Is Lime Crime Your Type Of Makeup?

Lime Crime is a makeup company that has new and ingenious products out that are vegan made and cruelty free. Since this is something that many women are looking for in products that they will use on their face, hair and nails, they are always interested in learning what the latest products are.

Where Is Lime Crime Located At?

Lime Crime is located in Los Angeles, according to their Facebook. It was started over 7 years ago because the owner recognized that women were looking for makeup that was safe to use, and that would allow them to express their individuality. Since this can make a huge difference for many women, the Lime Crime company continues to rise in popularity, netting tons of Instagram followers.

Staying Update On Various Products That Are Being Offered By Lime Crime

There are new products being produced all the time from Lime Crime through stores like UrbanOutfitters, and online outlets like Dolls Kill. Women can stay updated by using the social media sites, and following the company’s latest information.

Will Lime Crime Be Around In The Next Several Years?

Yes, most definitely. It is becoming so popular that women everywhere are starting to hear about it, and also to use it. They are also buying it for their friends and relatives for gifts throughout the year. This includes, holidays and birthdays.

Having the ability to use a makeup that is high performance and unique gives women a sense of empowerment. They are able to look the way they want to because the makeup lets them express themselves in their own way. Since this is something women are always looking for, they will enjoy the next products that the company will put out for them to use.  Follow them on Twitter for makeup updates, or be sure to check out Doe Deere’s personal blog for more information.

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  1. It’s very true that they will stay a long time in the game and you even said that it is becoming so popular that women everywhere are starting to hear about it. Even rushessays is even starting to promote it. Which I think is cool.

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