Chris Burch Is A Serial Entrepreneur Who Is Constantly Moving Forward

The articles that Chris Burch contributes to the Medium website often cover topics such as product branding, venture capital, and startup businesses. One very interesting article that this serial entrepreneur contributed to Medium explores the cereal-oriented restaurant in New York City that is known as Kellogg’s NYC.

In this appetizing article, Mr. Burch mentions how breakfast is now eaten at any time of the day or night, and the Kellogg’s cereal company has created a high-end eatery that is changing the image of cereal.

The Kellogg’s NYC restaurant is situated in the city’s high-visibility Times Square, and is open for business seven days a week. Besides providing a range of special cereal bowls that are loaded with extra ingredients, the restaurant offers soft serve ice cream and yogurt

At least 10 types of cereal are usually on hand at Kellogg’s NYC for those who prefer a plain, unadorned bowl. Among the add-in ingredients that are available there are toasted peanuts, lemon zest, thyme, pistachios, banana chips and fresh peaches.

A man of many talents, Chris Burch is well-known for being the founder and CEO of the Burch Creative Capital company, as well as a co-founder of the Tory Burch women’s fashion company.

While he was still a college student in the 1970s, Chris Burch started his entrepreneurial career when he and his brother started the Eagle’s Eye clothing company. After growing Eagle’s Eye into a successful business, it was sold to a large business group, and Chris Burch continued developing his intuitive sense of consumer needs.   For additional article, check

In recent years, Chris Burch has also been active in U.S. and international real estate investing, and launching several new brands. One of these brands is the ED by Ellen DeGeneres line of lifestyle products. Mr. Burch and Ms. DeGeneres have formed a partnership to produce this high quality line of products, and the brand is very popular with consumers.

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Jed McCaleb Predicts the Future of his Industry – Blockchain and Banking

Stellar is a global blockchain company with connections primarily in Asia. In addition, it serves companies all throughout eastern Europe and is even involved with American company, IBM. Their goal is to provide banking options to areas of the world that have no options. Stellar is making it possible for individuals to conduct transactions that were previously impossible.


One of their co-founders, Jed McCaleb, recently revealed his thoughts on the future of Stellar and other blockchain companies. While others believe that gambling or eSports may be where cryptocurrency will be most successful, Jed McCaleb believes mainstream financial institutions will one day implement blockchain in its systems.


“In the next 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere,” McCaleb confesses. McCaleb not only believes that banks will use blockchain but stock markets as well.


Companies are fighting all over the industry to try and get to as much of the market as possible. One company is already working to allow investors to purchase stocks with bitcoins. This company, Securrency, is a legitimate blockchain company, but several fraudulent companies have popped up due to the popularity of blockchain.


Legitimate companies such as Stellar and Securrency will have to wade through the pools of fraudulent companies to become a the global network that Jed McCaleb prophesized. McCaleb says that in order to become this future network a company must be able to efficiently exchange currencies of all types and be able to use a public ledger to keep track of transactions.


Stellar is on its way to fulfilling this prerequisite. Stellar already operates in dozens of countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Some of the companies that Stellar works with are Factury, Wipro, IBM, and Deloitte.


About Jed McCaleb


Jed McCaleb was originally known for his involvement with eDonkey, a peer to peer file sharing network. He eventually switched his focus to the cryptocurrency world when he transformed his video game market place into a bitcoin exchange network. Stellar is his most ambitious venture yet, as McCaleb sets his sights on the global expansion. Click here to know more about Jed McCaleb and his business ventures.

The Rise of Hussain Sajwani from Humble Beginnings to Greater Heights

The success of Hussain Sajwani was cultivated at a very tender age. He was exposed to the ugly reality of entrepreneurship at the age of three. He observed how his father suffered to sustain their needs through his shop business.

Hussain Sajwani is the owner of the DAMAC Properties. The company is listed as the leading firm in the real estate business. Since 2002, when he founded the firm, the company has provided more than 20000 individuals with homes. The customers are contented with the services they receive from the firm.

The DAMAC Properties provide services for clients who are in need of both private and commercial properties. There, is, however, no discrimination or special treatment for any customers, everyone is treated equally.

Hussain Sajwani family is very close to the Trump’s family. Trump and the DAMAC Owner began working together in 2004 when they were working to make the Trump International Golf Foundation a success. The Hussain family spent the New Year’s Eve with the Trump’s family.

The relationship of Trump and the DAMAC Owner has brought about very many controversies. Despite Donald Trump making an official announcement saying that he will be not crossing any personal deals in office, some people will not give him peace.

Hussain’s visit has arisen very many suspicions. They feel like Trump is trying to keep on board his business relations.

An inner source, however, confirmed it was a friendly visit with no business discussions. The source also stated that the President has a right to dine with his friends. He also said that the Sajwani family is a cool family.

Hussain Sajwani’s background has significantly contributed to his spirit of humanitarian work. He understands how lacking something as a child feels. He contributed AED two million to an organization to help children around the world stay warm. He also urge other able people in the meeting to do the same.


Your family background does not have any effect on the path that your life follows. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg and Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

It is about deciding to make a difference in your life. Hussain Sajwani is a good example of an individual who started small and became a prominent person in the investment world

Lacey And Larkin Speak Out After Trumps Presidential Pardon

Presidential Pardons have always been a subject of controversy every time it has been granted. Because of the nature of Presidential Pardons, it still leaves people all over the country wondering if the government is working for their benefit or not. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Because it is a pardon that is being granted to a person who has been convicted, many hurt sentiments arise in the minds of the people. In spite of the nature of presidential pardons, none of them have been quite as controversial as the recent pardon that was granted to Joe Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio was sentenced imprisonment after a ten-year-long ordeal with thousands of people all over the country uniting and petitioning for action to be taken for the various crimes that he was known to commit.

Arpaio served as the Sheriff of Maricopa Country for an incredibly extended period. It was during this time that Arpaio indulged in some criminal activities that affected the outlook that people had about him.

He mainly targeted member of the Latin American community living in America and saw everyone belonging to this community as people living illegally in the country. He stopped at nothing to inflict torture and injustice on people from this community, which also caused nationwide outrage.

In spite of this, it took an incredibly long time for him to be sentenced as a result of the connections that he had and the political influence he possessed.

Various organizations all over the country have been formed as a result of the actions that Arpaio had committed. These organizations were mainly working to grant justice to the people who were affected by him, and so that Arpaio would be given punishment for the deeds that he had committed.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was one organization that was formed as a result of the wrongdoing of Arpaio, and with the intent of getting him to serve a sentence for the crimes, he had committed.

The organization’s founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were witnesses to the crimes that Arpaio had committed and was among the victims of the hate crimes that Arpaio inflicted on people.

They had written an article outlining the actions that Arpaio had indulged in, following which is when Arpaio decided to falsely imprison them for their actions. Lacey and Larkin were released after two days, and because it was a violation of their fundamental human rights, decided to sue Arpaio for what he had done to them. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Because of Arpaio’s influence in courts of law, the case dragged on for five years before Lacey and Larkin were given three million each for the wrongful imprisonment that they were meant to face.

Even though they were compensated, they knew that something had to be done, and Arpaio had to be taken down, which is why they decided to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Even though Arpaio was granted pardon, Lacey and Larkin know that they have to keep fighting if they want to safeguard the rights of the people and keep them out of harm’s way.

Ara Chackerian – How He Develops His Ideas

ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, managing partner Ara Chackerian has used his decades of experience in medical technology investing to grow several businesses, as well as to create a few companies.

Through his investments, Ara Chackerian helped develop BMC Diagnostics, Embion/Provider Links, and PipelineRx. He is also a philanthropist who spends time and money increasing environmental sustainability efforts and education.

Education is central to Chackerian’s business philosophy. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Florida State University and strives to learn every day. He gets inspiration from his everyday life and uses his experiences to formulate new ideas. Another facet of Chackerian’s business philosophy is calmness. He believes that his ability to remain calm is a big reason for his success. In order to maintain his calm state, Ara Chackerian will often take meditative trips into nature.

In his day to day life, Chackerian prefers to not adhere to a set schedule. He will go about his work somewhat routinely, but will often diverge from his calendar in order to focus on whatever has his attention.

Chackerian teamed together with Dr. Richard Bermudas and businessman Brad Hummel to form TMS Health Solutions, a company that provides therapy in the form of transcranial magnetic stimulation.

The team wanted to spread the availability of transcranial magnetic stimulation. They also wanted to provide therapy offices that were more comfortable and approachable than the average medical office. To do this, the team employed a New York-based architect who designed a 3000 square foot prototype office. He designed it to be very warm and inviting, being sure to provide ample space for consultation offices and therapy rooms. Check out tmshealthsolutions

Chackerian, Hummel, and Dr. Bermudas have built seven TMH Health Solutions office so far. They plan to continue expanding to meet client needs. They have been met with much praise, and hope to continue to help psychiatric patients.

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A Look At Some Of The Amenities Of Chris Burch’s Best Hotel In The World

The Nihiwatu Resort has been named as the best hotel in the world for the last two years by Travel & Leisure Magazine readers. The reason is that it is in a remote location, has some of the best surfing in the world, and is the highest of luxury hotels. It is located on Sumba, one of the islands of Indonesia, and can be reached by a 50-minute flight from Bali (  Not that long ago it required a three-day journey so accessibility has definitely improved recently.

Sumba’s written history only goes back to the 16th century, although people have been living there for centuries. It’s a breathtaking place with lush jungles combined with white beaches that have been virtually untouched. The staff of the Nihiwatu have been described as exceptionally warm and treating their guests like family members.

About six years ago this resort was bought by the entrepreneur Chris Burch. He loved this place and wanted to own it as a legacy for his six children. At the time he bought this resort it had been in business for thirty years and as such could use some improvements. He and his business partner, a hotelier, poured in over $34 million making this resort utterly fantastic. They added on to the property and rehabilitated all of the separate villas that make up this resort.

Burch has been developing brands like the Nihiwatu Resort since the 1970s. He started out in the fashion industry as an entrepreneur and has since founded brands and invested in others in that industry as well as technology, organic food, and hospitality. He focuses on creativity and luxury for what he offers consumers around the world. He says that creativity combined with good business sense can take one very far in the world.

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There are many amenities at the Nihiwatu Resort that Chris Burch put in place. Among these are a number of private swimming pools, a bar located on a cliff with stunning views, and a beach that has been called a surfers paradise. The dining menus for this resort change on a daily basis and feature authentic Sumbanese food that can’t be had anywhere else in the world as well as Western and other Asian food. There is also a wine list available at this resort that features the best of both old and new world wines that will satisfy any palate.

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Lime Crime Has a Lot of Great Eye Products

There are so many eye makeup products on the market today. One popular brand that has amazing eye products is Lime Crime. Here are some of the amazing eye products that they offer.

The first product that they offer on their site are Venus Palettes. This is their grunge collection of eye shadow palettes. They offer many different palettes under this collection. The first one is called Venus 2. This is a palette filled with darker colors such as browns, reds, yellows, and blues. The Venus palette is a nude palette. It has eight different shades such as brick brown, rust red, and burgundy. Lastly, the venus xl is a large palette. It has eighteen different eye shadows. These include berries, pinks, roses,and reds.

Another product that Lime Crime offers is called Diamond Dew. This is a glittery topper that you can put on your eyes. It gives them a great, glittery shine. This wonderful eye makeup is crease proof and it is also smudge proof. It also dries extremely fast making application a breeze. This can be worn on top of other eye shadows or by itself. It can also be worn on the body or cheeks.

The last eye product that they offer are Pocket Candy Palettes. The company designed these palettes to look like 90’s toys. There are three different palettes to choose from. The first one is called Sugar Plum, and comes in a pink case. It has different colors such as pink, brown, and purple. The second one is called Pink Lemonade, and it comes in a yellow case. This one has a lot of brown eye colors with pink colors as well. Lastly, there is the Bubblegum one that is in a blue compact. It has brown, purple, and pinks.

Try out some of these Lime Crime products today. There are so many to choose from. No matter your style you will find something you love on this site.



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This Should Make You Very Afraid

If you feel like you’ll never reach your financial goals, then you’ve a lot to be afraid of. Money has more pressure on you than your college class, your kids or your nagging boss. Being without financial security should truly make you afraid. This fear is the very reason for NexBank and the impact it’s made in Dallas, Texas.

The fear you experience in your financial life is a result of poor management. Most of us can earn and find money when and where we need it, but the steps we take afterward are what really matters. We encourage you to take a better look at how to protect yourself and your money. NexBank goes beyond holding simple accounts.

We aide our clients toward their financial destiny.

Never Run From Fear Again

You don’t have to be intimidated by the pressures of financial failure. Your start begins with a simple acknowledgement. NexBank came to be after agency leaders brought themselves a world of financial success. They did this as Wall Street professionals operating an investment management firm that continues to revolutionize finance and Dallas, Texas.

This is why running no longer makes sense. You have the perfect financial solution in your life, and nothing should stop you from taking control of it. There are tremendous obstacles that you deal with, and you’re not alone. The solution is to partner with financial professionals for a system you need. We can all use help at times, and NexBank is where you get yours.

Start With A Strong Financial Objective

The financial objective you set makes a huge difference between failure and success. You need a strong drive and deep determination before you can reach great results. The results of the NexBank agency come by setting clear financial objectives we refuse to be deterred from. The common objective is a better life.

Money does have the power to dictate a lot, but the end result is for an experience you can enjoy. There are processes and steps to get you there, but the reality is the same. You need a balance in life and a stronger ambition to make it come about. Going about your finances in any other way will cause a large disaster.

Begin considering NexBank, and learn what a true financial objective is.

Rallying with Rodrigo Terpin.

The automobile, the world’s favorite mode of transportation, was created in 1886. Shortly after its invention, the first automobile race took place. A few years later, auto racing evolved into a popular and daring pastime. Now, in 2018, auto racing has become a worldwide sport that draws the attention of skilled drivers and enthusiastic crowds to its events.


As the sport of racing developed, the races became as varied at the cars themselves, with “rally” becoming one of the more grueling and exacting type of races. As point-to-point race, rally events can be several days and several thousand kilometers long, and often travel through multiple states and/or countries. To rally, a driver must be disciplined, as well as skilled. The determination and rigor required of these pilots is impressive and a rally is something everyone should see.


One such rally, the Sertoes, is the dominating off-road rally of Brazil. It Began in 1991 and was originally only open to motocross. The event quickly grew to include autos and other vehicles, and now, 26 years later, is Brazil’s largest off-road race and one of its most anticipated events.


Veteran rally racer Terpins has been an active participant in this event for many years and looks forward, with co-pilot Fabricio Bianchini, to finish strong in 2018.With his experience and dedication, Rodrigo Terpins, a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally has made a strong showings at the Sertoes Rally, reaching the podium in the Prototype T1 category. Rodrigo Terpin has a passion for the sport and consistently gives the race his all.


This year, the Sertoes Rally will begin at its traditional start at Goiania and the course will wind its way through the winding roads of Jalapao and ending at the beautiful, red cliff coastal city of Fortaleza.


A native of São Paulo, Rodrigo Terpin enjoys the challenge that rally has to offer and looks forward to giving his all in each race he attends will be a great contender to watch at the 2018 Sertoes Rally. You can visit his website