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Here in the United States we the people are entitled to certain rights. Everyone has the right to their own opinions and the equal right to speak these opinions freely. This is protected by the first amendment, but it seems that not everyone in this country is familiar with the Constitution of the United States. Our rights are written here in black and white, yet people still overstep their bounds and try to silence those with less influence.

This is where legal action comes in. No matter what right someone has tried stripping from you, you should never be afraid to defend yourself. Even if you don’t have the money to go toe-to-toe with corporate giants, there is always a way to make sure your human, civil, and even migrant rights are upheld and honored.

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re an American-born citizen or an immigrant trying to make a better life for yourself here, our rights are the same. Not everyone has the resources to go to bat for themselves but, thankfully, there are organizations dedicated to protecting the rights of the less fortunate.

It doesn’t take a fortune to defend yourself and, honestly, if you believe you’ve been wronged constitutionally then there aren’t many lawyers out there that wouldn’t take on your case without up-front cash. The fact is, lawyers know that these rights are protected and that those who are wronged are almost guaranteed to win in court.

Let’s talk a little more about one specific organization. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization based in Arizona. They defend civil, human and migrant rights. Their story is one filled with lies, corruption, and injustice.

It begins with two friends, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, that started a newspaper in their hometown. They were doing what they loved and telling people the truth they needed to hear. The trouble didn’t start until they found some troubling information about their hometown sheriff, Joe Apraio. It seemed the good Sheriff was mentioned in some grand jury proceedings. It was requested that journalists turn over notes on articles regarding the Sheriff.

With this information, Larkin and Lacey found it their right and duty to inform their readers. They released a story covering the goings on revolving around Mr. Apraio. This struck a nerve with the Sheriff, and he wouldn’t take it lying down. He and his deputies took the pair of journalists from their homes in the dead of night while they slept and held them on unjust charges.

Had this been the end of the story, the world may have never heard of the pair. However, these were no ordinary journalists. They would not be pushed around by someone with power just because they had said something truthful. After their release from jail, they got themselves a lawyer and sued the county. Not surprisingly, they won. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook and Phoenix New Time

Along with the court case win came a hefty settlement of $3.75 million. Lacey and Larkin used these funds to bankroll their foundation the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They now dedicate their lives to making sure no one else suffers the injustice they did.

Sheldon Lavin: Inspiring Future Leadership Today

Sheldon Lavin is a passionate entrepreneur, an innovator, and a finance enthusiast. He is an accounting and finance major. Lavin successfully branded himself as a leader in the food processing industry. Before, joining OSI group, he served as an investment banker and financial consultant. During this period, he facilitated financing of the premiere meat processing facility for Otto & Sons now OSI group. He became the third partner in 1970 together with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons. Later, he became half partner and eventually gained full control of the company.

Mr. Lavin’s role then was both strategic and administrative. His main pursuit was to make the company a global leader in food processing industry through growth and innovation. By 1975, the group rebranded to OSI group and had ventured into the global markets and other products. The group now has subsidiaries in Europe, South America, USA, and Asia in over 60 locations. Sheldon Lavin also oversaw the diversification of OSI group’s products. Other than meats (beef, chicken, pork), their product portfolio includes baked goods, vegetable products, fruits, sauces and other proteins. In a bid to further expand, he strategically pursued acquisitions and joint ventures. The company entered into partnerships with distributors and other food producers across the continent, acquired food processing plants, and slaughterhouses.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is the group chairman and CEO of OSI and the president of its subsidiary OSI International Foods. His role is to steer 20,000 plus employees towards achieving the company’s vision and mission. His visionary leadership has earned him several accolades most notably the Global Visionary Award 2016. The company has also been recognized-Globe of Honor Award 2016- for its efforts to promote environmental sustainability. They received recognition in other categories such as commitment to employment (Spain), food processing and service.

Sheldon is hopeful that OSI group will continue experiencing meaningful growth over the next years. Sheldon is optimistic about the company’s commitment to drive change in the industry, influence trends and promote environmental sustainability. His current goal is to mentor and inspire global leaders and entrepreneurs to grow businesses that add value and are sustainable.

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Patty Rocklage: Helping Others Overcome Their Struggles

In today’s world, many people are finding it difficult to deal with various aspects of their lives. This is especially true with married couples, who are facing increasing personal and professional pressures on a daily basis.

As a result, they often reach a point where they need the help of a caring and experienced therapist to help overcome life’s problems. When this is the case, couples in the Boston metropolitan area turn to Patty Rocklage.

Offering a counseling style that puts people at ease, Patty brings more than 20 years of experience to each client. Specializing in family and marriage counseling, Patty understands the pressures people face today, and uses her knowledge of various therapeutic techniques to help people overcome their fears and problems.

By doing so, she is able to help them see that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, giving them hope and inspiration.

A licensed psychotherapist, Patty Rocklage uses a variety of skills to help her clients. Among the most effective are personal coaching, team building, and public speaking. A strong believer in achieving personal growth by confronting and then overcoming one’s fears, Patty has demonstrated time after time that this approach can indeed transform lives. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

While she devotes many, many hours to her counseling practice, Patty is also deeply committed to making her community a better place to live as well. Along with her husband, she regularly gives monetary donations to institutions of higher education in an effort to keep those institutions as strong as ever.

One of her most recent projects included giving a major gift to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, helping the school’s chemistry department renovate two of its most important labs.

Clearly, Patty is a person who is determined to help others achieve the best possible results. Whether she is sitting in her office counseling a troubled married couple through some tough times or giving her time and money to local colleges and universities, Patty Rocklage is indeed a person who demonstrates each and every day what it takes to make the world a better place to live.

Marc Sparks: The Father and a Mentor of many Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a leader and a business man who has been working in this field for an incredibly long period of time. He is the father and owner of many ventures and businesses, some of them got really successful, and some were not. Even though his all businesses were not very successful but every business played an important role in his life, and he has learned and got a lot of experiences from each one. Having this amount of knowledge about companies he decides to spread what he has learned from the people who are interested in business and are new entrepreneurs. He is of one of the opinions that he knows the power to change the course of businesses, and provide them with the mentoring that their leaders need to be successful and at the top of their field. He has provided guidance to a lot of companies, and turning their charts, making them successful from their worst stages. Learn more:



 Mr. Marc Sparks lives and handles all his business in a city named Dallas. He is well reputed and has known for changing the fortune of companies; he takes firms which are worst in condition and make them successful. He has given his services to a lot of clients who have to come to his assistance and help. One of the sectors in which he is extremely experienced is Telecommunications and most of his startups business were in this field, which makes him so experienced in this field. Blue Jay wireless is one of his most famous ventures in this field. He is also well reputed in the field of advertising and media and also has a successful company named splash media. He has also companies in other fields too which are finance world and real estate sector. Learn more:



The understanding of different aspects and factors that are in included in one field if not taken and understood properly can cause the business to fail, and many business owners and entrepreneurs should know that what lacks in their management to not to understand the prominent functions to run that business. He tries his best to analyze the situation his client’s company is going through and then propose a solution or better strategy that fit their company needs and requirements.



Dallas is a small city and as living in that city he believes he won’t be able to help as many as he wants to, so for that he will be writing all of the experience in the business sector into a book, who help the new comers to have a better understanding of how to grow your business. Learn more:



OSI Group, Growing Around the World

Listed as one of America’s top 100 food companies. OSI Industries is a privately owned meat processing company that provides top quality meats to restaurants around the world. They operate plants throughout the U.S. in Illinois, Iowa, Utah, Wisconsin, and California. However, internationally they operate 65 facilities in 17 countries.

OSI Industries is growing tremendously exhibited by three of its recent acquisitions. First, OSI recently acquired Baho Food which operates 5 processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands. When asked about this purchase, David McDonald, president of OSI Group, said this would give OSI a broader presence in Europe. Secondly, OSI Industries purchased Flagship Europe. This could be considered somewhat of an expansion to OSI’s current services because Flagship Europe provides frozen poultry as well as sauces and dressings to their United Kingdom food service market. Finally, OSI acquired a Tyson Food Plant on Chicago’s south side. A spokesperson for OSI stated this facility would support continued growth in the U.S.

With its continued growth OSI Group is an excellent career choice. They are industry leaders in delivering quality food products. They employ passionate innovative people around the world and believe everyone can make a difference. OSI is a family oriented company with little turn-over, and they believe this is accomplished by offering rewarding opportunities. As a matter of fact, OSI Group won the British Safety Council award in 2016. This award is given to organizations that are committed to protecting their employees from injury or illness in the work place. Healthy employees lead to the overall success of the company by producing top quality products which ultimately leads to happy customers worldwide.

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Scott Rocklage’s Career At 5AM Ventures

5AM Ventures is a company that Scott Rocklage is a managing partner at. Let’s discuss Rocklage’s career at 5AM Ventures, as well as his past work history and other interesting information.


Scott Rocklage became a Venture Partner at 5AM Ventures in 2003, which is the year he first started working at the company. In 2004, he was pormoted to Managing Partner. Since then, he has played a crucial role in helping the company succeed and continue to succeed.

He has over 30 years of healthare management. Some of the companies he has ran as a CEO include Nycomed Salutar and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Other companies he has worked at or with include llypsa, Miikana and Semprus.


Rocklage holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He earned his degree from the University of California in Berkeley. He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in chemistry, which he received from MIT. While at MIT, he worked in Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory, where he performed research.


Scott Rocklage has accomplished a lot throughout his life. There are over 100 peer-reviewed publications that has been authored by the doctor. Not only that, but he has invented or co-invented over 25 patents in the United States.

Other Interesting Info About Scott Rocklage

In an interview with Ideamensch, Rockage said he doesn’t have a typical day. He said sometimes he spends the day studying various areas of life science. He said other days are sometimes working with 5AM Ventures’ management team to help build the company’s portfolio.

He was also asked what is the one habit he has that makes him more productive. His answer was that he is very organized when it comes to time management and prioritization.

Feel free to visit 5AM Venture’s website if you want to learn more about the company and/or Scott Rocklage.

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