Economic Development Through Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a huge proponent of economic development. Many areas of the world could have much lower rates of crime and poverty if someone would just take the time to invest time and money into the area.

There are a lot of ways to invest in economic development, starting with capital. Many areas today have little capital to work with in order to drive growth.

This becomes a cycle where poor areas stay poor because they do not have any money to work with. There are many people today who are starting to worry about the future. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to upgrade the local area in which you live.


Without a doubt, education is the best way for people to get ahead. Many areas around the country today do not have adequate education for people who are looking to invest in themselves. Upgrading the local schools is something that a lot of people are for.

However, when it comes to actually investing time and money into a local area, few people are willing to step up. Kevin Seawright has encouraged a lot of people to start investing into their own local area. Over time, you can start to see the positive impact that this makes. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to seeing what he can do in the future.

Final Thoughts

In the future, Kevin Seawright will continue to help others who want to get ahead in life. The simple fact is that there are a lot of areas that do not have adequate education for their needs. If you want to get ahead in life, you need to make sure you have an education to do so.

Many poor areas today have a falling population because the young people are all moving out for better opportunities in other areas. Over the long term, this is something that a lot of people will continue to do unless an area is changed. Economic development should be a huge area for emphasis for people who want to make a difference.

John of Highland

James Dondero began his career by completing a financial training program at JP Morgan, earning a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and earning the very prestigious titles, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant, and Chartered Financial Analyst.

James Dandero then worked American Express from 1985 to 1989, during which he was instrumental in helping raise almost $1 billion. Between 1989 and 1993, James Dondero helped a brand new Protective Life GIC subsidiary grow into a $2 billion company.

When he left in 1993 to co-found Highland Capital Management, the subsidiary was in very good financial stead. Highland is a fixed asset manager that specializes in high-yield fixed income investments. It also has the capability of hedging risk. James Dandero remains the president of Highland to this day.

James Dandero also currently chairs the board and serves as the CEO of HCM Acquisition Company and as a chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS Medical, and NexBank. In addition, he is the Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund.

But Highland remains Dondero’s crown jewel and most prized possession. Since its founding, the Texas-based firm has risen to be worth around $2.44 billion. It is doing so well, in fact, that it recently stepped up its already close ties with Nexpoint Credit Stategies Fund, now owning 793,036 shares of the company.

James Dondero himself owns 3.01 million shares, which gives him control of 18.8% of Nexpoint. This is good news for Nexpoint who had some losses in 2015. This has helped it raise the value of its shares and get back to their healthy price of 24 cents per share.

Security for a Nation

Securus Technologies is an information communications corporation that focuses its attention on the justice system sector of industry. The company provides excellent service and products to their customer base, which is an interesting and rather unique niche system. Recently it has been revealed that Securus Technologies has received a rating of an A+ on the Better Business Bureau, labeling it as not only an effective company but one that deals primarily with excellent customer service and exceptional quality products. The Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoyas, made note that through the combined efforts of Securus and the Better Business Bureau their company will be able to meet new challenges head on without much worry.


Securus Technologies focuses its attention on providing services and products to incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. It is within this system that inmates face dire situations, with many of them noit being able to adequately communicate as they should be able to. In order to combat this Securus has offered a multitude of products, including a free downloadable application for mobile devices that allows them to successfully interact with their loved ones. The application provides excellent quality video streaming technology so that inmates can effectively communicate through video chat purposes with their family members. This successfully allows these customers to bypass nasty wait times for security checks and drive times to the prison, and makes their lives a lot easier as a result.


Securus Technologies, with this high rating from the Better Business Bureau, successfully labels the company as a dedicated service provider who cares deeply for its customers and provides them with service and communication opportunities not available to them before. This is truly a humanitarian organization and one that should be modeled.