OSI Group: A Global Company Built on a Handshake

Foundations are set one block at a time, OSI Food Solutions started as a small butcher shop in Chicago. Taking care of his customers was Otto Kolchowshys first and only guiding principle. A handshake between Otto’s sons and Ray Kroc of McDonalds in 1955 transformed both companies. That same foundational block is evident today in the way OSI handles its local and international business.

2016, OSI Food Solutions was given the Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council. The award is given to companies who demonstrate excellence in environmental management. OSI has shown to a panel of experts their commitment to environmental management from top to bottom. The company won the award in 2013 and 2015.

OSI remains committed to Chicago and the businesses it has served for decades. The company purchased a shuttered Tyson food plant in the Chicago area saving plenty of jobs. The purchase also improved the companies infrastructure and growth plans.

Sheldon Lavin CEO of the OSI Group has an eye on global growth. The acquisition of Flagship Europe is an example of OSIs foray into food products to expand its base. Purchases by OSI are mergers more than takeovers. Lavin believes in letting local companies run their business as they wish. Sheldon Lavin has no desire to disrupt the success of these companies. OSI Food Solutions taps into local resources and expanded markets these acquisitions provide.

OSI is a global food processing company doing business in 16 different countries. The company commits itself to excellence. OSI believes in teamwork and not shying away from challenges. Technology is a fundamental building block for OSI; the company revolutionized the fast food industry by pioneering flash freezing. Custom processing of vegetables, proteins, and fruits serve the unique interests of its customers around the world.

Customer wants and needs drive OSI Food Solutions. The recent purchase of Baho Food, a Dutch convenience foods manufacturer, gives the company broad synergies in the European market. Baho brings manufacturing facilities from Germany and the Netherlands, to complement OSI’s growing portfolio of companies. Current management of Baho will remain in place to develop the local market on a global scale.

A German immigrant started a butcher shop in Illinois over 100 years ago, and now OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s top companies. A handshake in 1955 sent the company on a dominating path.

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NewsWatch TV Review Campaigns Leave a Trail of Success

Can you imagine raising 2,939% of your IndieGoGo crowdfunding goal from just a small segment of a 30-minute show being aired on the television? Impossible as it might seem but it was turned into reality by the United Stated most popular show NewsWatch TV. The show made this impossible story possible for the Netherlands based tech company, AVANCA. In a testimonial interview, the brand’s CMO, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet was profuse and explicit in attributing the success to NewsWatch TV.

The success story narrated by the smartphone manufacturer, Saygus is no different. To get the fledgling company, Indiegogo back on track, the brand decided to take the help of NewsWatch TV. The owners of the program were so helpful that they even sent a team to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There they captured the Saygus’s Smartphone launch and created a segment of the phenomenal impact that was aired on their show. The impact of the segment was such that Saygus easily surpassed its initial goal of $300,000. Tim Rush, the company’s vice president, feels all appreciation of the show falls much below the experience and precise way of the show in creating a message and targeting it to the right customers with perfect timing such that it resonates well with them.

For those wondering what exactly is NewsWatch TV; it is a show that provides honest reviews of products from all possible kinds of the market to consumers all across America. The show has been running successfully for over 25 years, and it has created a formidable reach and power for itself. Emerging as a TV magazine; this 30-minute show has small segments where it presents product reviews in an engaging and entertaining way that lets the viewers absorb all information without getting bored or overwhelmed. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a small company, the show shows equal dedication to all.

Avaaz: More Accessible Protesting

Lifetime there are probably many occasions in which you want to engage with a cause but have been unable to find the time or the energy it seems sometimes like only those with hours and hours spare are able to affect change. This attitude is pervasive among the activists community. This is likely, why many people associate activism with college students who have nothing better to do with every time. However, college students are not the only ones who want to see the change in the world, Many people wish their politicians understood their needs better yet they are unable to find the time to express what these needs are. This leaves a huge discrepancy between the wants of citizens and policymakers impressions of these wants.

Luckily, the modern era has a solution to this problem as well that solution comes in the form of sites such as Avaaz. This revolutionary new site allows people to engage in social change without the link the time investment typically necessary for involvement in these communities. In fact his lack of time investment has been a point of criticism among some individuals. Some people believe that without list of critical time investment protesting is not as genuine. That seems inaccurate considering that a person doesn’t have to dedicate all their time to issue in order to be passionate about. This new form of protesting allows busy people across the globe to express their opinions.

The mechanisms by which people are able to participate more efficiently in social or political change is through convenient petitions available on their site. People can read about these issues at their leisure and easily find petition if it is something they are passionate about. Members of the site can also email their representatives directly through a convenient feature. These types of features encourage those who do not have the time or energy to engage in traditional activism a method through which they are able to express their preferred policies. The site also organizes more traditional forms of protesting that people can elect to join. This gives more energetic protesters a way to promote the agenda. Avaaz youtube channel

How Igor Cornelsen Found Success As An Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a semi-retired investment banker. He was born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1947. He wanted to be an engineer so he decided to attend the Federal University of Parana. He stayed on this course for two years before deciding to switch his major to economics. He graduated with a degree in economics in 1970 and found a job at a local investment bank.

Before long Igor Cornelsen moved to Rio de Janeiro. He joined Multibanco’s board of directors in 1974 and was named the new chief executive officer of this firm just two years later. When this firm was purchased by Bank of America a few years later he decided to resign from this position and seek his fortunes elsewhere. He found a new position at Unibanco, another investment banking firm, and stayed with this company until 1985.

His next stop was Libra Bank PLC. As this was a London Merchant Bank it meant that he was no longer paid in Brazilian real but instead in American dollars. This change meant that he could invest his money internationally which he took full advantage of. He stayed with this investment bank until 1995 which is the year he decided to open his own investment firm.

Igor Cornelsen now splits his time between Florida and Brazil. He continues to manage his own investments and also has a side business where he manages some clients investments as well. He spends a lot of his time on golf which is a passion of his. He says he gets up early every workday so that he can start following the European stock markets. He follows international news throughout the day and does research into specific companies. Based on what he learns he will adjust his portfolio.

He says that he sold all of his Brazilian assets in 2010. The impetus behind this decision was that the federal government of Brazil put in place a new economic model which he saw as being ruinous to the economy. As it turns out he was exactly right and to this day Brazil’s economy is still nowhere where it should be.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25704-igor-cornelsen-giving-three-valuable-tips-invest-growing-foreign-market

Peter Briger’s Career Achievement and Philanthropic Spirit

Peter Briger is the principal and co-chairman at fortress investment Group, a leading global investment firm based in New York. He is also the Head of Credit and Real Estate Business at Fortress Investment. He became the co-chairman of the board in 2009 and co-Chief Executive Officer in 2017.

Educational Background and Career Achievement

Peter Briger holds Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University and a master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business in the University of Pennsylvania.

Before joining fortress, Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co for fifteen years before partnering with them in 1996. He was a member of the Asian committee, and his job revolved around real estate and debt vehicles. He was also the Co-Head of Whole Loan Sales and Trading business, Co-Head of Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, Co-Head of Asian Distressed Debt business and Co-Head of Asian Real Estate Private Equity business

Peter Briger joined fortress in 2002 and heads the Credit division, which focuses on credit and real estate business. The skills that he acquired at Goldman enabled him to achieve more as a leader in fortress investment.

Boards and Advisory Roles

Peter Briger holds leadership positions on many boards. Peter Briger contributes on the board of Tipping Point, a non-profit organisations that helps low-income families based in San Francisco. Briger is a leader at Caliber Schools board, a network of charter schools committed to preparing students for success in competitive four-year colleges and beyond. Peter also served as an Advisor to International Finance Corporation on matters related to distressed debt and also a Member of Advisory Board of Linktone Ltd.

Briger Appears on Forbes 400 List

Peter’s investment tendency has made him be a billionaire. He was listed on Forbes 400 billionaires list. Forbes magazine lists the global business professionals who are making good money in the investment sector. He appeared as a self-made billionaire with a net worth of $1.2 billion.

Peter Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Peter was among the alumni who donated funds to support the fresh graduate’s entrepreneurial ideas. He recommended Princeton to invest in the new ideas generated by the fresh graduates. The alumni entrepreneurs are allowed to share their experiences as entrepreneurs and also receive funding for their companies.

Peter has proved to the world that he is not only a successful entrepreneur and business investor but also spirited with a heart that gives back to society by helping fresh graduates grow as entrepreneurs. etc


An International Intellectual, Sujit Choudhry, Shares His Opinion on the State of Us and Global Democracy

Sujit Choudhry, a globally recognized savant, has been researching a wide range of problems with politics and comparative constitution law around the world. He also likes to study constitutional design as a utensil, carefully viewing how the constitution can transition violence to peace, how it would work in racially separated societies, as well as viewing how it can operate in secular governments and authoritarian governments (blogs.law.nyu.edu). He also has some works designed exclusively for Canada’s constitutional law.

Sujit Choudhry’s newest writing is a publication called Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?, check works.bepress.com. In this publication he focuses on a twitter post by Eric Holder, former Attorney General from the Obama Administration. Holder’s tweet talked about how firing Bob Mueller would be an absolute “red line” and that if he is fired there must be peaceful demonstrations from citizens to show that the American people do not wish for this outcome and on the contrary, if Americans do wish for Mueller to be fired, they should also assemble peacefully. Choudhry has dissected this tweet and says that the call to action is based off of two key concepts. The first being in the first line of the tweet, the “red line”, a symbolic constitutional boundary. The other is Holder’s call to action to the American people to determine whether the Trump administration is crossing over this constitutional boundary.

Another keen observation from Sujit Choudhry states that the idea of Holder’s tweet comes from constitutional self-enforcement or having citizens “call out” public authority when it violates the rules of the nation. He is also surprised that Holder didn’t suggest a legal challenge in the court over the decision of wishing for the people to voice their opinions.

The publication that Sujit Choudhry wrote also comments on a multitude of other issues with the US and the world’s current political climate. He has compared Trump’s presidency to an autocracy and that the current state of media infers a fast deterioration of democracy. He also states that the threat to democracy has significantly changed since the Cold War, mentioning how authoritative parties have come to get themselves to get elected democratically and proceeded to erode rules that are set into place to undermine the power of the citizen.

For more of Choudhry’s work, visit http://sujitchoudhry.com/advisory-work/

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PSI-Pay is The Future of Payments and Payable Devices

In today’s world, a lot of advances in technology are happening around us. One of the most frequent topics about the technologies of the future would be contactless payments. Several companies have already developed the concept, and it is widely used in Europe. The contactless payment system aims to provide convenience to the people while they pay and at the same time, work just like a regular wallet but without the fraud and the security issues. These alternative payment devices range from being a wristwatch, jewelry, and so much more, and the great part of it is that companies are showing interest in developing other devices that could also do the same thing and can be sold to the public for a lower price. Many people who have seen the device wanted to own one, and it keeps the demand for wearable devices high.

A United Kingdom-based financial company called PSI-Pay has partnered with a wearable device manufacturer to create more tools that are capable of alternative payment methods. Kerv Wearables, a company that is known for their wearable gadgets, stated that they are excited to work with PSI-Pay and see how their technologies could reshape the world. PSI-Pay said that it is time for financial companies like them to initiate the move to provide a high-tech method on payments. The financial company was established in 2006, and since their foundation, PSI-Pay stated that they are dedicated to create a device that can be worn and will be able to do payment functions. The planned wearable devices by Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay are a lightweight ring that can do transactions by Mastercard. The ring will be the first one of its kind, and both companies are expecting that once the hype with their invention builds up, the demand would also soar. They believe that it would be a sell out because of its cool design and usability.

The constant change in the field of technology is driving companies to adapt. Contactless payments must be unheard of in the past decades, but everything is slowly changing as the people are also accepting these changes. The idea of contactless payments was once being criticized for being an inconvenient way to pay for goods, and its security is also questioned because of its prone to hacking. But after the critics have seen the advancement with contactless payments over the years, they started to think that it might indeed be the future of payments.

Whitney Wolfe Creates the Playbook on Modernized Feminist Social Media

Whitney Wolfe has gained a lot of attention because she has changed the dynamics of dating apps and social media in general. Some people have started to call what she has done with Bumble a modern day Sadie Hawkins reversal where women are put in charge.

In this day and time it only seems right for someone to have a dating app where women are able to make the first move and change the way that sexual harassment has been passed down through cyberspace. She did not want women to be in a place where they had to endure any type of foolishness from men that were constantly bombarding them with messages if they were not interested. This is the centerpiece to a much greater quest that Wolfe originally had for an app called Merci.

The major difference that people will discover when they read up on Whitney Wolfe is that Meri was planned as a social network for women only. She did not even have a desire to get back into the concept of the dating apps. Wolfe really had a vision to do something completely different, but Whitney Wolfe recognized that there was no better place to start combating sexual harassment then with a dating app that changed the way that women were contacted.

She had already made a name for herself in the dating app world so her passion and her experience made it perfect for her to start an app like Bumble. So far the numbers have been impressive with over a hundred million matches made. More than 30 million users are signed up. There is an authentication process that comes through Facebook, and this puts a lot of limitations on the number of Internet trolls that are establishing fake accounts. This authentication process is much better than the lack of authentication that is done by other dating apps like Tinder. What this would ultimately show is that Whitney Wolfe was planning to go against the grain.

It showed that Bumble would be able to stand even without mimicking everything else that was out there already. Now it appears that Whitney Wolfe has gained her confidence through the dating app, and she is bringing even more to Bumble users.

Bumble BFF makes friendship possible for people that may be moving to new cities and looking for friends. Bumble Bizz is generating a connection to those that want to socialize and build on a professional level.

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Sean Penn’s Book Bob Honey Reshapes the Dystopian Novel

The following two articles on Sean Penn’s novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” introduce and talk about the novel in different ways. In one article, the author gives his analysis of the project. In the other article, the book is more of a reference.

The May 24, 2018 article titled Sean Penn’s Dystopian Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a book review. The author talks specifically of how Sean Penn incorporates his own experiences and beliefs into characters and experiences in the work. He also goes to show how Mr. Penn strategically eases his personal views on major social issues into the novel. The most obvious example of this is the main character, Bob Honey himself. The author goes to point out that Bob Honey and Mr. Penn share a great deal of similarities, specifically their passion for human rights. He compared Bob Honey’s disaster relief efforts in Iraq and the United States to that of Mr. Penn in his relief efforts in Haiti after the damaging hurricane in 2010 and the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005. To pull it all together to prove the point of similarity, the author refers to a character in the book named Fletcher being based on El Chapo, the Mexican kingpin Mr. Penn interviewed. The author explains the different writing methods used throughout the book, and warns the reader of how words, thoughts and ideas in the world today will challenge and support your very own via this novel.

The April 6, 2018 Vogue interview titled, Sean Penn on Quitting the Movie Business, His New First Novel, and #MeToo is a little more personal and more direct, considering the answers are coming straight from the horse’s mouth. The article starts off with talking about his notorious interactions, and introduces “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“. We learn more about Sean Penn, noticing that “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a mere link to finding out what Mr. Penn’s future plans are in writing and film, his book tour, and Mr. Penn’s views on the #MeToo movement. This article is about the man. The book was the project to lead the interview to speaking about himself.

These articles dissect the same project. One speaks solely on the work. The other speaks on the work also, but more on the man and the ideas behind the it.

Robert Ivy Receives the Noel Polk Award

The Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the American Institute of Arts has been chosen to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The announcement was made by the AIA President through a press release issued early this week. The Award is being given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letter (MIAL), a nonprofit institution. It is the first time the institution is giving the award to an architect. Previously the award has been going to artist and patrons who have excelled in their careers within the Mississippi region.

Reacting to the news, AIA President Carl Elefante, FAIA, said that Robert Ivy was a true representative of the Architectural profession and that he rightfully deserved the award. “I have worked with Robert Ivy for several years and I can attest that he is a true ambassador of our institution. I was happy to hear that the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters had recognized his efforts and awarded him with the Lifetime Achievement award”, said Elefante.

On her part, MIAL’s president Nancy LaForge congratulated Mr. Ivy describing him as a champion of architecture. “Mr. Robert Ivy has demonstrated that indeed there is nothing which cannot be achieved with determination. There is no one in Mississippi who has tried to make architecture available to the public like Robert Ivy. That is why as an institution we decided to recognize his efforts and honor him with this prestigious award”, added Nancy. Before joining the American Institute of Arts, Mr.Ivy served as the editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record where he built a great reputation and received several awards such as the National Magazine award among others.

Since joining the American Institute of Arts, Mr. Ivy has brought about numerous changes and has significantly lifted the status of the institution to international standards. He has been on the forefront championing the diversification of architects across the country in order to use architecture to improve the lives of people, especially in the community health sector.

Robert Ivy has joined a group of a few famous individuals who have previously received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. They include actor Morgan Freeman who was awarded in 2007, writers Shelby Foote and Eudora Welty of 2001, Singer Leontyne Price (2000) and artist Walter Anderson who received the award in 1989. Mr. Ivy will officially receive the award mid this year alongside another individual from Mississippi.