Investing in Human Capital the Rona Borre Personalized Way

Collectively, the economic value that an employee provides to a company through their skill, knowledge, and ability (human capital) is an asset that companies need to nurture and invest in. According to Rona Borre, CEO and founder of Instant Alliance, a “relationship-based boutique staffing agency,” human capital is key to discerning the difference between a good company and a great organization. Check for additional reading.

Borre’s goal of building the right human capital that accelerates her client’s company growth is the realization of years of hard work and dedication. She started her original company Instant Technology in 2001 working out of her condo. Her first placements were from her network of technologists.

A must-read interview with Borre here.

She worked to identify career opportunities for them among her client’s organizations. Her hand-on approach was quickly noticed and her company grew. In 2014, she launched Instant Finance, a segment that focused on finance and accounting. By investing in her own “human capital” and leveraging her passion, Borre emerged as a thought leader in the human capital industry. For blogs and updates, visit her page.

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