Tapping the Wisdom of Igor Cornelsen for Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can become a nightmare if you have not spent the time to do the research. I was one of those people that got a job, signed up for the 401K, only put in 5 percent that the company matched, got laid off and rolled my 401K over to a Roth IRA. I would eventually take the money out of the IRA. This would happen over and over again. I was flustered because I realized that this was, in no way, a plan to save for retirement. I was just floating around like everyone else that was working and hoping that my retirement would magically be there for me when I got old enough to stop working.

Igor Cornelsen gave me the wake up call that I needed. He ushered in a new mindset about investing, and I wanted to implement some of his plans into my life. I have found his knowledge to be invaluable when it comes to planning for retirement. He was the first investor that would actually tell me about Brazilian stocks in a way that I understood. Cornelsen would present tips about looking at the culture of Brazil. He wasn’t putting his money on any out overnight stocks. He was more in tune with the economy. It was easier for me to pinpoint the stocks that would provide good returns on investment based on the economy.

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Cornelsen reigns supreme when it comes to finding the right investments for Brazil. He says that there are index funds that make good investments. Cornelsen even knows about damaged stocks that can yield a profit after companies make some changes. Sometimes this may mean shrinking the workforce. At other times this may mean changing the products after core products have been classified as poor selling products. Whatever the case may be there is a difference between damaged stocks and damaged companies. When the reputation of the company is on the line the stock has no chance of recovering. That is a concept that I learned from Igor Cornelsen. I had no ideal that there was a difference in these two things until I came across his tips on the Internet.

Cornelsen has managed to become a guide for investors worldwide. He has made it possible for investors to become a lot more knowledgeable on Brazilian culture in a short time frame. I feel like I can invest in Brazilian stocks with confidence after discovering Igor Cornelsen.

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Financial Leader Shares Financial Advice With His Clients

David Osio is a manager at Davos Financial Group where he offers quite a lot of advice to his clients, and he is well-versed in several different investments his clients may make. This article explains how David offers his clients needed advice, and he helps his clients create profits in several arenas. David and his staff are quite helpful where clients are involved, and it is simple for a new client to gain information from David where needed.

#1: David Helps Clients With Stocks

David is one of the most-skilled stock brokers in his industry, and he ensures that his clients are given proper information before an investment is made. His clients are offered an education that is simply not available in other locations, and Davos Financial Group supports every investment made through David’s office. https://www.visualcv.com/davidosio

#2: Increased Real Estate Holdings

Investors who are interested in real estate holding must ensure they have spoken with David about his abilities in real estate. There are several methods for investing in real estate, and his office will line up new investments that appear most beneficial to his clients. Holding real estate is often seen as the quickest form of creating capital, and holdings may increase through the years.

#3: Why Is Customer Service At Davos Financial Group So Excellent?

The excellent customer service offered by Davos Financial Group is an incredible company filled with people who offer only the finest customer service to all their clients. A client may call in for information at any time, and a client who is unsure of their financial position may make requests of David and his staff.

Everyone who wishes to invest wisely will do well to approach David Osio at Davos Financial Group. Someone who chooses investment for the future will find a fine partner in Davos and David, and there is a chance that any client may multiply their money with aid from a fine staff of investment brokers.

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Mike Baur Leads the Swiss Startup Company into the Future

The country of Switzerland has long been known for producing the finest of wristwatches and having a secure banking system. Now the Swiss have a new innovative company, The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF), founded in 2014; it is the brainchild of Mike Baur, who had a professional history of success within the private banking system in Zurich, Switzerland. Baur and the SSUF offer a special accelerator program for young digital entrepreneurs. The program connects these young innovators and entrepreneurs with the necessary financial backing and advice needed by all business developers. Coaching, mentoring, financial advice, and even the use of office space is provided for persons who join this special three-month program. There will be an opportunities to join the next program by visiting the SSUF website: swissstartupfactory.com
In a recent news release, it was announced that Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier has been appointed Managing Partner of the Swiss Startup Company. This alliance provides new sources of funding for the various innovators developing their products or services through the help of the SSUF. Previously, Vuilleumier was the Managing Director of CTI Invest. His appointment will propel SSUF further toward its goal of providing support and mentoring services and the full range of financial investing and start-up capital not usually available for young innovators. Now success can be achieved and shared with everyone in the SSUF enterprise. It is a win-win situation benefitting all parties from the innovator to the financier and even the staff at the offices of SSUF in Zurich.
The world is going through an epic change. We are moving away from producing physical objects to producing services. A new cell phone application can reap tremendous rewards. Look at the companies that are the new models of efficiency; Apple, Google, Facebook, and now SSUF, these are not modeled after General Electric, Ford, or U.S. Steel. They represent the new business of For some, these changes are frightening for others exciting, but this new evolution is oriented toward the young in our economy. As factories close down, and production of things tangible go to other countries, workers who used to fill those jobs must now be relegated to minimum wage jobs in the food and service industries. With these realities in place, the minimum wage will soon be raised in America.

Brian Bonar: The Highest Honor for the Highest Man

Brian Bonar is a man that has received many awards throughout his career, but his latest award is truly special. He received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance.

This is something that truly put a smile on his face, as it is only given to two men and two women each year. When they look at who should receive this award, they take a few things into consideration and those are professional accomplishments, academic achievements and leadership abilities.

Those are all things that Brian Bonar has in droves, and things he takes incredibly seriously in his daily operations.

When it comes to leadership abilities, no one has Brian Bonar beat. He takes leadership very, very seriously as he knows he is the face of his company. With that, it comes great responsibilities. Learn more about Brian Bonar: https://about.me/brianbonar and http://www.whitepages.com/name/Brian-Bonar

As Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, he is in charge of leading a group of men and women into doing the best they can. He has to know what buttons to push on people to get them to work their hardest and which people need the space and creativity to succeed.

You see, there is no magic formula for it. Brian Bonar knows this and treats everyone with the special care and attention that they need.

When it comes to professional accomplishments, this is a great professional accomplishment, as is surviving in the Financial world. It is no secret that we are in tough times rough now and have been for a while. However, that hasn’t stopped Brian Bonar from moving forward, making a profit, and having a successful business.

As the old expression goes, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Brian has lasted and will last for a long, long time with this accomplishments. He is the type of individual that is never content, satisfied, or happy to settle. He is always look for ways to expand, grow, and take things to the next level.

Brian Bonar has always taken school seriously and has preached to others the importance of it. It teaches you how to work on a schedule, meet deadlines, and plus, you can never have enough knowledge.

The more you learn, the better off you will be in the long run. Brian Bonar has a Ph.D., which speaks to the level of how important education is for him and how much he backs up what he says.

In the end, Brian Bonar is greatly honored and proud to receive this award, but he knows there is still more work to be done.

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Glenn Beck Is Tone Deaf On George Soros

It seems that no matter how much you do to improve the world, you end up with a large amount of criticism. George Soros is one example of a major philanthropist who has acquired many critics through no fault of his own. Right-wing commentator Glenn Beck claims that Soros’s Open Society initiative is a kind of shadow organization toppling legitimate governments. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Through his Open Society Foundations, George Soros has played an important role in fostering democracy in former Soviet bloc nations.

George Soros opened the first Open Society office in 1984 in Hungary. At this time, the Soviet-influenced Hungarian government required the registration of each and every typewriter in the nation. At great risk, members of Soros’s organization smuggled in Xerox machines to aid the spread of pro-democracy materials. Strangely, Glenn Beck is one U.S. commentator who has completely misread the Open Society Foundations and George Soros’s life mission in general. Instead of gratefully recognizing the importance of Mr. Soros’s achievements, Beck has used his status as a popular commentator to absurdly accuse Soros of conspiratorial activity.
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One of Beck’s most alarming claims is that Soros somehow aided and abetted the Holocaust in Hungary. At the age of 14, Soros acted as a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council (BJC), a group of Jewish elders sometimes accused of collaborating unwisely with the Nazis. Whatever the merits or failings of the BJC, it is safe to say that the 14-year-old Soros did not besmirch his integrity by hunkering low and surviving the terrible pogrom that claimed the lives of nearly the entire Jewish community in Hungary. In fact, it seems that Soros used the terrible experiences of the Hungarian Jewish community as an inspiration for his great personal struggle for democracy.

The evidence is clear that George Soros is a great man with excellent intentions. Although Soros in no way lives up to Glenn Beck’s claim that Soros is “the most powerful man on Earth,” there is no doubt that Soros has exceeded most when it comes to exercising personal influence. What Beck fails to understand is the fact that Soros wields this influence in the service of humanity’s greater good. Since Glenn Beck is an avowed enemy of Communism, it is inexcusable that Beck does not understand just how potently Soros battled Communism in the 1980s. Indeed, commentators have placed Soros alongside Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan due to his role in ending Communist rule in Eastern Europe.

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It’s no secret that Soros is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Unlike many other wealthy individuals, Soros has consistently used his wealth in order to improve the lot of humankind. It is particularly sickening that Glenn Beck’s attacks on Soros echo many of the classic tropes of historical anti-Semitism.

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ClassDojo Is Transforming The Process Of Education

Recently the Mercury News ran a very fascinating article on Sam Chaudhary, the CEO and co-founder of the revolutionary teaching tool, Class Dojo. In the interview Chaudhary talked about how ClassDojo, which is currently being used in 180 countries, is helping to improve education starting from the ground up. Chaudhary explained that together with Liam Don, with whom he co-founded ClassDojo in 2011, he talked with students, teachers, and parents all over the world and they all felt the current classroom culture was not working.

ClassDojo gives teachers, students, and parents a tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the classroom. The ClassDojo website and app are tools that enable teachers and parents to see what students are doing inside and outside the classroom. Using ClassDojo, the teachers give or take points based on the student’s behavior, teamwork, and use and development of their overall skills. ClassDojo also allows teacher to communicate with parents in real time and share videos, photos, messages, and reports about the student’s activities and behavior.

ClassDojo was conceived as a method to allow better communication and feedback between teachers, parents, and students. Today the 30 year old, U.K. born Chaudhary and his 25 person staff are running a communications platform which facilitates constant contact between parents and teachers to improve the student’s educational experience. The free app has helped engender trust between teachers and parents and allowed them to see exactly what students are doing, what’s working and what’s not. The biggest issues they face are privacy, security, and control concerns.

Even though use of ClassDojo is voluntary, the company recently posted some discussion guide and tens of millions of students and parent used them on their own. This has helped Chaudhary to see how the company can create an income stream using the free app which he vows never to sell or place advertising on. Chaudhary’s experience attending and teaching for 6 years at a middle school and high school where students were required to help each other learned played a significant role in his development of ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is about connection, empowerment, and creating an education community in which teachers, parents, and students are actively involved and engaged in developing the best learning and teaching methods.


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