Trabuco, A Demon Weapon?

The Trabuco was a siege weapon used in the Middle Ages. Its purpose was to fire projectiles that would crush masonry walls or fire over them. It was said to have been invented in China in or around the 9th century. While similar to the catapult, it was less complicated therefore easy, and faster to build. It appeared where penetration of fortifications was necessary.

When attacking a fortification, this weapon could throw large projectiles at high speeds for a distance of 800 meters. It would accomplish its intended tasks.

There were two versions of this weapon; the traction Trabuco and the counterweight Trabuco. The traction Trabuco was operated by men pulling ropes to launch the projectiles. A drawback to this operation was the number of men necessary to operate this machine. The counterweight Trabuco followed in or around the 12th century. It was more complicated, but easier to operate in that instead of needing manpower it used counterweights to function.


Trabuco both served the same purpose and that was destruction of fortifications and the forces behind them. This device was known to be referred to as the “demon weapon”. It has been said on some fronts that some usage of this weapon would be equal to biological warfare as we know it today.. If true this horrendous practice would have certainly earned this weapon the title of “demon weapon”!

The last military usage of the Trabuco was recorded in 1521 according to Hernan Cortes in his attack against Tenochtitlan employed this weapon. The Trabuco was put on a shelf when gunpowder was invented and became a weapon of choice.

Today Trabucos are used as a form of fun. They are sometimes used in pumpkin throwing competitions. More importantly a function they perform today is in the teaching of basic mechanics. So it would seem that the “demon weapon” has come full circle and has become a tool to teach a very important lesson.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Ensuring Bumble Dating App Continues to Grow Uninterrupted

The world of dating has become more prominent and better now as there are hundreds of applications and dating sites out there that help people in dating. Different dating sites have various features and procedures of making that happen, but ultimately it’s all about how the dating site processes the data it has been provided and how it matches with the counterpart. Whitney Wolfe Herd has become a familiar name in the dating world, first as the co-founder of Tinder, and now as the CEO and founder of Bumble, a feministic dating app with nearly 30 million members and counting. The Bumble dating app was founded in the year 2014, and Whitney Wolfe Herd poured all her experience and expertise into its development, which is why it is nothing close to being similar to other dating apps in the market.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has had experiences with the dating apps herself in the past, and they weren’t as good as she would have liked it to be. In fact, Whitney Wolfe Herd said that dating for women through the dating apps and site is a challenge as they have to scroll through many men who shouldn’t be in their feed even. The algorithm of matching partners is not something that has been perfected till yet, but Bumble has come somewhat close to helping women find a partner of their choice. First of all, the Bumble allows only women to contact the men first, and men cannot send the lusty abusive messages that are found commonly in many another dating app.

In the Bumble dating app, there is also a high level of moderation going on at any given point, which means that sending abusive text or images that violate the terms and conditions of the dating app can be penalized. It keeps the users under control and ensures that there is a disciplined maintained, which adds to the elegance of the whole dating phenomenon.Whitney Wolfe Herd has changed the dating game entirely with Bumble, and she continues to make new changes to the app to ensure that it remains to woo more users. As per the surveys, Bumble is gaining a lot more members on a daily basis than other dating apps in the market. Whitney Wolfe Herd is confident that the growth of Bumble would continue uninterrupted, which is also one of the reasons why she turned down’s acquisition offer of nearly $450 million recently.

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How Sujit Choudhry Views The Ukranian Constitution

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally-recognized constitutional scholar. He was recently invited to attend a workshop in Ukraine in order to discuss that nation’s constitution and how it could be improved. Ukraine has a semi-presidential model for its system of government and it has not been working very well for over 20 years.

After this workshop ended, Sujit Choudhry said that he has been honored to talk with some of the worlds to constitutional experts as well as other professionals. He said that Ukraine has a number of problems tied to its constitution. He says that the president of Ukraine has way too much power in regards to the legislative and judicial branches. He also said that Ukraine’s electoral system to fill legislative seats was poorly designed. He also said that weak political parties didn’t help the situation either.  Click on for an additional article.

Over the past 20 years, Sujit Choudhry has attended events like this in a number of countries.  More to read on  He has also lectured in more than 25 nations and has helped policymakers on constitutional questions in many nations such as Libya, South Africa, Egypt, and Nepal. He says that many countries around the world are in a transitional democracy which means that there are many questions being raised about how to make a good, effective constitution.

For four years he has taught at the University of California Law School in Berkeley. He has also taught the constitution to law students at the New York University School of Law as well as in Canada at the University of Toronto. Additionally, he founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions six years ago and is its director. His center created evidence-based reports on constitutions that are then used by government policymakers when they are drafting a constitution or making proposals to modify an existing one.

Choudhry is also an author who has published a number of books on constitutions. His latest one is called Constitution Making”. It includes matters of constitutional law such as case studies and related articles. Other books he has written are The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accomodation?  Connect with him and read his tweets, hit

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Getting the Chance to Use Talkspace

If you have always wanted to see a therapist but were not sure of how you were going to fit it into your busy life or budget, there is a better option nowadays known as Talkspace. Talkspace has totally revolutionized the world of therapy since it gives you access to a therapist when using your mobile device. It is an app that you download to your phone or tablet, and then you will create an account in order for you to be matched with a wonderful licensed therapist who will be able to help you with any type of problem you are dealing with at the moment.

The fact that Talkspace is able to save you money is just one of the many perks that it has available to the public. Just about anyone is able to download and use this specific type of app, whether you are dealing with a true mental health disorder or you are simply someone who needs someone to talk to after a long and difficult day. Typical therapists will often charge several hundred dollars for each session that you go to, and this can be a lot of money if you do not have insurance or have a high deductible. With Talkspace, you’re only paying a couple of dollars a day to have 24/7 access to licensed professionals.

Now is the time for you to give Talkspace a try for yourself, as it allows you to quickly and effortlessly get access to a wonderful professional who is there for you no matter what you need each and every day. There are tons of different people who are currently using this app and are finding it to be a wonderful option in their everyday lives, so it is something that you might want to consider for yourself if you are looking for quality therapy from home.

Dick DeVos, the Philanthropic Family Rebel

Before venturing into philanthropy, Dick DeVos worked at Amway Corporation. He was just about to be named CEO when he began opposing a project that the family-owned business was about to undertake. The company intended to build a multi-purpose sport and conventional arena in downtown Grand Rapids.

However, DeVos did not like the idea of constructing a sports facility outside the central business district since it would not have a significant effect on improving the city’s beauty. He was worried that Grand Rapids would look like Detroit in 1970 when the Lions and Pistons exited the town.

To further his campaign against building the sports arena, DeVos established Grand Action to lobby support from other businesspeople who owned sports facilities and other conventional centers. According to DeVos, institutions such as the Grand Rapids City Market, the Michigan State University medical school, the DeVos Place Conventional Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, and the Van Andel Arena had significantly transformed Grand Rapids’ skyline into one of the fastest sprawling cities.

Getting Into Philanthropy

DeVos and his wife Betsy are famously known for advocating change in institutions and policies. The two are respected Republican Party donors and enjoy a significant political influence which has enabled them to push for changes in laws around labor and education. For instance, while DeVos was the driving force behind the 2012 law amendments that transformed Michigan into a right-to-work state, Betsy had a hand in the growth of charter schools.

Beyond politics, DeVos also runs the DeVos & Betsy Family Foundation, a non-profit organization. Between 1989 and 2015, the foundation donated over $138.7 million in support of health reforms, leadership seminars and workshops, arts and culture, church initiatives, education reform policies, private school scholarships, and humanitarian services.

In 2006, the DeVos & Betsy Foundation donated $12 million in support of the construction of a children’s hospital in their hometown and named it after DeVos mother, Helen DeVos. In education, DeVos established the Great Lakes Education Project, an organization that advocates for school choices.

DeVos helped Gerald R. Ford International Airport to achieve non-stop flight status by convincing AirTran management to make flights through their hometown’s airport. To further support the airport’s growth, he launched a non-profit aviation school with a capacity of 80 trainees. The school has since expanded to construct its own facility with a capacity of 600 trainees picked across seven counties. Just like other Michigan charter schools, the trainees are not required to pay any tuition fee and are even given a $7,500 annual stipend making admission very competitive.

DeVos’ experience at Gerald R. Ford Airport landed him a job in the Management National Council of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He was among the seven new board members appointed by the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao. The board is composed of 13 members whose mandate is to advise FAA on matters around financial planning and spending, regulations, and policy making. Learn more:

The Successful Business Model of Roberto Santiago with Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is an unforgettable name in the Brazilian shopping mall industry who dared to experiment by adding right flavors that could nurture the industry as a whole. His nearly four decades of the uninterrupted journey of success reveals a number of management and entrepreneurial lessons to the business world across the globe, not just limited to retail or shopping mall sector. The finest example of his entrepreneurial success is Manaira Shopping, the biggest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba and one of the largest in the country. The most important aspect of the mall is none other than the continuous development with the addition of new brands, eateries, entertainment options, and more.



For instance, the mall saw the opening of a new gourmet space along with the inauguration of the restaurant premier Capital Steak House in September 2014. Interestingly, it became the first restaurant with the dedicated gourmet shopping area, and that finally helped to add many casual restaurants which serve numerous tastes inside the mall. This is how Roberto Santiago strategizes the growth plan for the shopping mall. While adding innovations to the shopping mall on a regular basis, he also ensures that those additions are giving value to the shopping mall and make it different from other shopping malls.



Interestingly, the strategical move of Santiago that brought the Capital Steak House under the roof of Manaira Shopping was another success story. The Capital Steak House serves uniquely varied dishes from across the globe including Canadian salmon, European beer, Uruguayan meat, Italian coffee, spicy dishes of Mexico, and more. Santiago knows this wide variety of food choices give the right flavor to the food lovers who are visiting his shopping mall. This is one of the many examples how Santiago wants to project his shopping mall and attract people. The 20 million people who visited the shopping mall in 2015, an ever-increasing number year after year, agree with it with their fully satisfied faces.



While coming to the shopping options, the mall has more than 250 international brands to give the customers the best choice. The regularly-adding entertainment options are another factor that made the shopping mall a grand success. It includes most-modern movie halls with latest technology choices, an electronic amusement park for children, Game Station with over 200 gaming machines, Bowling area, and more. Additionally, the shopping mall houses a gym, an extremely large concert house called Domus Hall, and more.



While coming to Domus Hall, it can hold as many as 15,000 people, both standing and sitting. The two-story, fully air-conditioned hall is built on the roof of the shopping mall. The shopping mall also provides options to access various services such as sewage, attorney, barber shop, police, banking, driving license, and more.



Sujit Choudhry: A Leader in Constitutional Reform

Sujit Choudhry established the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is an organization aiming to create and mobilize information and knowledge that will support the transition of a state constitution into a democratic one. It was built by seeking out assistance from some of the world’s leading experts on international law. They are being assembled in a particular place, and they will be producing a list of policies and rules that they would like to be seen in the constitution. They will also be enlightened as to how a democratic form of government works, and why it is the best form of government for the people. The experts are also engaged in several research studies that aim to benefit the readers so that when they decide for themselves, the influence of the international law experts will go above the surface.  More to rea on

Sujit Choudhry is known for influencing each state into shifting to a democratic form of government, and he is using the sphere of influence that his organization has to push through with the changes that they are seeking. The Center for Constitutional Transitions has an extensive list of partners around the world, and they are working together and being funded by several multilateral organizations for the safety and peace of the planet. Sujit Choudhry is also responsible for the strong contact with 50 experts who originated from 25 different countries. They have stated their will to help him with his career.  Additional article on

Being a constitutional advisor in the past, Sujit Choudhry never realized that he would come this far. He never imagined that he would be handling an executive position one day. He is thankful for everyone who believed in him, and he promised that the services provided by the Center for Constitutional Transitions would continue to work countries who would like to shift to a democratic form of government.  Click on to read about his outstanding achievements in his chosen career path.

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Some of his latest projects will be the decision of Ukraine to shift to a democratic form of government, and they traveled to the European country just to assure the people that being in a democratic form of government would give them more options to manage their country. Have a better insight into his career choices, hop over to

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Hero of precision medicine Clay Siegall continues taking on cancer challenges

Over the last three decades, one of the most exciting developments in the field of cancer research has been the introduction of so-called precision medicine. Although these new categories of techniques have touched the entire medical industry, with cancer research, in particular, they hold the promised of being able to make real strides in various disease types that have not seen significant improvements in mortality over the last few decades.

No one is more important in this fight against cancer through the use of new precision medicine techniques then Clay Siegall. After having founded biotech giant Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has done more than perhaps any other person alive in the creation of new forms of targeted cancer therapies. Through his creation of the completely novel class of drugs known as antibody drug conjugates, Dr. Siegall has enabled patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma to live longer and more healthier lives than ever before. Seattle Genetics also has dozens of other antibody drug conjugates in the development pipeline, potentially creating the groundwork for a massive revolution in the way that cancer is treated.

The idea for precision medicine, particularly as it is apply to cancer treatment, has been around for a very long time. But throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, new techniques were developed that allowed for the actual implementation of some of the precision medicine concepts that proved more difficult to implement in prior decades. Things such as the advent of highly precise techniques of molecular and biological engineering have enabled for the creation of such crucial bio-technologies as synthetic antibodies and the capability to bind cytotoxins directly to a variety of organic molecules.

It is these latter technologies that have enabled the development and implementation of antibody drug conjugates. As a senior research of working for Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall was able to harness the power of the mammalian body to produce antibodies that naturally seek out and bind to the site of malignant tissues. His crucial insight was the idea that these natural heat-seeking missiles would be able to carry a lethal payload of cytotoxins directly to the site of the tumor, potentially eliminating all side effects associated with older chemotherapeutic drug types.

Greg Secker’s Typical Day And His Method of Productivity

One thing that Greg Secker has said is that his days are never alike. Therefore, he does everything he can with the type of day he has. He is especially very productive when it comes to the type of projects he is trying to work on. One thing that he says about his days is that he spends most of them at home. He even runs meetings from home. Therefore, he has some kind of freedom and comfort that other business owners may not have. This is one of the advantages of technology. It allows people to work from anywhere because of how connected everything is.

Greg Secker is also involved in Forex trading. This is part of how he has become financially prosperous. He has used his fortune to start companies and foundations for helping others. He is also a motivation speaker and someone who is often traveling. One thing about traveling is that it gives people variety. Sometimes, one of the most exciting things is variety for people that are interested in making a life for themselves independent of a regular job. Greg Secker has managed just that and has become financially independent.

One thing that stands out about Greg is that he has gone out of the way to teach people how they can become financially independent through Forex. He is a man who comes up with a lot of good ideas. He is also involved with directing his foundations as well as making connections. Greg is also good at networking. This is among the most needed skills for becoming financially independent. Running a successful business is also dependent on the ability to market and network among one another. Different people will have different experiences and insights on what can be done in order to succeed with marketing.

Nathaniel Ru Helps People See Better Eating Alternative

Nathaniel Ru is someone that has created a very interesting formula for success. He has been able to help many people see that eating healthy is not a crime. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

In fact, more people are becoming interested in what he is doing with Sweetgreen because it is a different restaurant that has inspired people to consider in-house grain bowls and the enticing salads that are made from scratch. People are going to really see the benefits of eating healthy when they look at what is happening with the Sweetgreen restaurant chain.

What Nathaniel has done with Sweetgreen is embrace the farm-to-table concept. With this type of restaurant Nathaniel Rue realized that he would have to be within close vicinity of farmers to make the farm-to-table concept work.

This is why he would get with farmers that were going to be able to provide things like berries, and vegetables like zucchini and peas along with other items that would become part of the menu.

Nathaniel did not want to spend any of his time worrying about the concept of getting the food ingredients in place so he made sure that every Sweetgreen location that was open would be in a place that was going to be suitable for farmers to establish a routine for getting ingredients to the restaurant on a daily basis.

Some people may look at what Nathaniel Ru has done as a complicated process that could have easily become troublesome, but the reality is that Nathaniel Ru has created a viable blueprint that has allowed people to really see what a healthy restaurant looks like. He could have easily put himself in a place where he was simply following what everyone else was doing when it came to creating a restaurant environment. The reality, however, is that Nathaniel was going to make his own plan for building success based on what he knew the restaurant industry was lacking.

From his time in college he knew that healthy food restaurants were not a reality. He had seen other restaurants that tried to add salads to the menu, but there was still a great discrepancy between getting affordable menu items where fresh food was offered on a regular basis.

This is what Nathaniel Ru set out to change. He wanted to create something that was completely different, and it appeared to be his mission to make Sweetgreen a completely different restaurant.

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