machad and Yves Passarell, they produced many successful songs. Their style was influenced by British heavy metal music of the 1970s and 1980s.

Joining the band in his teenage years, he remained in the group for nine years until 1989 when he moved on. During that time, he participated in the making of their demos and was also featured in two of the band’s albums. He even showcased his talent as a songwriter by writing a song for the band’s Soldiers of Sunrise album. This album was actually quite popular back then, and even now continues to entertain many fans of heavy metal. Although the music world is far behind Cassio Audi, his name is forever etched in the hall of fame of heavy metal music in Latin America.

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