ClassDojo Is Transforming The Process Of Education

Recently the Mercury News ran a very fascinating article on Sam Chaudhary, the CEO and co-founder of the revolutionary teaching tool, Class Dojo. In the interview Chaudhary talked about how ClassDojo, which is currently being used in 180 countries, is helping to improve education starting from the ground up. Chaudhary explained that together with Liam Don, with whom he co-founded ClassDojo in 2011, he talked with students, teachers, and parents all over the world and they all felt the current classroom culture was not working.

ClassDojo gives teachers, students, and parents a tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the classroom. The ClassDojo website and app are tools that enable teachers and parents to see what students are doing inside and outside the classroom. Using ClassDojo, the teachers give or take points based on the student’s behavior, teamwork, and use and development of their overall skills. ClassDojo also allows teacher to communicate with parents in real time and share videos, photos, messages, and reports about the student’s activities and behavior.

ClassDojo was conceived as a method to allow better communication and feedback between teachers, parents, and students. Today the 30 year old, U.K. born Chaudhary and his 25 person staff are running a communications platform which facilitates constant contact between parents and teachers to improve the student’s educational experience. The free app has helped engender trust between teachers and parents and allowed them to see exactly what students are doing, what’s working and what’s not. The biggest issues they face are privacy, security, and control concerns.

Even though use of ClassDojo is voluntary, the company recently posted some discussion guide and tens of millions of students and parent used them on their own. This has helped Chaudhary to see how the company can create an income stream using the free app which he vows never to sell or place advertising on. Chaudhary’s experience attending and teaching for 6 years at a middle school and high school where students were required to help each other learned played a significant role in his development of ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is about connection, empowerment, and creating an education community in which teachers, parents, and students are actively involved and engaged in developing the best learning and teaching methods.


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